[MOBA Games Private Limited] Garena AOV: Dragon LNY for Android (v.

[MOBA Games Private Limited] Garena AOV: Dragon LNY for Android (v.

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Anonymous says: The game is smooth and graphics looking decent. The only thing that gets me uncomfortable is the impact of the effects. Whenever a hero's skill hits an enemy it looks cool and stuff but it's the feeling of your skill hitting the enemy. I think it lacks the feeling of yourself being IN the game. And to add, I think increasing the gold you earn every match would help a lot. I can't buy heroes easily because of the little amount of gold I get every match.

Anonymous says: I first started playing back when it was popular internationally and quit because my friends also quit, I recently went back. Barely anything changed, the graphics still look like it belongs at 2019, not much updates in terms of the map, characters, voice lines, but a lot of new characters and game modes. I've been playing for the past 2 weeks, it's been fun but the matchmaking is so bad, and the players.., and I've been getting disconnected multiple times per game, to the point you can't play.

Anonymous says: The games decent considering for it being old, although the game needs abit more improvements. Like ping adjustments and a new game setting where you can use an auto translator for better communication. Also could you please add a little speed to the recalling it's insanely slow! Edit: After a few months I've noticed that the game itself needs visual changes, it's out-dated to the point that it could effect the way you play making things very awful and not smooth.

Anonymous says: Translation is inconsistent. Some hints such as the ones in the settings are blank, thereby forcing players to adjust their settings via trial and error. The items with cooldowns indicate their availability at the bottom of their screen. But the cooldowns are wrong. My Blade of Eternity icon indicates it's already on CD, but when I died I wasn't revived. For a game that has been out for 6 years, this game deserves a low rating. I have no reason to recommend this game over any of its competitors.

Anonymous says: No more lags whether I'm using data or WiFi, the UI has been overhauled into this minimalist design and a monthly dose of freebies and events! I don't know about the others who say they have been having a bad experience, but I'm pretty sure many have been nit-picking the flaws and not the highlights. I don't see much, except for the times when matchmaking can suck, but perhaps it's just the time of the day when I play. Good job, devs! Keep it up!

Anonymous says: Graphics were good, loved the skills and the heroes, interface was alright, but the network to the servers is kinda bad, i'm stuck at 120ms all the time. other events and part of the setting are not in english but the language I chose in the setting is english. I'm searching for a good moba that could give the fog of war effect which this game has so that was nice. but the servers and just parts of the events and setting please fix soon. I like the gameplay and I can come back if it's fixed.

Anonymous says: This is game is so balanced and fun. Haven't run into anything wrong yet. May change this review as I explore more of its content. I really wish they had updated the roaming items into the English language. It's kind of hard to understand 'cause I don't understand Indonesian language. Edit: The game is super laggy every 2 games. In 1 game, you get stable ping. The next one, you can barely move you champion accurately. What a letdown

Anonymous says: There are features that are now working, the "dual band" option where your suppose to play with wifi and data. I don't know if it just me, but in any case it doesn't work with me. Also, the "voice options", there isn't much of a choice, for what I remember there are couple of character voices available before, it's just a pity that they are not looking into "that" anymore. These two are the "problem" that I seen so far, cause I just only came back, but these are important factor in a game.

Anonymous says: I've been playing this game for a years and i love the skins especially the anime collaborations. This game is fun so far, i didn't experience anything bad from what they said about what they were experiencing except for lagging sometimes of course. However, the thing that i really want and need is that roaming (equipment). For support and tank types. I hope you fixed it more that they shouldn't be leveling up so fast when they were with another hero, that's all.

Anonymous says: AoV has been one of the most wonderful mobile MOBAs that I have played. Back when there was still the Valiant Server (MSP), the game was so smooth and the matchmaking system was actually quite fair. The rewards system is really good too. Now, with the Valiant Server merging with Baratayuda Server, the game has downgraded. The new changes to the map are gorgeous, new heroes and features added too. My one and true problem is the excruciating lag. Please fix this as soon as possible.

Anonymous says: Nice Game! 4 Stars, so far; 1.Because there are some texts that aren't translated, I hope you fix this since i'm not an indonesian and so I use english language. Some translations are glitched. 2.Because of the buttons, experiencing difficulties, it's better if the players could modify the button layout by themselves instead of size adjustment only. 3.Some Images don't load and all players in different regions are matched together, would be nice if only those in same region are matched together.

