[Moonton] Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for Android (v.

[Moonton] Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for Android (v.

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Anonymous says: This is a decent game. However, I'm not quite in favor with the new resources settings. The old one is more easier to navigate and is more simple compared to the new one, since it had different levels of resources that you can download, from required ones to more advanced ones. Although, with the new settings, it downloads the extra resources and even if I delete them it still takes up way too much storage on my phone. Even if I reset my app, it still tries to download the extra resources.

Anonymous says: This is a decent game. However, the Queue is sometimes lagging so the player cant press enter at the right time and get banned for half a minute by not pressing enter. And the matchmaking is also lagging, I was in a ranked match that time and i was about to pick a hero of my choice, until it abnormally lags and exits the game itself. And in the match. Your like playing a glitch character, it always lags and your screen freezes even though your Wi-Fi is strong, Ive been playing this since 2018.

Anonymous says: please fix the cross server match making, the ping is very laggy, you can't skill properly, many people experience that, I hope you can solve it, because of the excessive lag your ratings are going down. maybe you can bring back the highlights but it's better, the ones that get the kills and assists, I'm sure everyone will like it, thank you

Anonymous says: I was just playing a minutes ago and suddenly my game start reconnecting even though there's no problem on my wifi even with my data signal, it happened earlier too but I just ignored it because the bug stopped whenever I use airplane mode, but now it doesn't go back to the game no matter what I do. Please fix the bug please because I really enjoy the game.

Anonymous says: This Mobile Game is nice in terms of animation and other... But times past it seems like wasting time since it updated their New Season! And also there's a glitch without any reason even if my inthernet is in good quality and sometimes i encountered some opponents using bugs which is not good! You have to see that problem and situations if you don't want me to forcedly uninstall it!

Anonymous says: Recently I experienced a network bug wherein the game just stops and it says "Network connection error, attempting to reconnect". I checked my pc while this is happening and I found out that I actually have internet. I know I'm not the only one with the same experience because my teammates also complained about this issue during the game. I tried to restart the game for several times but the issue just keeps on repeating. I hope you guys fix this soon because I just lost 5 stars this evening

Anonymous says: The designs are good, the graphics are so smooth. But when the April comes, almost all of matches are lagging even though in the enemy side, many people is experiencing this too. When i checked my internet it was stable but I can't control my hero I can't even click anything on my screen. If this is a bug or cheat please fix this moonton it will affect many players.Me and my friends are experiencing this a few days before and its still here, please fix it.

Anonymous says: this game is great, the graphics are awesome and smooth, but then this april comes, the skills are late even though my signal is good and i can't click the skills. The hero is late when you move the joystick when i'm gathering in team fights.There's a lot of issues and i know i'm not the only one who's experiencing this situation. I don't know if this is a bug or cheat, please fix it as soon as possible.

Anonymous says: What's wrong with the current update? I don't know if it's a bug but for some reason sometimes the heroes are hard to control, skills and moving the joystick is delayed even with 10ms signal. Does the enemy have cheats? Because mostly when an enemy comes near, this "bug" happens. Should be immediately fixed or detected, because this is ruining the fun of the game 100%

Anonymous says: For a few days, the ml was not well, so it always lost the game. My star and mmr decreased because it is always reconnecting even though the internet is fine. I thought I was the only one who experienced it, but I'm not the only one. Picking until the middle of the game just reconnecting then when you get back to the game the hero and skills are delayed. Please fix the game. I'm thinking of just uninstalling the app, it's getting boring.

Anonymous says: This game is a popular online game, has captivated millions of players worldwide with its fast-paced action and strategic gameplay. However, the enjoyment of this gaming experience has hampered by the frustrating occurrence of lag. Players experiencing lag find it challenging to execute complex maneuvers or skill combinations effectively, leading to underperformance in matches. It can also frustrate players, leading to decreased enjoyment and disengagement of the game. Hope the bug will fix soon

Anonymous says: Lag, reconnecting bug, crashes every game. Whenever you're about to win whatsoever it will suddenly lost connection. It certainly is not the fault of the router since I tried playing valo and this at the same time but nothing happened in Valorant. Thought the enemy was the cause of it and tried reporting but this app didn't consider. Also, useless "report" option. Doesn't even give penalty when the ally is afk til the game ends. Include fixing this in your next update.

Anonymous says: Used to be so good and smooth a few years back, but now it's like your 5v5ing with the game network 💀 Literal lags in-game and it's not even from my wifi. Heavy delays, poor queuing (THE WORST), and the ghost touch (WALKING on its own, DEADASS LAG). This issue needs to be fixed ASAP. The game is barely playable. Developers/Maintenance Team better resolve this.

Anonymous says: As time pass goes by the game is no longer exciting. We invest or pay for network for us to be able to play the game but it is not worth it. The match making is so disappointing because everytime I play, I always have a teammate who don't know how to play while the opponents is so good. There are a lot of bug and lag even I have a good internet connection and it cause defeat. I won a game for one time but I loss for four match because of the poor match making. Be good to all of the players.

