[SkySoft Studio] Stickman Warriors for Android (v.1.7.2)

[SkySoft Studio] Stickman Warriors for Android (v.1.7.2)

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Anonymous says: The issue seems to be an excess of advertisements. I spun the wheel ten times and received "Ruto Sage" - thank you for that! Our opponents seem to be able to punch ten times without stopping, while we can only manage five. However, it's not a big deal as I use a shield to counteract this. I'm not sure what PVP is, but I believe we should engage in PVP online or in a two-player mode once we unlock it. The character design is excellent, but I suggest you consider offering some discounts 😄😉

Anonymous says: Cool characters and animations. But it has too many ads on wifi, which is needed to save progress... it's like I have to watch an ad or two for every action I'll make 😭 this can annoy users and lead them to delete the game. Maybe an ad after every 20 minutes is fine, but ads after every match is too much and annoying.

Anonymous says: The game is actually great. The thing is... 1. no button or attack to counter the chain combo of the enemy. Once you've been combo attacked. Hand's up. Game over. 2. No new characters and no new maps. In my own opinion the game gets too boring after you finish the story and unlock all characters.. Don't know where to spend gems and coins. And also, Please add survival mode. I am willing to change my review. If you consider adding new maps, characters and modes.

Anonymous says: The game is fun I would recommend this for everyone, though there are some problems needed to be fix: •The game glitches, like the life bar suddenly get's taken even if I'm doing nothing •Whenever I throw a skill to the enemy, it just past through •Even when I use the block button, I still get blown away. •After a combo, the enemy should be blown away and not be able to move for a half second, during that half second I was trying to use a skill but then it got canceled because of enemy attack.

Anonymous says: A super fun game, recommended,.But it has bugs. (1), when i try to unlock a hero, it will go back to a level i already, did. Like level 4, 5, etc, (2), game's pretty laggy, for mobile or android, [so if you fix these bug's i would rate it 6/6 if i can, Although, super fun anime fighting game. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED , i saw my friend playing this, and i wanted to try it! If there was a 10 section, i would rate it that!😱😱✨✨ Super fun, Thx!

Anonymous says: Great Game. But the Ads are way too much. Remove atleast the timer before the "No thanks" Button appears as the response for again, your Ad Suggestion right after Each match. It'll be nice If you'd Add specific voice-overs for each of the characters and different combos. There are many problems about Grammar in Campaign mode. Weaker Characters get dumped. make them more worth of buying even if you already had a stronger one, it sad that I never get use my Fav. Character Because he's too weak

Anonymous says: It's a great game. The people who said this has many ads are wrong. It's just after a fight. You can turn off your wifi so you wouldn't encounter ads. The PvP is online though, but the rest are offline. Those who said this is pay to win, you're wrong. I played it without spending money and I've won many fights. Maybe because I'm using Latent Goran. It's the most strategic character. I can win against stronger people. It's the best choice for me.

Anonymous says: Pretty neat game, but... Performance-wise, the Menus are too laggy [≈5-15FPS] even for a 4GB-RAM phone [but it runs smooth 60+FPS on the actual fight]. Also, I'm currently having some Sync problems [I recently ported in an account and transferred a Save Data] and my Coins and Diamonds value shows always at 0 [even though internally it isn't], and I can't press "Fight" [probably due to laggy menus]. Samsung A04s user here [but no problems with Samsung S7]. Please fix Issues. Thank you in advanced

Anonymous says: Overall good game. I have a ton of fun fighting a Saiyan. Only two problems. One: way too many ads, I click practically one button, and an ad pops up, and I don't wanna pay money just to have less ads 2: I don't know if anyone else deals with this problem, but when I click an ad for extra coins every once in a while, my screen goes black, and I'm back on my home screen, like I said, good game, I just hope the problems are fixed. Especially the first one. So, 4 stars is my rating. Good game.

Anonymous says: Its so good that I'm glad when an ad comes u cn just skip it with pressing home button in mobile and i rated this game 5 stars!! The first time played this game I had like 50 m coins and 50 k diamonds now I dont have it i think it's glitch but i appreciate it i also got all of the characters in the spin the wheel and the last wow it's so powerful ultra geta thanks for letting me get this game :)

Anonymous says: This game is really fun and easy to play. It's got good character designs, attacks, and etc. It's really grindy too. I'd give it a 4 because the attack sound for the voices are all the same. Please make it so different characters have their same voices from their anime and not just one. Another downside is you got to pay money for powerful characters. You could make it so you have to watch a lot of ads or something else which wouldn't cost money.

Anonymous says: It would be great 👍if you give updates that can we play with friends to either local multiplayer are online friend multiplayer option can STICK MAN WARRIOR TEAM can please consider my comment and gives a this kind of update...I hope you guys make sure you will this update so I can refer my also to play the game with my friends to beat them in the game.....

