Google Meet (v.242.0.626860317.duo.android_20240421.15_p0) for Android

Google Meet (v.242.0.626860317.duo.android_20240421.15_p0) for Android

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Anonymous says: Bluetooth button only shows when someone calls you. If I make an outbound call I can't use hearing aids. Update obviously they didn't read this. My bluetooth capable hearing aids and other Bluetooth devices dont show if I call someone but do show when someone calls me. Makes no sense. And Noone wants to send a link to initiate a video call. Why can't this just be seem less to anyone in your contacts who use Meet? Why do we need to invite at all? Messenger and the competition don't require it.

Anonymous says: Best video quality out of all the video call apps out there BUT has bugs. Currently it's that calls don't ring. You simply get a notification that there's been a missed call. Account connection issues and who knows what else. When it works it's great. But when it doesn't it's really annoying. Also the video quality on iPhones is garbage.

Anonymous says: The app is good, but it has critical problems. First of all, STOP KILLING APPS AND REBRANDING THEM. There is no consistency at all. Secondly, on my phone and my mum's, whenever my dad calls us, IT DOESN'T RING!! It just keeps playing notification sound, which is REALLY WEIRD and often makes us miss the calls,and there is no setting to change it! I can't believe how google just can't nail a video calling app. With podcasts now dead too ,'m seriously considering switching to iPhone after 8 years.

Anonymous says: I never had an issue when the app was Duo. Now that it is Google Meet, I cannot make calls or send messages to a few ppl yet those ppl are able to send messages and their video calls go through and I am to receive. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times and it is still giving me trouble. Please fix this. Otherwise, I love using this video call feature.

Anonymous says: The call quality was actually very surprising. I could hear my call clearly,even background noises were distinct which was cool because it gave it the actual phone call vibe. And the video was very clear and didn't lag or buffer Only issue was being able to connect the call it took us a while to figure that out. She has Apple I have Android. So it was a pain to get the codes right and for us to connect. That was the issue for not giving 5 stars. But all in all very satisfied,can't wait to call.

Anonymous says: The app keeps crashing when I try to return from PIP mode, and sometimes, the moment I hit the home button while on a call. It started when Duo switched to Meet. I thought it was my almost 5yo Note 20 Ultra, which was one of the reasons I upgraded in the first place (go figure), but it still does it with the S24 Ultra. 🤔Other than that, I love the app....🫠🤷🏾‍♂️

Anonymous says: This app is not working for me appropriately. When I use it to call or video call it show only calling and doesn't notify the receiver. I am facing this issue for so long as from my side it shows calling only not voice call and the other person doesn't get notified🫤. I have tried many ways, read my numbrr and email id but it's still don't work for calling 😭

Anonymous says: I love this app, but I have an issue where a custom image I was using as a background on my last phone, has somehow embedded itself into my profile/account, and it cannot be removed. Now, with my new phone, every call I make with selfie camera has the camera image of me standing in front of all the Octonauts!! Tried uninstalling (which can't be done with my new phone as it's included on it by default) and reverting all updates back to factory doesn't work either. This is saddening.

Anonymous says: It is a good app for staying in touch with your family and friends. It is a way to make sure you still keep up with the changing features of loved ones who live so far away, that you would like to keep close, but it freezes up and i lise the volume when in a video chat. The volume disappears for both parties in the video. Would be a great app if this was no longer an issue. Would have given it 5 stars if it werent for this little issue.

Anonymous says: This is the worst application from a great company. This application is full of bugs; 1. It gives an error to remove the email every time it is opened. 2. Every time open it will show the old notification on the status bar, also the notifications which have been already seen/checked. 3. Most of the times when opening the application it gets stuck on contact synchronization on home page. Whenever I try to make a call again, the Meet authentication error occurs.

Anonymous says: This is a good app for video calling in android. They also have an iOS app to facilitate cross platform calls. What I like that this app merges well with contacts and dialler app, so you can have the same call log and can call from one UI itself. However there is loads of room for improvement. 1. Option to add someone to existing video call seems missing. 2. Phone number should be mandatory to register so as to make this app more mainstream.

Anonymous says: I was in a meet while the video was absolutely terrible. The audio was not better as well. We had to rejoin but quality this time was little better. This has happened to me all the time and I am not only taking about one place. My place's wifi is very clear but still this issue occurs. Not only that it drains your network and battery a lot. like before using meet, charge is 90%after using it for mere twenty minutes it has become 60/65% Like after COVID this app is worsening or this app is nice

Anonymous says: The picture quality sucks it gets distorted, sounds like a robot sometimes, and freezes up a lot of times when I use it with my girlfriend. Sometimes, the sound is delayed to the video. It just overall needs better quality. Ever since it got changed to meets, it has even been worse. It really needs to be better or replaced with something better. Even the picture quality it will get all blotchy I don't know how else to explain it but it's like the pixels are distorted I guess

Anonymous says: Did everything they suggested and it STILL not fixed. Ever since it switched to Google Meet, it continues to ring even after I answer the call. I have to swipe down on my phone to make it stop. Half the time, it doesn't even ring. It just shows a missed call. Since the new update, it randomly just hangs up while I'm in the middle of a call. It is extremely inconvenient to have these kinds of issues continuously. They were never an issue before.

