[Max Games Studios] Stick War: Legacy for Android (v.2023.5.276)

[Max Games Studios] Stick War: Legacy for Android (v.2023.5.276)

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Anonymous says: A very good game and nostalgic back in the old days I think you guys need to add a second campaign for the game like the elementals from the previous stick war 2, flying archers, giants that throws rocks, juggernauts, crawlers and generals. Add more death animations, new attack animations, more difficult levels, ltm (limited time modes) and that's it I know it's alot but at least try.

Anonymous says: Hey game Dev, about the new statues its it's really nice but how about adding different upgrades to different statues (except for the castle archer ofcourse). Like when I use a spearton statue (of which i like) the crown sticks outside of the shield maybe it's better if it just adds as a design to the sheild. Well anyway this game is great I hope you add more skins, troops, challenges, how about another map if possible, and another game mode.

Anonymous says: I recently played Stick War Legacy, and it brought back nostalgic vibes with its engaging gameplay and good quality graphics. However, I'd suggest enhancing the experience by adding a multiplayer feature, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends. This addition could elevate the overall enjoyment and make it even more appealing to a wider audience.

Anonymous says: A pretty solid, nostalgic and classic stickman/stick war game. My suggestions for the game would be to update like adding more units which leads to updating the campaign to fit for the lore, more opponents in tournament, more gamemodes and new features such as daily quests and better saving progress. Speaking of saved progress, my problem is that it deleted my progress when I downloaded the game again when it got updated but this didn't happen BEFORE the latest/newest update. That's all and ty.

Anonymous says: Amazing, we need more. I've finished every achievements, and maybe add another part of the campaign with strict rules..? Because the storyline is great but a little too short :( The gameplay is simple, the enemies are skilled and the mechanics are easily understood, although archidon could be controlled easier. Maybe you can also add another difficulty harder than Insane? Insane is hard but a lot of players have overcome the challenge, so new difficulty can be exciting! We will wait, thank you

Anonymous says: It's an excellent game, nice graphics, smooth gameplay, and great campaign levels, very unique... But I got a favor, if by chance you guys can do it, add a Multi Mode for fun and friends, and maybe an Endless Ambush with various skins which will reward 20 gems and 2 stars. Welp... That's all, hope you won't leave this amazing game! Pls fix the Google Play button, cuz I want to connect to it, but it won't let me.

Anonymous says: The game is great and smooth, but the problem has gone too far. When I tried to beat Tournament on Hard Mode, it's like Insane Mode because the way the enemies are, they have higher amount of money than you. I know that the training thing is balanced, but when I tried Insane Mode, everything was smooth. I mean, I lost twice in Hard Mode because of how much they get money than you (especially in any modes, they get alot.) Pls fix this problem, Automatic 5 stars! Good work devs and keep up!

Anonymous says: Better than what I remembered when I played it as a flash game back then especially with the added ability to use one of the units makes it more possible to win, the tournament is fun and challenging, the endless horde mode is incredibly hard and the skin system really adds something to it. Still an enjoyable game but after a few days it'll get stale but it is what it is. I am here waiting for the possibility of a Stick War 2 implementation for android. Overall, great game.

Anonymous says: Good game! tho it's still missing something. After finishing the whole campaign, there's nothing for you to do but to play tournaments and endless combats - I think it makes the game boring. I would like to see new units in addition to the old ones (just like units in stick empires) and perhaps a new "chapter" would bring spice to Inamorta lol. Still, this is a good game but I hope the developers consider adding more stuffs to explore with.

Anonymous says: One of the best games there is on mobile despite being a few years old. It's fun, child-friendly, and the replay value is insane! You can play it anywhere without having the need for a wifi connection. Whether you're at home or on break, this is a game you can enjoy AND win at without spending a dime. Missions are great and have tons of variety and totally worth the one time purchase! As for the graphics, well it's a stick-man game. It's charming and doesn't take up a whole lot of memory space.

Anonymous says: still the best stick man strategy game on the app store! Nothing has changed from this game it's still the best stick man game I have ever played since 2016 the game modes are fun, the gameplay is awesome and the way you can control your own soldiers is probably the best thing ever, the story is intriguing and the game is also fun and challenging! Would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves simulation and strategy or action games! This game has all the package you were looking for!

Anonymous says: Stick War Legacy is fun if you know some defense strategies but, some levels may be hard because in the early game, you have to plan for different situations, and if you don't know anything about the game, this is surely going to be a pain in your lifestyle. The gems are pretty hard to obtain in different levels, and the soldiers are pretty hard to start with at first, but I really like this game because of its concept of defense strategy and I like how the stickmen move.

