[ZYMOBILE LIMITED] Anna's Merge Adventure (v.1.32.0) for Android

[ZYMOBILE LIMITED] Annas Merge Adventure (v.1.32.0) for Android

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Anonymous says: I have had quite a few bubbles floating around because I had no space on my island. But when I switched screens and go back to the main island they are all GONE! Fix that problem! All my money and wins, gone just like that! And there where times where I had a lot of energy and that too when switching screen all goes missing!!!! Do something about this

Anonymous says: Purchase posted to my account for a pack and the customer service option is a waste of time. I don't trust an app that will take your money and not give you the item purchased and then required an untrustworthy means of communication with customer service. Buyer beware.

Anonymous says: It's a really excellent game except every time you get the sea gulls there are tooo many advertising. I'm spending more time watching advertisements then actually playing the game. that's why it got a low rating and that's why it got deleted.

Anonymous says: I do like playing the game even tho to make much progress you will need to either spend real money or watch lots of adds. About a week ago I lost probably over 100 accumulated chests/items. I contacted support and to this day no response.

Anonymous says: Very similar to EverMerge which is my fav merge game. This game is also very addicting. Great if you have OCD like me. Good way to pass time

Anonymous says: I have been playing this game for a roughly a month. I have been collecting all the parts through watching all of your ads. I have saved these parts in collections all over the Island. Including a pile of items that were saved from a golden ticket. Today when I logged in they were all gone. I expect you to replace them all. I had all the trunks collected together and stored apart. All together I had over a hundred items saved up and stored on the game ready to be used. And they are all gone .

Anonymous says: loved it. got caught up for hours til it quit sadly im trying to uninstall it and reinstall to see if that makes a difference but really love the details big time thanks

Anonymous says: very intriguing start as one learns what to do it becomes a lot more fascinating thanks for this puzzle

Anonymous says: Great game! Unfortunately the energy amount remaining, doesn't match the energy amount remaining on the 'travel screen'. For example, it says I got 6 energy, but in reality I've only got 4 energy (on the travel screen) which is the correct one. Please fix this bug. Overall very entertaining and keeping me busy and keen. Ads totally optional and not intrusive 🙂

Anonymous says: The graphics and sound effects are nice. It's never glitchy and it's fun to play. The reason I gave such a low score is for two reasons: (1) You need a Facebook account to backup your progress---there should be an alternative. (2) They force you to play the game the way they want you to play it. Example: After a while, you get a message saying "We've collected enough wood." You can no longer produce trees to harvest wood, so you can't work on upgrading your first build (The Seaside Cottage).

Anonymous says: I really enjoy many merge games however this has become my favorite. It's the stupidest reason too. When each building is built to its limit to add to the final platform, this game is the only one which set construction building to look as if you are building the final platform instead of leaving stupid spots that need filled. I like seeing it form in each step instead of empty spots that need filled. It is much more enjoyable to see. Thank you. BTW, opened everything looking for more. Love it!♥

Anonymous says: It is a fun game. However, there are glitches that need to fix. Some of the pieces get stuck and cannot move them as if they are frozen. Also if I move a chest out of the way it disappears and I have to press on the screen more than once to get it back. Also will you please remove the reminders of merge 5 and also the one that say too many trees stop mining. There wasn't too many trees. And please add an exit button.

Anonymous says: Really enjoyed this game hit level 18. This past weekend, I went through ads and nothing. It would start up again, so I was receiving the energy to keep going. Reluctantly, I will be stepping away until I can continue the game. I believe the ads should be worth more points in the special games. I need 30 energy getting 10 at a time and putting up without receiving any from the ads as really tested me.

Anonymous says: No customer support. The game was fun. Iiked it. Unfortunately it had a glitch that prevented me from obtaining rewards from an important ongoing part of it. I texted customer service twice over 2 weeks with the problem and screen shots, but did not even get a courtesy reply, robotic or otherwise. It was a shame, but since I had paid quite a bit over the days I had played it (it was that good) I decided to reluctantly delete it.

Anonymous says: 6 Stars ... This is, by far, the best game on the PlayStore. Superbly written, and it never gets boring like other merge games. Keep doing what you do in development. Please don't change.

Anonymous says: I really love this game - the graphic, plot, mechanics... but there is one thing that annoys me really bad. There is an ad about game kings choice, after which i will not recive reward if i decide to watch it. The game crashes and my reward is gone. Please do something or i will stop watching ads, i will not waste time seeing something for nothing. Thank you. I will change my rating if you gonna corect it bcs it worked really well last week.

Anonymous says: I'm seriously liking this game. I like the fact there is much longer time to finish events, and you can get loads of stuff watching ads rather than paying for them. Downgraded to 3 stars as the events are recycled over and over again, it's the same 2 or maybe 3 themes, gets boring really quick

Anonymous says: what's the point of Support if they don't reply? and i still don't get rewarded for Ruins event... when will you fix it? other than that, the game is nice and fun to play

Anonymous says: Superb game, very relaxing, very creative, mb is also under control, i enjoyed a lot, only 1 suggestion, it is very very irritating and frustrating to collect the key points to unlock new area, it took me weeks to collect key points and unlock the area, Other than that the game is fantastic 👍
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