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Anonymous says: This app is worst than a ransomware. I have assorted photos backupped from multiple devices over the years. Research data and pictures from experiments. This app installed itself and automatically backup my photos in the cloud. Being a free user, i have a limited space and it quickly ran out of cloud space. So I disabled it and deleted the photos in cloud. However, it also deleted all the photos in my phone. restoring photos doesn't work, I need to pay to upgrade space to restore. Fxn scammers!

Anonymous says: the app is really great. it has been a huge help in maximizing my storage space as i have thousands of photos saved as memories. one thing i would like to suggest is for the albums to retain once it's backed up. i always sort out my photos into albums but once it's uploaded, it wouldn't be the same and i have a hard time finding the photos. all in all, the app is good but i really hope for those improvements.

Anonymous says: After reading some of the client's review, It seem that they have the same problem as I did. I highly recommend that whenever someone accidentally press the save photos, people get so confused why their photos from their gallery are gone and instead, they are moved into this application's storage Which no one cares about the storage system if it is hard for most of us to retrive it. There are no further explenation about this "Common but big issue". People in majority wants you to fix this issue

Anonymous says: Shared Photos and Backup not working like before. One photo was stuck on getting ready to back up, rebooting and different network connections did not resolve the issue so I just deleted the picture. Shared photos with my partner are set to autosave but they don't save automatically. If I do save them manually, it will appear for a few seconds then disappear.

Anonymous says: I backup my photos across multiple IDs, but this shows all of them in one place. And when I want to get rid of some of the photos to make space, I'm not sure which ID the photo or video is backed up into. I have to go to the details of each and every photo and video. So, An option to switch between overall and account specific media view would be very useful. The storage management does not work, as it won't understand the emotional value of photos, even if blurry.

Anonymous says: Quality changes when you edit photos or share them outside of the app. If I want to "unblur" a photo (which I pay extra to be able to do) it immediately darkens and changes the overall photo. If I share photos to an external app, the same thing happens. I want to see what my photos will look like accurately in the app, not something that looks okay until I want to do something with it. This app just keeps getting worse and worse, honestly.

Anonymous says: Could be better. If they have the option of muting or adjusting the background music in their highlight reel, I would have 0 complaints. Since the reel is a min of photos and videos, we want music during the photos but during the videos, we wish to hear what people are saying, we don't need an all-or-nothing option for the music 😂. Can this be included in the next update? Thanks.

Anonymous says: It's like this is designed to trap you, get you to upload your photos, and make it incredibly difficult for you to retrieve your photos back on your device. I have tried everything, tried selecting all 4,000 images on the phone, no download button, tried on desktop, but apparently, only 500 can be downloaded at a time. I'm canceling my Google One subscription and moving to One Drive. This is an avoidable, stressful situation.

Anonymous says: I use this app all the time. I like how fast it is at showing your photos & videos, and the simple & quick editing. But it still has plenty of issues. The captions area is especially frustrating, it has a lot of bugs - sometimes it won't allow me to add/edit a caption, sometimes it shows one photo's caption on another photo, and there are many times when captions disappear.

Anonymous says: It's a handy app to sync photos between phone and desktop. Combined with Google Photos on the web, it's essentially a complete package. The problem I have is that the app in no way imitates the web site or desktop app (in this case, Google Drive), and for its flaws, the site appears to have no understanding of the folder structure on my phone. So, navigating between the two is a real hassle. If you can figure it out and put up with the quirks, it's a great way to organize and browse your photos

Anonymous says: I've tried a few times to use it, but I quickly abandon it, because you can't create collections or categories to organise/share your albums. I'd like to be able to place multiple albums into a collection and share it. The options to share with a partner or share memories are not enough. EDIT: No, the answer does not help. I don't want to change the order of 20000 photos in a single album. I want to place multiple albums in a "group", or "nested albums"

Anonymous says: This app is getting worse. It keeps trying to get me to turn backup on, and when I refuse it selects about 200 photos and asks me to backup these. The only way out if this is to close the app at that point. Its a real nuisance when I just want to open the app to show someone my pics. Instead I have to fiddle around stopping it uploading 200 photos, which one started can only be paused (by pausing the app) and is impossible to stop. Come on Google. You can do much better than this.

Anonymous says: The "backup your photos automatically" pop-up is getting more and more invasive, annoying, and forceful. It's a fine reminder to have occasionally, but not every single time you open the damn app. There should, at the VERY LEAST, be an option to "snooze" the reminder and not have it asked for, like, at least a month. Otherwise, the app is fine and gets the job done. I don't need anything fancy, just an easy way to access my photos.

Anonymous says: Update after the last response from Google: Nothing seems helping the issue I'm having. Tried almost all the options suggested. Being an ardent Android, Nexus and Pixel series fan this is something I'm not so proud about. Backup getting stuck often. Didn't expect this from the likes of Google. Backup doesn't happen at all, unable to view older photos in app even though I can view them in web browser. Only good thing in my view are the memories.

Anonymous says: Convoluted and frustrating. Photos were mass moved from my phone to Google Photos, so now I cannot access them through most apps for sharing or editing. But to redownload them to my phone one by one? It's ridiculous. YEARS worth of photos removed from my phone. Also does not keep photos organized by albums created on my phone. Will likely start utilizing OneDrive, Dropbox, or another service if I need to back up my photos/videos.

Anonymous says: Any time any other app dares to touch the filesystem on your phone, photos will ask if you want to backup that folder. It never takes 'no' for an answer, no matter how many times you tell it not to, and there is no option to turn off it's snooping on all your files. - Suggesting I disable backup is a ridiculous idea, automatic backup of photos I take is the only reason I have this app. I just want this app to mind it's own business instead of scanning my storage constantly.