Anonymous says: Great game overall! It's entertaining + child-friendly! Tho I already finished the game, I can say thay I'll always be happy to reinstall this and just play it over and over again. Just a suggestion to put it to the max? WIDEN UP THE WHOLE GAME, like add more units, new levels in the campaign maybe a new one where you play as different tribes like the undead etc. New modes, new ways to spend money or upgrades and stuff. All I'm saying is that it gets really repetitive, making it kinda boring.

Anonymous says: A nice remake and resurrection of the original Flash game I played a lot when I was young. Been playing for a year now and the new modes make it anything but boring. The 2D graphics have come a long way since the original and the animations have been refined. Combat is as sweet as before with the addition of unit controlled perks. The supports power are an interesting feature but the vanilla Stick War is what I want, and that's what I got. Thank you developers, 5/5 stars for me.

Anonymous says: I really love the game. It was fun leveling up the swordwrath, spearton, archidon, giant and magikill. The only problem is the grinding and replaying all the levels to fully upgrade your units, other than everything is fine. Edit: so uhhh... I found a bug with the weekly missions when you use the ice skin the enemies just freeze there and your units can't attack them. Pls fix this anyways still a good game.

Anonymous says: It was fun from the start all the way to the end, even though the story doesnt change and the ai is easy to deal with sometimes, other times they can be absurd. I also enjoy the extra gamemodes and its nice to see that the game is still getting updated with new stuff to do to keep me interested, i cant wait to see what the developers might give next.

Anonymous says: Its a good game, its has good animation, good design and good graphics for a low megabyte game, but you can finish the story mode in a day, yes you can play survival and tournament but tournament is just the same thing over and over(well thats how tournaments are but still). I got s suggestion(if the game is still bieng worked on) they should add more units, extend the story mode(make it so that the story mode goes to other countries or something), and make so you can modify your units position

Anonymous says: Ah yes, Stick War: Legacy. My childhood game. The game uses lots of strategies and defense, making very it fun! The campaign, Missions, Tournament, Endless dead modes, all very fun! And if you say it's hard, you just need to memorize the controls and make sure you upgrade the right units. That's alot of tips already, and if you're done reading, why haven't you installed it already? Highly recommend game, give it a go!

Anonymous says: I really liked this game. The campaign is pretty easy even in insane mode but is fun to speed run. The endless deads mode is very fun and good for hardcore strategy. I like the concept for the new tournaments, but it was done wrong. Once you get to the final match the opponent will spam spells that would have cost the player thousands of gems. The old tournaments were boring, but now the final is impossible. I did one yesterday and the bot spawned 2 griffon the greats. Poor balancing, -2 stars.

Anonymous says: This game is one of the very very few nowadays that does it right. Much like another game that also does so, bloons tower defense, it hails from an old flash game. It isn't exaggeratingly visually impressive for no reason. It isn't full of ads and you don't get much reward for watching them. It isn't paywalled at any point, it isn't freemium, and it isn't low quality regurgitated slop. It's a simple game with a simple goal, and it does it extremely well, with good replayability. Also it's free.

Anonymous says: This used to be a 5-star game. Fun time, good game play. Now, all of a sudden, there's an ad after literally every round you play, no matter which game. The ads last 30-45 seconds. I knocked it down to 3 but honestly if that continues, it'll be 1 star and I'll just uninstall.

Anonymous says: Most fun I've had playing an app game. Whenever I think "I need a real fun game to play" when I'm out and about, this is the first game that comes to mind. It is not pay to win since you can grind gems by playing endless deads. The armors make everything a lot more interesting and they are still adding more. They even added armor for the statues to add a new level of complexity. Frankly, I love this game.

Anonymous says: The game is decent but there is a few things that should be changed. Firstly is getting 20 gems from beating a level again because it was changed to 5 which annoys me and other people. There is an annoying unskipable tutorial on swordwrath level. Swordwrath don't attack either. There is problems with levels where enemy stop building units which is a shame as it is no challenge. Ice hills is stupidly hard for no reason at all. Finally Swordwrath jump cooldown is really annoying.

Anonymous says: Amazing game different modes I've been playing since I was a little kid there are zombies, tournaments, and campaign also there are different skins for your people like ice, lava, savage, and even a extremely powerful skin called vamp my top two favorites are spearton as it can do long range and short ranged attacks it can throw it's spear doing tremendous amounts of damage. Next up is the Giant it has a ability with skin called earthquake making a Crack in the ground hitting multiple enemies.

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