[Wolffun Pte Ltd] Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA for Android (v.93)

[Wolffun Pte Ltd] Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA for Android (v.93)

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Anonymous says: The game was good! But I have some problem with this game. First of all, the match was only like 3 minutes, I would like it if it's a little longer. Secondly, I can't switch my accounts, like if I log in an alt account I can't log out anymore. And lastly, sometimes it is lagging or glitching. Please fix it! Thank you!

Anonymous says: It's great! Gameplay is fun, graphics are good as well, controls aren't hard, but lacks something.. Each round is just too short, the stage is a bit small, and AI is sometimes dumb ._. May I suggest a setting that adjusts the round time with a maximum of maybe 5-10 minutes and the difficulty of a round/ intelligence of AI, maybe additional maps are going to be added so I'll wait for that, and various map sizes along with a controllable team size. That's all, I hope it's not too much to ask of๐Ÿ˜

Anonymous says: Good graphics, smooth gameplay and easy UI. Overall it is great and I love it for one reason (atleast for me) is it's playable offline. The contents are actually pretty good but it's missing one certain mode, where is the tower defense? Please add tower defense. Few issues I encountered: 1.) The profile, it reset the status of my rank I'm champion but says recruit I, frame borders reset to default. 2.) The spaceship reset to default. 3.) The background music sometimes disappear when in game.

Anonymous says: cons; it's almost difficult to get new heroes as the level of boxes can only go from 5-10% and the waiting time can be a bit difficult. plus, the hero events are lowkey hard to get past, it feels like you're up against gods with events. pros; it's a really solid game, the controls are smooth, everything feels nice. rating it four stars purely because of how it's almost so good, but these few issues i mentioned should be nerfed, at least a little bit.

Anonymous says: It was a great game at all. The ranking system is what it makes it more exciting. What is just a problem is that to claim a bonus item, ads load longer that we should wait 2-3 minutes, a one game length. This is the only problem that want i you to address and the other things is in great great place. And could you please make an offline lan where me and my friends can play together or against each other? please make it and this will be listed in the editors choice. This game is awesome i like it

Anonymous says: Overall I think this game is good, I really enjoyed it. But there are some problems that you need to fix, first is that money and gems are difficult to earn. Even if you watch an add it's not enough for you to buy new characters or upgrade them. And also make the time more longer in 3v3 mode. Add more characters, maps and also skins. If you able to fix it then I'll give it a 5 star

Anonymous says: The game is great but maybe you can add AI difficulty wether it is easy, normal or hard and if I just could customize the time to play the match it will be so good to play. Some bugs on update but you eventually fix it to the next update,, keep it up and this game will love by many. About the 4 v 4 deathmatch it actually has only 3 heroes on both sides so that's a problem,, can you fix it,, and the game now is match more laggy,, hope will be fix asap..

Anonymous says: I love this game! only one suggestion, increase the match time to the game modes by 5-8 minutes so it'll be quite more enjoyable and we can see the skills' potential to max level. I also suggest to add map selection, more heroes, skins and skills, a multiplayer (hotspot) for the game. ❤ Update: The shop is glitching when some heroes and skills are close to be on max level, it seems that nothing is clickable there now but only the daily deals. The spin wheel of skins are gone too, please fix it.

Anonymous says: Great game! With this update dated August 4, 2020. It makes the game stable in terms of collecting Tickets, Coins and Gems. It never dissappear whenever you close the app or play the game. [Unlike before the tickets cannot be stored, if you quit playing then in your next play the tickets dissappear.] I like the challenges, while winning you can enjoy to claim the rewards every Two straight of winning. It helps a lot to upgrade you Skills and your Heroes.

Anonymous says: It is a very fun game and I must say, the AI I am facing is very competitive. But I have a major and a minor issue. The minor is the audio changes badly. It happens after you play 2 or 3 consecutive matches. The major problem is the aquisition of heroes and skills. I've been playing for two months now and I still only have 4 heroes. I suggest that instead of getting a hero by chance, one can buy a hero at 300 coins which can be aquired in chest gradually. Other can still be aquired in chests.

Anonymous says: The game is great after all. All the players need are skill but there's bugs that the developers need to fix. First, the daily tasks. During my gameplay, the task want me to be mvp for three times. When I do become mvp, it doesn't count at all. Second, if you upgrade your character. It seems fine if you upgrade your character in the heroes tab but in in-game, the character seems not upgraded at all. It's like level 1 still. Please fix this devs. If you do, I give 5 stars

Anonymous says: Absolutely loved it. The game takes up a very small space in my device, it's offline, and it's fun to play! The only problem i have are the imbalanced skills and HP and possibility to get a new hero, it's been a while and I still have three. I hope the developers focus on that, because as much as I enjoy it, it's getiing boring if you're not progressing. Over all, it's a great game! Thanks!