Anonymous says: For some reason if you answer a call from the notification bar or are on a call and leave the app, the app stops accessing your mic, I went into settings and did everything I could and the same problem is still happening. Oh and one more thing it's not happening to me only it's happening to almost everyone I know. Update I did what the developer suggested and it didn't help

Anonymous says: Camera turns off after a few seconds on android phone. I uninstalled and installed again. All permissions were allowed. Wifi signal was strong and there was no other app using the camera. In a group meeting, the camera was working fine for a few seconds then it turned black and could not turn on by tapping the video icon. Tried many times, but did not work. It was fine with Duo. Update: after several months, it is still the same issue with the camera.

Anonymous says: Amazing app like FaceTime. 1. The only disadvantages you cannot switch back modes to audio call to video or from video to audio. 2. And another issues is the video looks some grainy which looks like the quality lost, video is not sharp and clear. But overall quality looks is better than WhatsApp or telegram and more responsive. 3. There is no screen share option for iOS and Android call.

Anonymous says: It's a simple enough chat app. I use it frequently. One issue, as it gets updated & combined into prior iterations, it's over simplified to where certain settings are gone. I went and uploaded a custom background from my gallery, which I thought was going to be active in my 'meeting' conversation where the change was made. No! It's now my default background, everywhere. After hours searching online, no way to make changes unless I own a google Enterprice acct. Really? I cant go back to default

Anonymous says: Was enjoying the app for so long time while it was Duo but recently the connectivity issues has been occurring nonstop. Calls not connecting, no indication when the other party is busy on the line or even if they rejected the call. And it happens on both ends, on incoming and outgoing calls. 3 out 4 times we have to switch to use WhatsApp in order to video chat. Issue occurs on WiFi or cell data (with full bar). I'm on latest versions of app and OS. Phone is Pixel 8 Pro so no excuses there.

Anonymous says: Audio and video call quality is good, but not easy to send a photo from phone gallery, I couldn't find a voice message button or any symbol of voice message, one thing more is very important but developers didn't give this option to change a voice call to video call. So when I need to change the voice call to video call, i have to drop the voice call first then i have to make a video call . Please solve these problems. Wish you good luck.

Anonymous says: In the past month or so, I find that I no longer receive notifications from Google Meet. I have to open the app to see if I have any unread messages. When sending messages , the receiver sometimes doesn't get the message until hours later. Just this past week, I opened Google Meet because I got a notification. The messages were sent two days prior to me receiving them. This app has become very unreliable.

Anonymous says: For the most part, it works as expected. There are times that I don't understand why it's not clear and robotic. Not often though. I have a Pixel 7 Pro and now to flip to other apps, I have to swipe to back out of the app to open other apps and to keep the Meet app (with my camera) still visible. Thought it was removed but it's just different.

Anonymous says: Great call quality. But I'm baffled by the lack of some simple features. For example; - There's no easy way to create a group call. And u can not add a person to an ongoing call. - You can not just simply audio call from the phone call log. Which is a bummer. It will always video call unless you open the app and audio call that way.

Anonymous says: Been over 2 months. Google has not resolved my issue, they do not care aboou the user experience. HELP CENTER DOESNT WORK! EDIT: its been over a month of not being able to use meet. I followed all the steps still does not work. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. It used to work fine. All of a sudden, I got an error message wherever I made a video call, saying "unexpected error." I cleared the cache and data, updated the app....

Anonymous says: The app overall is amazing, but it can use some work because sometimes the emojis don't work and might freeze or also might not load all the way so u can't use them. Also, when ur on the call u or the other person might become choppy or begin to freeze up. I love it When the call is too short, it will ask u. Was there something wrong with the call. I hope this helped somebody out.😁

Anonymous says: gave contacts permission and it can't find any of the past meeting with users, but only bring up connection from phone numbers and not Gmail username. this is pathetic. it's not like it can do pstn calls. the phone number is just and id, as it's the email address. phone number is not validated, but the email about is. 2023: update causes unfocused video in lower light for the past year. 3a, 3axl, was sharp before update. camera works perfectly for pictures and video in camera app.

Anonymous says: This app DOES NOT WORK. I use a pixel 6 and my girlfriend uses a 7a. We never receive any notifications of incoming calls are evidence in the application that a call was missed. The same occurs when already in a voice call and attempting to switch over to video. Nothing happens whatsoever. this is extremely disappointing. Duo was so much better

Anonymous says: Best video calling experience. Used to use FB Messenger to video call my parents in 1000 miles away. It was horrendous with spotty connection and dropped calls. Switched to Meet and have never had a drop, and the quality is fantastic!

Anonymous says: Boy this was a good app but Google has messed up a good thing again...way to go google..always messing up something that works and doing or adding something that doesn't work..great going google..the first many years ago was allo talk app changed to due didn't work because of Facebook hack ....then Chrome and Chrome red bad move...u google keep going downhill ..

Anonymous says: Having problems lately- says "call failed". Have had to uninstall/reinstall a couple times to be able to join calls. Update: Troubleshooting did not work. App and Chrome is up to date. We use this app for family video chats. I can get it work/join the call, if I do the uninstall/reinstall. Only way, so far. Edit: still have to uninstall/reinstall to be able to use this app.

Anonymous says: The app is great, although i continuously run into an issue, which is that every time i make a call and the other person declines there is a loud bip sound right into my ear. It is very concerning, feels like an ambulance horn right into my ear. Please check this issue amd solve it.

Anonymous says: So so I can call out but there is no option to answer an incoming call. Already restarted phone, cleared cache, un-installed and reinstalled twice. Still cannot answer incoming calls. There simply is no option to answer except to swipe up and that also dies not work. All permissions are set correctly.
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