YouTube Kids (v.9.17.0) for Android

YouTube Kids (v.9.17.0) for Android

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Anonymous says: I like it but the interface is not so good. It show limited and repeated videos of the channels you have chosen. I hope that you can make the interface like the official youtube. All videos from channels chosen displayed there. Adding "block video" that's more accessible would be great too. Like when you opened a video and want to block it, there should be a button somewhere where you can just click it chose block video then just enter your password and thats it.

Anonymous says: It's a good app, but I don't like how childish it looks, the design is good for ages 8 & below. But when it comes to 9 & above I hope it could change the theme or let us choose, I also hope you could get some of the features from the Youtube, because honestly too much features are removed. If you could let us choose what feature they can use that is from the original Youtube App.

Anonymous says: I love the app but why can't we save offline videos more? I saved only 3. I want to save offline videos for my kids so they could easily watch it even if I am not connected to wifi or data. And it will be great also if it has lock. Babies always tries to touch the screen and I will have to watch over them. Because if I take my eyes off of them, they'll either exit the app or touch and touch everywhere. I'll give 5 stars if you'll grant my wish. It is a lovely app indeed. Just need to improve!

Anonymous says: I liked the option that you can choose specifically what videos or video channels appear to your kids. But what I don't like during casting a video on the TV, that if you're at the mid-point of a long video, and my kid asks me to start it over, I have to click on the backward botton using the remote control and wait for a long time. You cannot start the video over in one click.

Anonymous says: I used to have this app a while ago, and then it worked pretty well, but now, every time I try to open it, all I get is a white screen. I've tried multiple things like undownloading it, restarting my phone, and even deleting others' apps because I thought it could be a storage problem. And it's not my internet either besides that. It used to be a pretty decent app, could add more mature videos though EDIT: now it does work pretty well, as if now EDIT2: have to delete data to get it to work- tip

Anonymous says: Currently (as of 2/21/24) app is glitching and will NOT fully open. It is getting stuck at the "choose a kid" screen. It will put a message up that states "there was a problem, try again later". It will go to the main screen temporarily, but then switches back the the choose a kid screen when you click on a video. I have turned phone off and on again several times, and have deleted and re-installed app, but nothing is working.

Anonymous says: It resolves an issue with regular YouTube's wildly inappropriate commercials. It's missing easy features like searching approved videos. It doesn't even show all videos available for an approved channel. So despite approving the whole channel of something, I still have to share individual videos so they will show up. Now that too many things have been shared navigating and finding something is getting difficult for my child. Only using this because there isn't an alternative I've found.

Anonymous says: This app is exceptional for providing specific content for your child/children. You can add entire channels, and they update on their own when new content is available. It's incredibly user-friendly and very well designed. You can pick all of the shows they like the most so they won't get upset from clicking on one they don't like by accident. The best part is that commercials are basically nonexistent. And when they do occur its super brief, and it's a kids' commercial.

Anonymous says: Previously, I would've given this app a 5 star. But they have removed all the channels within YouTube Kids. The easy accessibility to choose content specific channels is no longer available. I have to swipe forever and pick episodes one by one, my kids have to swipe forever just to find what they want to see from a list of mixed content. Please bring back the channels.

Anonymous says: In addition to the fact that settings should never be something users have to spend a significant amount of time looking for (ESPECIALLY with an app aimed at kids-&, BTW, I gave up: I never found it in the main menu), you really need to add a volume control feature for Android phones... just like you did for the app on Android tablets. Also: why the HECK can't we totally disable the cast to the TV feature on an app designed for small children. So SICK of it!Why did we bother getting them devices

Anonymous says: It's cool it has a verity of videos but there is some bad things like I wanted to watch one of my favorite YouTuber and I couldn't find it and I found it annoying but the sound effects were great and it has family friendly people and the app it's self is designed great and it has been a entertaining experience It's great for your kids to watch it.

Anonymous says: I hate it because I have to constantly search for the videos they want because there is no favorite list. Make a favorite list for kids!!! My autistic 5 year old watches the same shows over and over again but they are never on the recommended section. Also no app for Amazon kids fire tablets. A second fail for us.

Anonymous says: It has some good contents, but the major problem to me is that I (and my kid) can still watch a certain channel in this app (I use it on Google TV) even though I blocked the same channel on the other devices (e.g., a cell phone or iPad) my kid uses. There is simply no "block" button in this version of the app. It doesn't sync at all, and it's quite sad that a company like Google fails to handle it immediatly. It's a very important feature when it comes to any kid apps.

Anonymous says: I absolutely adore this app & so do my Kiddos. I have 1 that just turned 9yr old who's extremely ADHD & on the spectrum. With this game he is actually able to sit down, concentrate, & figure it out on his own(disabilities & all). I also have a 3yr old girl who also adores this game. It makes it so easy & simple for them to figure it out on their own, which in turn helps their confidence & self-esteem. I would highly recommend this game to anyone with young kids. It's fun for all ages of kids.

Anonymous says: Why is there no touch lock? Disney plus has a handy little touch screen lock that makes it to where young kids can't just wander off into other apps and close the videos. Unfortunately Disney+ doesn't have Ms.Rachel who my toddler loves. It's YouTube, it's for kids, that's great. We don't always have access to wifi and she's can't have her like 1 hour of TV time to herself because there's no child lock. Really disappointed it's lacking such a great feature when it comes to kids apps.