Anonymous says: I'm playing it on a vivo y53 and I'm amazed, the in game experience is good, there is no lag at all, the controls are good. But when at the menu it lags a little bit, but that's expected because of the phone. I hope you open more server, i know mlbb is at the top now, but this game is even better than wild rift. I also like the 10 free heroes it really gives us new player a good start. I'm thinking of installing it on my other phone also.

Anonymous says: This is a solid game, it's got cool characters and great play styles. The only problem I got here is that the controls are clunky and sometimes not even positioned where my fingers at. I just want to suggest a fixed position for the left controller so that it's easier to control the movements Edit: so it's a bug, please fix the control as it isn't positioned where my thumbs supposed to be, it has affected my gameplay so try to fix it asap

Anonymous says: This game has the potential to be at the top. However its server is laggy as hell, ive tried movile data connection and even wifi and nothing works. Ive lowered all setting and my phone has got enough specs to run it but it seems like its a game issue with its server not being compatible. This problem alone makes it unplayable despite having good graphics, mechanics and all. It loses the fun part when you get frustrated as not being able to play well.

Anonymous says: This app won't work for some reason. Whenever I try to access it, it'll automatically check for updates, it will reach 100% but an error will appear (it's in a different language so I could not understand it's meaning but it says something about update) I've tried doing basic troubleshootings like clear cache, clear data, uninstall then install but it won't work. This definitely is not a problem with compatability since my device (Huawei Nova 3i) used to have this and can access this app before.

Anonymous says: Hero Concepts are really good but, for almost all of experience in my gameplay, everything else is bad. I always get disconnected out of the match. New update made it even slower. Not to mention the matchmaking, I always get paired with noobs so I uninstalled after that. I can't keep on losing without even having the chance of fighting since this game is very fast paced. I already have 2 deaths after reconnecting. I'm a formerValiant Player but the server is too far away. I'mFiberUserStillLag

Anonymous says: The game is good but the real problem is the server. Whenever I start a game, it always tells me to find a stable connection even though my internet is very stable and whenever I finish a match, the server malfunctions and lead me straight back to the menu rather then seeing my score and earning my reward. Another thing that is bad is the audio for the guide, why is it the subtitles are English but the audio is in a different language. This was my favourite game back then, now ita bugged game.

Anonymous says: I like this game, more than mobile legends but, can you at least give the players more freedom at setting up the game like having the freedom to choose between stationary analog or not and also how big or small it can be, it's hard to make my character move after removing my finger for a bit and it getting annoying Also I noticed this little bit of problem, when auto attacking, specially when low on attack speed, skills can't be used, it should be that when skills are used, basic atks are cancel

Anonymous says: The game mechanics itself is fine, good characters, and their skill set is also well suited but the main problem is the matchmaking system. Do not put us into a 1v5 situation when solo ranking, most of the times there is a teammate that is AFK, and the rest is clueless on what they are doing, on the other hand the enemy is working like it is a "5-man squad" gameplay and in the end gets the win everytime. Hope you find a way to improve this minor yet stressful problem.

Anonymous says: It ia a great game but it has problems. The high ping even when the net speed is fast is really annoying. Some of the text in-game are also not in english. Many players don't even understand them. Also, the progress that I made on one of your former servers are all gone. The heroes, the gold, the skins, everything. If you couldn't return our progress then atleast give us some compensation for that. Overall, this game is ok but could be better. Also listen to your players as we know what it needs

Anonymous says: Okay, The characters and the style are cute. it is very creative, I give them thanks to that but the gameplay? I don't like it. I have a large amount of storage and my wifi is stable. But when I play, It always says I have low internet connection which is false. And I can't even play correctly because of this. please fix it. That way it's a better experience to play

Anonymous says: I love the game, and I understand why the valiant server has to merge with the Indonesian server. However, the transfer was not smooth. Other data, such as hero stats, arcana setup, etc. were not migrated, and we have so start anew. Many text in the game are also in the Indonesian language. Please fix this. We need more compensation for the inconvenience.