Anonymous says: Not a bad game because when you get playing story mode every single time, you could get like 100,000 coins. But I was having problems with ads. But I realize that I could turn off my wifi to play the game without ads. Diamonds in this game is hard to get since you have to defeat leaders and/or bosses, but if you keep replaying the same leader or boss, you will get less coins and maybe less diamonds. So That's why I rated this game a 4.

Anonymous says: To all who were suprised to see opponents attack 10 times instead 5 times like you. Basically, press ability 1 right after 5 attacks. Its easy to muscle memory it cuz of the voices being the same. And it LITERALLY stunlocks the opponent. You can repeat this till the opponent dies or you ran out of ki. Who needs supers when you can deal more damage with the same out of ki used? Anyway, game good. I just see people complane about it

Anonymous says: The game actually feels better than Minecraft and Valorant because I don't like multiplayer modes that much and is enjoyable for a dragon ball enthusiast like me. Also the game doesn't require any internet or connection to the net of any kind. So whenever you are bored of no internet just use it and I promise it's going to be a very enjoyable ride. Problems: 1) The ads are just too irritating. I do understand your purpose on the advertising but it just irritating. 2)The grammatical errors.

Anonymous says: I like this game. The problems I have is that once an enemy starts punching you, there is nothing you can do to defend yourself, every button just stops working when someone is punching you. I can't even use a simple ki blast. Please fix that and the second problem I have is that the names are not correct, like Gomu, Geta, Tranks? You need to change that.

Anonymous says: This game is pretty good, but there's one small problem: blocking, you can hold it however long you want, you can literally block every single attack your opponent makes, that kinda makes blocking a little op, but that's just a theory, a GAME THEORY!1!11!!1!1!! okay i'm kidding that's not a theory, but jokes aside you need to fix blocking

Anonymous says: It's a fun game I am a girl but I still like it it's really fun you can upgrade your character and more the enemies are super strong and that makes the game more fun😊💪

Anonymous says: The only reason why I'm rating a 3 is because of the endless ads. Every match has to be followed up by an ads . No no 👎 this is bad. I know running ads generates revenue.but this gives off a bad impression on the app. Besides that I enjoy it's simplicity, and there is tones to like about this game. I'm hoping the developers are working on an improved version cause there is lots of room to grow here. Love the game though

Anonymous says: This is a good game, very good game. My favourite for the fans of dragon balls, but there is one mistake. Add one more character that can be purchased by coins and add more stories, but the money is character which we cannot buy, which are abide by money. You please done by diamond. Thank you

Anonymous says: It's a great game so far but when ur enemie is low and use one of your attacks it makes a custome finisher and u can go to this customize finisher buttons in the meue to customize ur finisher and by finishing more of the campaign u get more finishers and u can also buy them with gold and diamonds and by doing tordoments to.Also u can also customize your character with different accessories that gives small buffs and u can also customize your attacks or make a hybrid with different heros.

Anonymous says: The npc power bar is broken it's like every other ki blast doesn't even take power from them an the npc fighters are able to break my guard while blocking it's just impossible to win sometimes it's even been times my ultimate attack gets cancelled out because the npc fighters just power through getting knocked back taking minimum damage .....it makes the game unplayable sometimes 😔

Anonymous says: I think this game is fine it's just some of the worlds are super easy and extreme mode is kinda hard btw I like how you get more stuff on higher difficulties and the characters are super cool but there's one to many ads bc everytime you like beat a soldier in story mode it's just ads but overall this game is good

Anonymous says: I love to play this game but I had a problem whenever I try to play in any modes than the app closes automatically. Moreover, when I claim things in achievement and buy characters than it closes automatically. So, it is my request to fix the problem I faced

Anonymous says: The game is so interesting especially the story mode when you finish the first round you will get a new skin if you are reading this download now

Anonymous says: This game is very fun and easy to beat it very fun to play in general but the problem I am have s that I have logged in the game 6 days and the 7th day log in reward is not coming please fix this I really love your game I want all of your characters. With this bug I just get bored of the game I dont see any point of it I want more to add to the game to make it more challenging I hope you take my response about the whole problem.

Anonymous says: This game is truly amazing and I love ❤️💓❤️❤️ it. It reminds me of Dragon Ball super it is like I am in the anime 😂😂 good right but the problem is that you need real money to buy some player 😠😡😡 and when you need ad to buy a fighter it would say no ad. But later if the data is on, ad will pop up when you don't want it.

Anonymous says: The second DBZ game I ever played. The story mode and the pvp just, Wow. You guys really know what you're doing. I won't be surprised if some of the people in your team are DB fans. My only concern is if you could maybe update the story. I know eighteen chapters is long enough but maybe 3 more? If you can't do that then please since Vegeta has UE as his new form replace his UI form with UE. Also add evolution blue Vegeta and let Goku's counterpart to that form to be UI sign(Omen form) Thanks

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