Anonymous says: Drains battery like crazy and it gets indefinitely stuck on "Getting ready to backup" constantly. I have to do all sorts of stuff like clearing data, switching accounts, etc. to get it to backup again and it might only work for a few hours. I've used this app religiously since it came out but I'm thinking it might not be usable anymore. Google is really pissing me off lately.

Anonymous says: It's alright, has some interesting features But it absolutely makes me want to delete it, because I don't have all my phtotos in one placez I have to go through a lot of folders to find them Even worse, I cannot edit my date and time locally, I have to back up the photos, why? These are my photos and it's my choice to upload them or not Some settings are very unintuitive, and a lot of pop ups with memories folders etc etc, to make you more involved, but I don't want to.

Anonymous says: I never use it, but it cannot be uninstalled so it's just wasting storage space. Worse than useless. Edit: forced to use it for a while after switching phones. It's even worse than I thought. It nags about enabling rubbish google services, lacks configuration options, fails to show all images on my device... If I could rate it even lower, I would.

Anonymous says: I have a love/hate w/this app. Why is Motion Photo on by default? It should be off by default & if you want it you turn it on yourself. I hate this feature, if I wanted a video I wouldn't have taken a picture. What's worse is you can't turn it off of already taken pictures, not even by cropping it. Can't do the screenshot workaround bc I need to have the date/time on it for work purposes & screenshotting takes that away. It was turned off, somehow it came back on itself. Hate this feature.

Anonymous says: Frustratingly messy, unadaptable UI. I really want to make this work but i cannot organize my photos in this app and I don't enjoy looking at it. I don't want AI or automation, I just need a reasonable level of control to file things in a way that makes sense to me! Also, every random gallery I install from the Play Store displays albums transferred onto my new device that Photos seems to deny the existence of. I wish this app was better. Two stars for free storage and not crashing.

Anonymous says: The app sucks! Everytime I set it the way I want my photos put into files and folders the app UPDATES to what it wants ,then I can find anything! It regroups & stacks them to what the AI thinks is best, then I don't have anything at my fingertips when I need it. It takes hours to guess where AI put my recent photos, my screen shots, my credit cards and other documents!! It mixes them all together! I have told it NO but it don't LISTEN!! And it updates constantly changing all of my settings!!

Anonymous says: This app does it's purpose of storing my photos, but there could be a few improvements. It's only in my opinion, but I think that there should be a feature that allows you to add music of your choice from your files to a video when editing, kinda like what you would do when picking your phone's ringtone. Another suggestion is that you should add some more songs that are more up to date in highlight videos, specifically from artists that are well known in this era. Other than that, it's alright.

Anonymous says: My storage was full. Tapped on the free up space button, and it deleted photos and videos off my phones gallery without asking for permission or anything to "back them up" on google photos. Would have been nice to know that was going to happen. I had important photos in my camera roll in curtain albums that were deleted in the "backing up" process. I'm very annoyed that it had no warning that this would happen. I don't know how to get they back. Someone, please help

Anonymous says: Decent, but not great. 1. The Save a Copy thing is silly, especially since it doesn't carry forward the location data or date/time. So now I have to edit, then edit again. 2. Memories are great, but do I really need to see 10 different types of memories everyday? Just a simple on this day from previous years is great. Or even, hey noticed you travelled, see this. Gotta step up your game google.

Anonymous says: I hate it. Had to switch phones. My old Android, I was able to select an album to cycle automatically through my widget window which made a nice background feature. I've been stuck for 3 hours now tring to figure this out, because it does not auto cycle on my new Android that is the exact same model, nor can I select any albums either. I hate it so much.

Anonymous says: The user interface is mind-numbingly bad. If I take a screenshot, why is that not immediately put in the "recent" area? Why on earth is there not a section entirely dedicated to my recorded videos (this is insane by the way)? Let me fix it for you: Bottom shortcuts are currently: Photos, Memories, Library, Search. It should be: Photos, Video, Memories, Search You can put any sort of "library" options within each category once entered into. Your immediate interface can show recent.

Anonymous says: I can't see all photos in single tab 'Photos' for this i have to turn on back up which take a lot of drive space and shows loading always. Is there any way to see all photos (also photos and video from different folder then camera) in single tab without turn on back up. If not please add it or if the option is available please let me know.

Anonymous says: Even after turning off "Other Device Notifications" > Backup > Suggestions, it is still spamming me to turn on full backup. I don't need to be persuaded or fed with your garbage spamming. They're tiring. Older feedback: Notification spamming to turn on backup for photos and videos is very irritating and manipulative. You can't stop the notification and anything related from showing. Extremely disruptive when you want to quickly show a photo in the said app and it shows the notification instead.

Anonymous says: Delete and run away! EVERY TIME I open the app it asked if I want to back up my photos to Google. I say no, then it asked me to select SOME photos to upload for Google to backup. NO! Now, and I've confirmed backup is off, I made an album to move some photos into to find them easier and then selected 70 photos to move there. Hit move, and then noticed a notification it was BACKING THEM UP to Google! My phone, my photos, I SHOULD HAVE CONTROL. No thanks Google.

Anonymous says: After many years of greatness, this app is showing both its age and the ill effects of poorly implemented feature updates. That is to say, the app is getting slow, sharing photos is more difficult and confusing than it used to be, and wifi/data usage controls uploading larger videos or batches of photos never get it right. Come on Google, you're better than this.

Anonymous says: YEARS WORTH OF MEMORIES NOW INACCESSIBLE!! Can't close the pop up telling me to turn on backup. It won't even allow me to LOOK at the years' worth of photos I have backed up. Can't turn on the backup because it insists on re backing up thousands of photos that already were, resulting in my storage being full. Can't delete those duplicates because it then deletes them from my phone.
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