Anonymous says: Great matchmaking, balanced heroes, and objective-oriented; these are the three things I love about this game. At low ranks, expect to be matched with inexperienced players, but once you reach higher ranks you'll be matched with better players. Skills have a slight delay which makes targeting a moving opponent difficult yet very rewarding. Killing opponents is not enough to win the game especially in higher ranks, securing objectives should be the team's priority. GLHF!

Anonymous says: UI is not friendly, overall a mess. Some texts are not in English which is very disappointing because of the fact that the gamers of this game are not limited to a single nation. For this case, the company should create many servers, otherwise, there will only remain strong language barriers. Improve and optimize your ping network, we have good, fast and stable Wi-Fi connection but still, ping spikes up to 460ms anytime in a match. This game has a ton of potential but enjoys being a 3 star MOBA.

Anonymous says: Not that user friendly. Very high ping so it's unplayable and I only got to play it on occasion because of this. I need to use vpn to be able to play but still it's still has an unstable connection and with that you can't really partake in events. I can't also choose a server and it's difficult to have free skin. But I hope someday they'll fix this.

Anonymous says: UNSTABLE CONNECTION After the initial loading screen, the ping would show a green then afterward it would be orange all through out. This is what happened all the time, making the game unplayable. PUBG, and MOBA had a great connection, seems like this is something with the Baratayuda server. Also there's only one server option so you had no choice otherwise.

Anonymous says: Hey devs, stop running away from the problem, I have rated this game 5 stars before because it had lots of potential but is unplayable as of the moment. You know exactly why. Most of the fan base are complaining about unfair matchmaking and lag. Especially the lag. I have played over 3000 games and have reached conqueror for multiple seasons. I have also spent money on the game because I loved this game. I want to get back but everytime I install this once more, I see that nothing has changed.

Anonymous says: the loading screen takes too long and suddenly a text appears out of nowhere says something not in english so i can't understand, i translated it on google and it said "update failed". i restarted again and again always the same pop up. i can't play the game either. is this a bug or something? please fix this because i really want to play the game so hard. thank you creators if you're reading this! also the download is a waste of time because it's taking so long too...

Anonymous says: the game lags during the game play. The mobile data of 3Mbs is still too low for the game. also using S10+ phone. i cant play it unless connected to a wifi. I tried my data in different moba games and my ping is green and around 15-30ms only. this requires too much internet speed to be played with. it is really disappointing. uninstalling this again since the lag hasn't been fixed yet. but good job on the graphics and smooth skill graphics

Anonymous says: First of all, this game is very user friendly because of it's low storage which takes no more than 2 gb. Second, the heroes are greatly balanced. Lastly, the prices of heroes are not that expensive unlike the other mmorpg online games. But, I still have some recommendations for your next updates Here are some examples: 1.)Add an option in the game settings to have a locked movement wheel so it doesn't follow your fingertips. 2.) Add a collect all button in the activity rewards.

Anonymous says: I say the Graphics are soooo awesome, from hero model, battlefield, mobs, terrain, and everything. I want to give 5 or 10 stars but the DISAPPOINTING PART is the matchmaking, network/signal detection, and the ANNOYING server provider. Those three, I should say, are connected, signal is sooo red so I can't enter any lobby maybe because of server. Server only has one provider which is Indonesia wherein it's sooo annoying. Because of that, my ping is always red and can't enter any match.

Anonymous says: Gameplay, heroes, controls and graphics are especially great. It used to be my favorite MOBA, but now, I can't even transfer my account to the new server. I have tried multiple times contacting their support (sending tickets and messages through their FB page) but their customer support is the worst I've experienced in a game so far. Uninstalled permanently and currently finding another MOBA worth playing.

Anonymous says: This should be a great game however, there is always a connection issue. I hope that you'll start considering what the player's said since this issue keep occurring. Maybe one of the option that can help this issue to resolve, is creating a new server which will be suitable for their country. Please provide a better experience for the player's. We all hope for your consideration and broad understanding in terms of player's feedback.

Anonymous says: So there is a new update as of now. When I've entered in the fame, it says that I need to have a 37MB update. However, when I go to the play store, it says that I need to update like almost 1GB. This issue is the same with Vainglory. Kindly fix this. Thank you PS. Updating the game is not the issue here. My point is, the info posted on the game is very misleading.

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