Anonymous says: My gaming experience is so bad, I got lose streak because of the unfair matchmakings. And kindly fix your bug which says "unstable network" even though the internet connection is okay. And there's a lot of bug. Might uninstall this one because aside from the problimatic system, the players are problematic as well. Just saying F U moontoon for this.

Anonymous says: I had a bad experience playing this game this time. I've been playing for almost a year but this is the first time that I encounter this problem like I had a good internet connection but it feels like I'm playing a glitch character. It also had a fps drop even though my storage was Enough to sustain the graphics of the game. Such a same to moontoon can't keep up the game. You should fix this such a waste of time if this continues

Anonymous says: I have played this game on multiple devices but on my laptop I keep getting stuck? I can attack properly but can't move. Network is good and no laptop problems. Maybe it's the game? Although I do like the design, the colors and mechanics this one issue just really ruins the game. I did also saw it happen from YouTubers who play ml so maybe it's hackers? but it happened for 2 games now. I don't know if anyone else have actually experienced this but overall it's a fine game.

Anonymous says: The gameplay experience in MLBB is often marred by lagging, even though the ping times aren't unusually high. This inconsistency affects the overall enjoyment and competitiveness of matches. Additionally, there are occasional bugs and optimization issues that need addressing. Despite these drawbacks, the game still offers engaging gameplay and a wide variety of heroes and modes."

Anonymous says: Hey montoon, do you want to have a 1 star review again? If not, then do fix all of the bugs, like for chou's ultimate skill where it casts its second phase automatically, it is so disturbing. Second is that the network connection of the wifi is just stable but when you're playing in-game, it suddenly starts to lose internet connection that is only in the game but when I tried opening other apps like Facebook, the internet connection is okay and stable. This bug is so disturbing.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Anonymous says: Uninstalling again 2024, no change in 5 years. Still the same problems.. and more. As of 2022: Game cares more for events, skins, those that take your money than the basics. Lag & stability, matchmaking, balance, cheats and hacks, bugs. As of now, game is stuck at loading screen. As of 5/2: Still terrible matchmaking. Bad lag. I dunno, little or not enough relevant improvements for the integrity of the game.

Anonymous says: What happen to the joystick!!!! I was playing recently and I experience some glitch in my joystick when I play, it's like I'm having a high ping but my internet is pretty fast. I even have a video of the problem. It resulted for me to lose matches because of this problem. I'm not gonna play this game for a while because of this.

Anonymous says: Bruh fixed this kind of issue, I can't properly play the for almost a year because of the issue that is having. I can't play the game without using both WIFI and Data without getting lag. I play MLBB since 2019, I keep playing it using Data and it won't lag, and now when I use wifi without data it will lag and make my performance getting worse. If this issue will not be properly Fix, I'll just quit so please fix it, for the players sake

Anonymous says: "I absolutely love using this app! The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, the features are incredibly useful, and it has greatly enhanced my daily routine. I appreciate the attention to detail and the regular updates that keep the app running smoothly. Keep up the fantastic work!" This app is can release my depresion in schools and etc. But i hope this sgame will make also money for example per 1 star every season is 10pesos para mas madaming mag laro thank that my opinion 🤘😝

Anonymous says: The game was amazing and fun play with, but so many things have changed in this game. The heroes, skills, passives event the map, and it keep changing. The times that it's was amazing to play and a friendly game, now it's not friendly anymore because it keeps nurfing heroes and updating untill a few players can play, it's just so disappointing.

Anonymous says: The game is not for the weak, especially if you rage too often. My game (weirdly) lags even if my connection is good (green ping). I have turned on every single setting to make my network work well, but even if I did the game SOMEHOW finds a way to make it seem that I'm lagging. Please fix this bug. It's been happening to me many times now.

Anonymous says: Deserves 1 star for now , base on my game experience keeps on reconnecting even tho I have an excellent internet/wifi connection keeps on lagging .(Edit) Nothing happens after the update the same problem encountered before. Poor matchmaking and no progress after updating the app. Never been fun as before. It's just all about monitizing . Still the matchmaking is not giving a good team (worst) , keeps reconnecting while the ping is green/excellent . All in all the app is getting bored.

Anonymous says: It could be laggy for some devices, but in my experience, even with budget ones, it still works smoothly. I would also like to commend the game designers for updating the user interface, and making it a lot more pleasant to looks at; and most importantly, a lot easier to understand, especially the resource download page. Although this game has its own issues (and could be a lot less stingy with the prizes they offer for f2p players), I still think that it's a wonderful experience overall.

Anonymous says: I like the game. The problem is with the recent updates. I was so hyped when I was informed that a new map will come out- Sanctum Island. My phone is very capable as it can run games like Genshin Impact at max settings. Yet, when the new map came out and I set my graphics to ultra, there were inconsistencies in the resources. The map looked like it was for smooth or medium graphics. The problem ain't my phone, I know. Tried reinstalling too.