Anonymous says: YouTube kids is really one of the best, if not the best, apps for kids to play, have fun, and learn new things. It works well, and there are lots of options of videos to watch. Certain kinds of content, like ones portraying concepts not generally accepted, should only be included on request. e.g, videos of witches and magic or sorcery. I personally do not like it for my kids. I am still trying to figure out how to have both parent and child profiles on one account and migrate easily. Thanks.

Anonymous says: the app is great,but there is just one huge disadvantage, that will force me to delete it, the resolution control is a joke, when i set it to data saver, it plays the videos in 1080 !!!!!!! It is eating away my data plan specially that my kid is on it all day ... Seriously what is so hard about adding a resolution selection option, like in the normal you.... Please 🙏 make it happen.

Anonymous says: Bad design app, you can find subscribed channels way to hard, the app start in recommended one, when you want to adjust something in parents setting, they always ask you for math problems, and after that you can add your password every time. And the app is very flashy, make it simple! Double tap on Fullscreen! 1 tap, is anoing! And 1 star is to much!

Anonymous says: App isn't working while on data. It states it's not in my region but worked perfectly until a week ago on data. It works fine on wifi though. I'm in Ontario Canada, and it says Quebec which I am no where near. I just updated it, and it still didn't fix the issue. I uninstalled, and reinstalled it, but still didn't fix the issue. Please fix it, or tell me how to fix it.

Anonymous says: Great app as it filters kids videos and gives good parental control. The only reason I am giving it a 4star rating is because of one issue. The app is definately made for touchscreens so it makes sense that there is no button for restarting a video from the begining but as these apps are being used on Smart TV rewinding a kids video which at times can be hours long is a cumbersome task. It's will be so much easier to have a single button which could restart the video from the begining.

Anonymous says: It is very useful for kids but some channels that can't be seen on yt kids like my child wanted to watch videos in gaming section when he searched his favorite gamer channel name it didn't appeared . I don't know it's cause but anyway it is good for listening music and watching cartoons and stories for kids . I think🤔 that the owner of yt kids will make it like YouTube. It also hangs sometimes.

Anonymous says: I think this app is pretty great and having the ability to choose exactly what channels the child should watch is good, just one thing I think it's good to give a kid the opportunity to search for what he want to watch, of course Within the framework of these channels, sometimes a child want to watch a specific cartoon or show so giving the ability to search would be good, thanks for making this app!

Anonymous says: This app in combination with the family Link app does not give you the ability to whitelist content. The only option is to open up your child to whatever YouTube deems appropriate for one of the three age range options. There should be a base setting in the content selection in family Link that allows you to give access to the app, but no content, then allows you to select specific channels or videos for children to view

Anonymous says: I have deleted my son's account and re-setup. Still getting the "oops" message. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Still not working. I've done everything I can think of but it's been 2 days and it's not working. We'll search out other means to watch his favorite videos I guess. It's a reward for him so it's disappointing we have to start over and find other spaces for this. We had it set up so only some content was available. I loved the limits. But I guess not anymore.

Anonymous says: Unfortunately, some videos are listed for kids when they shouldn't be, so regular old adults need to use this version. This AWFUL app is the total opposite of "ergonomic". This app version only allows for clumsy horizontal viewing orientation (No one [even kids] would be using this for gaming, so vertical orientation should be allowed). Terrible search options & no history! This version doesn't give you a full run down of all videos & omits [G-rated] results for I know exist within YouTube. F!

Anonymous says: The app would be great if there was more support for issues. I have tried everything out there including creating a new profile on YTK but there is still no share with kids option from my YT account. Everything is signed in on the same details. Adding a new profile even shows up on my YT account but there is no share option no matter what. Frustrating and renders the app useless to me.

Anonymous says: I've been using this for 2 years and all the videos that I watched two years ago and still gitting back and if you search a YouTuber all he's videos always in the 43 seconds or 57 seconds I think there's a 1 problem if you log-in the screen will be stuck in the loading screen but I still using it well 2 problem the try again and click the app restarts 2 more problems 1. subscribe No no no no math first 2. You finish the math No no no no parents only ᵇᵗʷ i cqn just use it bc smh Im 10 ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°

Anonymous says: The app opens on the recommandations section where it shows a lot of bad videos, even if banned other similar ones will reappear... some channels should be shut down all together from YouTube kids. Recommandation section should be for videos and channels that are similar to previously watched and subscribed to. YouTube you have a huge responsibility in protecting young minds!

Anonymous says: Okay so there are some things I don't like about this and do like about this. The things I like about is that there are not many ads it's like you get an ad once every month and on top of that the ads are really short, they have all kinds of my favorite YouTubers, Preston, Unspeakable, things like that. The thing I don't like is that subscribing is a violation for some reason, and it never connects to the WiFi for some reason and it's really annoying when it does that.

Anonymous says: Something is wrong with this app. Videos will not load. I tried restarting the phone, uninstalling and reinstalling, updating the app, and forcing a phone software update. Nothing has worked, and I have no idea how to get additional technical support. My kids miss watching their videos.

Anonymous says: The app is saying it is not available in our region, but it should be and has worked up until now (we are several thousand miles from Quebec). I tried to send an error report but you need a code from the app that isn't available when it thinks your region is the issue. The email given here sends a form email driving you to make the impossible error report. When it works we're happy with it.

Anonymous says: I used to love this app for my kids, but for some reason lately the app glitches when I try to access the parental controls, if scrolling in one section it will pull you back to the "watch again" section, and the block button for both channels and videos has not worked for at least a week now. If this continues I may just delete the app altogether as this was the whole reason I downloaded it for my kids.
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