Anonymous says: great game, enjoyable. but im using a 6.5 inches screen resolution phone. and the controls are seems so to be a pain tackling. sometimes i miss kills because I CANT REACH THE ATTACK AND SKILLS BUTTON. itd be great if youll give us an option to rearrange the controls. . another one is we are unable to seek view on other areas. hope u can fix it. itll be a big help for long ranged shooters. (optional map camera mode) as is

Anonymous says: I really love the game, even though they are AI players. They still have a challenge which makes them less like an AI. There are some bugs that I find annoying: Sometimes the bush won't let you hide and because of that the enemy can target you. Sometimes the spawn area of 3v3 or 4v4 superstar mode can kill you even though thats your spawnimg area. I also hate that the bots can target you even though your in the bush. Thats all the bugs infound so far and please add more skills and heroes.

Anonymous says: Very good game because it's OFFLINE version but.. There's some things needs to be improved. First one is the settings, please add some settings for controls like camera shifting, target lock, and option for targetting a lowest hp or nearest. Second, add the same heroes and skill from original app to this so the players may not get bored because there's some few heroes and skills in the game and Lastly, if we get a winstreak like 5 straight wins we can get a chance for double points or extra +20

Anonymous says: For a free and offline game. This game is pretty good. I got a legendary character in a ad box. EDIT: I just realized that the enemy in this game can see you even your in the bush. That is so annoying ang frustrating at the same time. Please fix it. Even though I use invinsible, They can still see me. And also the melee character are so weak. They don't have any advantages to ranged character. Please buff them.

Anonymous says: The bots gets unjustly overpowered when you get a higher ranking. They get buffed and has better buff drops in deathmatch. The bots can see you even if you use the invisible skill and hide in bushes. Also, they get skill cooldown buff and it's really annoying because you can't easily survive even using a tank in all modes. I understand that all those buffs are to compensate for it's "offline experience" but come on, it's too much. If you can at least add more upgrade levels. Im willing to grind.

Anonymous says: I gave it 4 stars cuz there's a little buggy.There's no problem of this game,beautiful graphics smooth controls . This game is such an amazing game cuz when you don't have any signal,networks,etc.You can play with it as long as you can! The problem is it's so hard to have new hero or upgrade hero's. But i like the game very well. Pls fix the small bugs ty!

Anonymous says: I love this game so much. Have a great graphics, smooth to play. I would give it a 5 stars but please, don't give us a very difficult challenge to unlock characters. So hard to achieve. And the rank. When you get lost or defeat, -30 reason to make me restart the game. I hope you'll fix this!

Anonymous says: I actually regretting that I never downloaded this before. It's actually good for offline game, although it could use some updates, for example, add some buffs/passive power in all of heroes skins. It could use some minions and towers, I don't care how much size it will gain but as long as you keep it good like now, people will really see some value in this. And it's not pay to win, which is really good too. Edit: Instead of towers, try doing it with turrets, which is unique and unusual...

Anonymous says: Honestly, I love this game as an alternative when I'm bored or don't have any data at all. But the problems are sometimes crashing, the ticket disappear everytime I reopen again, and most importantly, the heroes which the players madly need is very hard to have. Please do something. I openly recommend this to my fellow friends.

Anonymous says: This is an amazing game. Love the graphics, controls are easy to use, and different varieties of game modes. This game is amazing also because it allows us to play offline. However here is a suggestion that I would like to experience in the future. Match time should be longer. Make it something like most of the other MOBA games, add a defense tower and base, so whoever destroys the others base wins. This can make the match more intense and fun, and add an online feature.

Anonymous says: This should be avaible on the original version to save memory space. It work fine and it is a good time when you don't have Online. Bots are unfair for the most part and yet even offline you still need to still progress to get the rest... And there's Ads and Money options if you wish... But it's offline... Again, this SHOULD be in the original version... It doesn't matter if you can't earn any prize Offline. That's fine!

Anonymous says: Cool game the graphics is so good,but i think it would be more good if the boxes don't have a ad card It's FRAUSTRATING ughh you literally don't get anything from boxes it only give you trash common card, the season event it doesn't give anything else too SO TRASH!, leveling up is also trash it only give you keys nothing else it would be more great that everytime you level up the boxes increases it's probability of giving new heroes and skills and increases it's cards in it. Thats all please fix.

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