Anonymous says: At first it was fun, a few loses here and there but still like the experience. But after a while, it has been pairing me with uncooperative and inexperienced teamates every single game which leads to one sided fights and lose streaks. And everytime i am finally about to reach the next rank, Boom, another game with this bad matchmaking system. Been trying for days but still haven't reached next rank because of this. And from what i have heared, this has been a problem for years now. Pls fix it.

Anonymous says: I've been playing this app for a long time, but ever since the update, playing has become really unpleasant, especially with the unbalanced matchmaking when there are cancer/toxic players. It's tough being a solo player because you often get paired with duos or trios. And there are bugs during clashes where the ping spikes, even with a stable signal before playing. Also, some hero buffs are so overpowering but when you report an issue, they don't detect it properly, especially with cheaters.

Anonymous says: Poor matching. Like hope you can find match base on players win rate. sometimes it's so hard to win. The stars I earn just go to waste because of some low skill level players. It's so frustrating,I'm almost planning on uninstalling it. Plsss fix this. It's so fun playing it just got some few big issues that I hope you can solve immediately. God bless.

Anonymous says: Mobile Legends' draw system has been a source of frustration for many players, as it often feels unfair and arbitrary. Additionally, receiving skins on next session that's what I like but the only are not related to the user's own hero can be disappointing, especially after investing time and resources into the game. Addressing these issues would greatly improve the overall player experience and fairness within the game.

Anonymous says: Frustrating Matchmaking Experience. Mobile Legends has been a source of frustration for me lately due to its unreliable matchmaking system. Despite playing consistently, I've been on a losing streak for the past two months (I'm a solo player). It's disheartening to be consistently paired with teammates who don't seem to understand the basics of the game. I hope the developers address this issue and improve the matchmaking algorithm to provide a more enjoyable experience for all players.

Anonymous says: This game is marvelous, but it has bugs and problems. First, the matchmaking was very unfair. Your teammates can't play well unlike the enemies team. Sometimes there are also lags, your phone will just automatically freeze. It won't move until you restart mlbb, that makes me lose sometimes for we're gap in golds. That's all the bugs I experience but overall, the games is great. People says it's lag but I think it's just your phone can't handle the storage, for mlbb takes about 9gb of your strg

Anonymous says: This game is one of the most amazing games I've played. However, in the recent updates it became very laggy to the point that the game would restart, also the reconnecting system has became slower whenever I try to reconnect in my game it takes a lot of time, by the time I reconnect to the game the game would be half way done.

Anonymous says: Based on the recent updates, the game is now smoother and has less frame drops and also the network spiking is much less than before which is a big plus. Good Job to Moonton! That update for removing the HD Skin animations and HD portraits was a nice move in reducing the lag in the app overall. The only thing now that needs to be improved is the lag during team fights. from 3 star to 4 star. Thanks for constant update and experimentation to improve user experience!!

Anonymous says: Horrible matchmaking that it makes wild rift good (of course those two suck but you get what I mean) Edit: Something changed, but for worse, absolute bs. My wifi connection is good yet when I play it always switches to green ping to yellow to red ping it's annoying. Been experiencing this problem for a while and it looks like deleting it is the only solution.

Anonymous says: The game continues to experience lag even when my internet connection is strong, particularly in late-game situations and during clashes. Additionally, I'm disappointed with the uneven team matchmaking; at times, my team is overpowering, while in other instances, the opposing team is far too strong. Rarely do I encounter teams with a balanced player level.

Anonymous says: Entering the battlefield of Mobile Legends, I anticipated another routine match. Little did I know, I was about to embark on an unforgettable gaming experience. As the match commenced, I selected my favorite hero, Alucard, ready to unleash his fury on the enemy team. The game started off smoothly, with both teams securing objectives and exchanging kills. However, as the match progressed, it became evident that victory would not come easily. Our team faced formidable opponents who were skilled a

Anonymous says: In Mobile Legends, players are divided into two teams, each consisting of five heroes. The objective is to destroy the enemy's base while defending your own. To achieve this, players must work together, strategize, and make use of their hero's unique abilities. One of the key aspects that sets Mobile Legends apart from other MOBA games is its intuitive controls. The game is designed to be easily accessible to both new and experienced players. With simple touch and swipe gestures, players can mo

Anonymous says: Your patch is really garbage, why did it just happen like this, damn moonton, when it's time to draft, it exits the game or crashes on my phone. Even though the graphics are medium and High Frame Rate is no longer activated, But nothing new, it never happened before. Is there anything new in your latest patch? I hope you can fix this damn it MLBB

Anonymous says: This game is so frustrating, just saying one bad word and you get penalized right away. And the matchmaking needs to be fixed, I'm a solo player but I keep getting matched with duos and trios. You should just delete your game because a lot of people are switching to other games. To those planning to download it, don't bother, you'll just end up getting frustrated too, I promise.

Anonymous says: Mismatched all the time. One time, all of the players were legend IV except for an enemy who was legend I. I cannot count how many times similar cases like this happened. So I uninstalled the game and am hoping to never coming back. Garbage algorithm. Also, when you report mismatching or other reasons, you need to identify the cause like the current ranks of all the players or the stats. Like what??? If I could only give zero stars.

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