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Google Earth (v. for Android Modded Apk (2024)

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Anonymous says: Everything is good but far from user's high expectations on google services. This app works like Google Maps in some way, but you can't use this app for directions ,not like Google maps. and also in both Google map,earth. uses the same pictures which is both sucks in some way, especially when we are checking the city in makati philippines. we can see buildings that are blocking the roads, and some of the pictures are changing directions, so it is very, very confusing.

Anonymous says: Hello, this app is very impressive even in 3D even when you load big bridges, towers, buildings etc. But I want to fix something that maybe some people do not appreciate. The fact that the yellow road lanes are above a bridge. Also the fact that I'm using a slow internet is a little disappointing because it is just caused by the internet, but all of the other features and view were amazing. Please fix this issue as soon as possible. That's also why I gave 4 stars.

Anonymous says: It is a good app, I can discover things in a particular place that I search for,, see the streets, and experience the view of the skyline of the cities or view of a other place,,. But there is something that bugs me alot.... When I press the street view, it will show you a blue line and said tap on the blue line, but once I tap the blue line it take time to load the view and sometimes it just say "no available street view, try tapping the blue line" when I JUST LITERALLY TAP THE BLUE LINE!!!....

Anonymous says: This app is not advisable for people who don't have high speed Internet. I didn't have a good experience. When it loaded, the location didn't look realistic and accurate even when it's in 3D. It was so pixelated even when it's fully loaded (I'm using fiber WiFi). I hope 5G will be established soon. When I downloaded this, it took me 10 minutes.😓

Anonymous says: The apps is good but it needs improvement. It will become useful to us if they will add the elevation profile feature of point A and point B when measuring the distance like in .exe version. There is just a few difference between Google Map and Earth. It would be great if they will add more feature that will differentiate the two apps.

Anonymous says: The app is really helpful from the setting and from the map view. I have to be honest i recommend you have large storage capacity for your phone or it will lower the performance of your phone and also heat up if you use this up for to long, and i don't recommend opening this app while charging it still going to lower your phone performance

Anonymous says: Brilliant app, it allows us to see the world from a completely different perspective 👏 well done Google. However, just a heads up: I find the Timelapse feature very annoying but useful at the same time, however it would be good if you created a manual slider to see satellite imagery at different dates like Google Earth Pro. I guarantee that I and other people would find this very helpful if this was implemented into the app. However, no 5 star until something is done about it.

Anonymous says: This app used to be so much better, but of course they had to make it worse with an update. Now, the app's UI is less space efficient, with half the screen taken up by "your projects" on every startup. Worse, the app is now a lot slower. It used to load the maps in just a couple seconds, but now it can take over a minute even on good Internet, and there is no visual improvement. 5* -> 3*. Please bring back the old version.

Anonymous says: It's a really good app for geography lovers, architect lovers, or to just plan a holiday. In many places, it has 3d imagery, so you can view places much better. The only way they could improve is if the added more 3d imagery because it's quite limited to only around 30-40 countries. Google Earth, please add more 3D. Also, the new update kind of ruined it. It makes the measurement tool much more difficult to use, and the project thing takes a lot of room on the screen and is just useless, really.

Anonymous says: Crash! Crash! Crash! That's pretty much all this update does. Google Earth continues to get worse with each new update. Samsung Health continues to tell me there's a problem with Earth. Also, if you open another window or answer a call, it throws you back to aerial view and the settings reset. I guess Google Programing is taking the lowest bidder. Actually, they are working up to charging $ for a PREMIUM VERSION, one that will actually work.

Anonymous says: Let down by immovable menu. I have just installed this app. Now I understand what the many other users have complained about. A third of my smart phone screen is covered by a projects menu. Might be very useful for some professionals: geologists, town planners etc. For me it's just an intrusion. Why can't that menu be minimised? Otherwise, despite only being able to use a smaller area of screen, Google Earth is good.

Anonymous says: App has been 'new' for a long time now and they still haven't fixed the huge problem with measuring distance. Still extremely cumbersome to measure distance in miles between 2 points of interest!! Used to be extremely easy (5 stars) now would give a '0' if I could. I get it you don't want 2 maintain different versions but at least fix this bad version.

Anonymous says: I miss having more control over archived imagery, like on PC. The "timelapse" function is too vague and not what I want to use. In this specific case I want to see how fast an apartment complex close to me was built, but even the "slow" setting is way too fast, and the images are extremely blurry and pixelated. It would be much better with a slider, like on PC

Anonymous says: There had been an issue of crashing every few minutes, but without an update it somehow appears to be much more stable, but for the odd crash now and again. One of the best things google have ever done. An invaluable app for someone like myself. 5 stars if that crashing issue gets fixed (and yes, it happens on ALL my devices including my android tablet, windows laptop, and not just this android phone)

Anonymous says: The app is very poor in comparison with what Google Earth used to be in the past. You used to be able, for example, to actually see the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and see the Titanic wreckage. However, there is an actual bug where when you try to type in the search bar, every time you try to hit the space bar, it will glitch out and not do the space, and sometimes it will glitch out when you backspace and take out two spaces and/or characters. Please fix this, it is really frustrating.

