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Anonymous says: I just used this app for my Watty Stories and talking to my foreign friends but I just find it inaccurate. Whenever I write in English and translate it to other language. I copy the translated words/sentences and translate it to English. I just realized that it was different. Just like when I'm writing for a singular person, it turns it to plural which is really confusing. I can't use it on offline purposes anymore. This is sucks.

Anonymous says: Helpful at times, but constant issues. If you have an intermittent connection, it won't work even if you've downloaded the language to use offline. You save phrases once you find the right context, then it will completely change the context of the word when you revisit. Sometimes, it even just gives you the completely wrong translation. Incredibly inconsistent.

Anonymous says: Great app, but in the last several months, the offline language packets are not functioning correctly and the app will not let me offline translate, unless I first click on a starred (saved) translation and then change to the needed language fields, then write in my desired translation (and sometimes that glitches as well). For work, I come across people who speak various languages and connecting even briefly with them means a lot, but also is a difference maker in an emergent situation.

Anonymous says: Google Translator is a very useful tool for those who need to translate texts or phrases into other languages. It is practical, easy to use. It can help you quickly translate words and phrases, allowing you to understand what is being said in another language.helpful for all people around the world. Not only a few sentences or paragraphs, but this tool also allows to translation of different kinds of files such as DOCX, PDF, XLXS, etc. It's very simple and easy to use, I can type texts directly.

Anonymous says: A once great app, laid low by terrible decision making by the developers/product team. You can no longer toggle between the original text and the translation when translating from an image. This is an awful decision since the translations are often not accurate and because sometimes a user may need the text in its original form in addition to the translation. I'll be using Deepl for now. It works better anyway. I do hope this gets resolved, though. I filed it via the help menu as well.

Anonymous says: I don't have a huge necessity for a translation app, but it has been very, very helpful in my travels. The only thing that is slightly annoying is that the recording can stop prematurely in conversation mode. For example, if a person takes a sort pause, the app stops recording and the translation is referred incomplete. Otherwise this app is easy to use, and very comprehensive. Great work.

Anonymous says: Google Translate is a lifesaver when it comes to breaking language barriers. Its accuracy and vast language database make it an essential tool for communication, whether traveling abroad or interacting with people from different linguistic backgrounds. The ability to translate text, speech, and even images in real-time is truly remarkable. While not perfect, it's continuously improving, and its convenience is unmatched. Highly recommended for anyone navigating a multilingual world.

Anonymous says: I used this app for years. Recently, it stopped working. I downloaded the needed language before a trip last week. It told me it was downloaded. When I tried using it offline, it told me I had to download the language. It was super frustrating because i didn't have service or access to wifi. I have tried fixing it several times, and no matter what I do, it will not translate offline. It has gone from auseful app to a pointless one. The Help sends you to a forum where everyone has the same issue.

Anonymous says: Liking the new app. It's working great on my Pixel 7 Pro. The app runs faster, is less glitchy and doesn't time out. I like how the new split screen lets you sit across from each other and read the text. I use this to translate Thai, which is a notoriously difficult language. The app isn't perfect but does much better giving an accurate translation. It would be nice to be able to save larger transcripts than currently able to now.

Anonymous says: The ability to take a picture of translated text is gone, even though the UI tells me that's what the white button is for. I get options like "share", "listen" and "select all", but no option to just take a picture. This is inside the "camera" UI. I'm just taking screenshots at the moment which has all the UI on too. A really bad change.

Anonymous says: I'm very disappointed that I no longer get synonyms, opposites and more than one translation suggestions when I translate a word, like I was previously able to, with both this app and the internet version of Google translate. Now, when I put in a foreign word, it gives me as translation only one word and no other options at all. Are you trying to make a subscription package to force us to pay for those things we previously had for free? This used to be an extremely useful tool.

Anonymous says: The new update completely ruined it. Before, the real time conversation worked excellent. Now, it hardly ever works, and it won't immediately speak the results. I have to push a button to get it to speak (if it will even pick it up), even though I've checked in my settings and I have it set to "immediately speak results". Please change it back!!

Anonymous says: Google Translate has always been the handy friend bridging language barriers... until recently... My phone is connected to internet, all other apps are working 100%. However Google Translate opens fine, you can paste the words to be translated, but once you click to have it translated, this message comes up: "⚠️ Can't translate Check your connection and try again "

Anonymous says: I'm very glad with this app, although I have one suggestion - Maybe it will be a good idea to have a switch between formal and casual translating. For example sometimes I want to translate a sentence and it to come out as casual, and sometimes I want to write to a institution or a person I don't know and want to have a formal translation. (For example in German language)

Anonymous says: Great app. It is fairly accurate for the most part. Occasionally, I do verify the translation through another source. The live camera portion still needs some work to be useful. My favorite feature is having the translate icon show up when I copy a word. This makes translations even faster. I did not give it more stars because there is still room for improvement.

Anonymous says: From certain version it started to fail to translate. Tells "there's no connection", though the connection is in place. It just can't reach google server for whatever reason. Internet is full of descriptions of the issue since a while, but no solution from support other than "check the internet". It was a good app but not anymore.

Anonymous says: What happened. Was a nice simple translator. Now it wants to always take a photo instead of just translating the words I'm looking at. Its naff. I don't always have a connection to connect to the internet. Edit, it did get fixed. But today it's broke again. Using camera, instead of highlighting text and translating in real time, once again it wants to take a photo of the words to be translated. I've installed another translator (Yandex) that seems to work as intended.

Anonymous says: I have used the app for a few years. The features I like is being able to take a picture of words I don't recognize and sending them to the computer. Today, when I opened the app on my phone, my only option was to read the translated text. I am no longer able to choose to see the original text and see the translations below. This was my favorite feature along with selecting and sending the original text to my computer. Please bring the option to see and select the original text back! Thank you!

Anonymous says: I just got my OnePlus 12 and Google translate which I use regularly continues to crash even after several updates. I was hoping the last update would take care of the crash but it still continue to crash! I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. This didn't help. don't know what else to do but my wife and her friends speak Spanish I speak but there is just always times where there are words I don't know. so I used Google translate to take care of those problems. Not compatible with Android 14.

Anonymous says: Latest update to the UI is frustrating and clunky to use. Have been trying to adapt but there is simply too much on the screen at all times trying to translate a piece of text from an image. Previous UI design was intiuative and easy to understand. I've resulted in using the desktop version over the app because of how useless it is.
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