Anonymous says: This app is ruined. I'm convinced Google is trying to phase out the free Google Earth mobile app altogether in favour for Pro/desktop version. Thanks for abandoning what was once a vibrant space for learning not only geography but oceanography, astronomy, etc. Where did Mars and the Moon go? This version doesn't even have a "Settings" option and no help or feedback. I cannot contact anyone from the app, only customize my "Layers" and edit "My Projects". Just scrap it if you don't care anymore.

Anonymous says: The new update made Google Earth worse and annoying. I can't do anything without that stupid project screen ad popping into my view. I am not doing work, stop trying to make me. Let me turn off that useless feature or just take it away. I used to be able to create shortcuts to different spots on the map with ease. That was taken away. Do better

Anonymous says: New version of app allows saving waypoints! However I could not put waypoints into folders or export them, to email to someone for example. The interface is a little awkward. The backend at Google is not good. Just looking at my neighborhood, little mini libraries are there but not the Los Angeles Public Libraries. Searching for library found small branch libraries but not the large Regional Branch. The Windows Earth app really went downhill, mountains appear flat. The mobile apps have 3D still.

Anonymous says: Bad experience from the former version where the ruler and bar across the android screen is occupying clear view. The older version has the rule on the upper part of the app which makes it even better for viewing, movie around and taking accurate line ruling and viewing etc. I'm uninstalling in the next 4 days. Even if I don't find another similar apps...I will only use this app on PC and wait for future versions for Android. Thank you.

Anonymous says: Absolutely horrible update. The people who approved the update needs to be fires. As well as the designers. The ui designers that made this horrible ui, made it harder to get the most useful tools. Go back to the older style. The one before the update in September november time frame. NO need to change what works.

Anonymous says: In what world would someone open up Google earth and want to measure in feet or meters surely once the amount of feet/meters is more than one mile/kilometre then Miles/Kilometres should be displayed. Speaking of which the measuring tool used to be more prominent not hidden away. Unfortunately it seems a regression on previous versions 🥲

Anonymous says: This is an amazing app. The only problem that I can find is that once you start using Google Earth it can quickly absorb a lot of your time. With a "God's eye" view of earth it is difficult not to explore our planet. PS: The app can also be used for a LOT of productive, work-related reasons... however that is not as much fun! 😃

Anonymous says: Dear Google Earth, earlier version was way better than this new one. It is complicated & less user friendly. In older/ pevious version we could easily measure between two points & could do more alongwith gps coordinates visible conveniently, but this version is quite boring & complicated. If you can bring back older one with better user friendly features that would be a great help.

Anonymous says: The app is great if you like traveling and seeing the hype of other places. But the issue is that it loads at low speed. I left the app, which opened for 15 minutes, and it never loaded completely.

Anonymous says: Pretty good app over all. If I didn't crash on me every three minutes, how am I supposed to use an app that can't handle itself. Although pretty fine for mapping and looking around, I guess I'd get geoguesser instead

Anonymous says: I liked the app, but for the past several months I've been unable to access street view. Roads for street view are not highlighted in blue, and a message saying "No street view data available" pops up, even though others are able to access street view for those locations on other devices

Anonymous says: Google Earth is actually a decent app, I'm Able to look at some states that I've never seen before And for the progect thing people are talking about it getting in the way it dose but you can drop it by pressing it and going down and it disappears But it's a great app it's a 4 star tho because when I zoom on a lot to see, it is very blurry so I jave to a bit further away, it could be that I'm on a phone But it's a decent app, I would recommend 👍

Anonymous says: Project tab is way to intrusive it's NOT user friendly and very inconvenient! Also outside of the United States is more blurry in comparison. And very slow no matter what internet speeds I may have. I think we need an update, and revert back to the previous interface.

Anonymous says: Very very very very painfully slow to load maps on my brand new phone with fast internet and 12 GB ram. That projects thing is completely unnecessary and very irritating. If it's not broke don't fix it. Absolute rubbish unusable app now. Revert back to the older version FFS.

Anonymous says: Incredible resource. Suggestions... + Meld with even replace Maps... Route finding like in GEPro, Traffic, Business reviews, photos you can zoom in on. + Earth includes altitude unlike maps. Measure tool could include altitude and profiles like in GEPro. Route finder could show elevation profile very useful for walkers and bikes! + Able to adjust tilt

Anonymous says: This app hasn't been updated in years. Really annoying when you look for a place and it's not there when I know it's been built a couple years ago. I've lived in my house for five years and this app still shows the property as it was then . There's a new subdivision going in and farm that was there is still on the map, yet it was torn down 4 years ago. My cousin built a new house 3 years ago and this shows an empty lot.

Anonymous says: I get that the update was meant to make things better for field work woth Earth but i think it needs more work. The UI is now not space efficient. Also for whatever reason any work done on the app stays on the app because I cannot get the "export to KML" to work for the life of me. MAKE IT BETTER PLEASE. Its one of the few apps I've adapted to my work flow.
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