Google Classroom (v.3.16.626390407) for Android

Google Classroom (v.3.16.626390407) for Android

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Anonymous says: I'm unable to access any of my folders. Whenever I try to open Google Classroom, it crashes after a few minutes. I've attempted to fix the issue by restarting my phone, logging out and back in, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, clearing cache and data, and ensuring all apps are up to date. Despite these efforts, Google Classroom continues to crash shortly after opening.

Anonymous says: I can't access the files and folders in this app. Whenever I log in my email, it just load then will bring the screen back to "GET STARTED". I really can't proceed with the files and folders that I would want to see. Why is it like that? I already restarted my phone and did reinstalling the app. Still, status quo.

Anonymous says: In the previous version, you could select multiple images to upload in the drive. But now, you can only select one. So when I was submitting a work that required multiple images, I had to upload it one by one which was a pain and if the image did not go through I had to do it all over again which is very annoying. And there is an issue about removing classes that you no longer use. In the previous version of google classroom there was a remove button, but now its gone.

Anonymous says: I can no longer access any of the folders. Everytime I open google classroom, after a few minutes it crashes. Been trying to uninstall reinstall a couple times but still crashes. Edit: I followed your tips specifically the restarting of the phone, logging out and in, uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing of cache and data and app that needs to be up to date but still my google classroom crashes after a few seconds.

Anonymous says: it turned into a webapp. can't open files and it says to update google drive even though i have the latest version edit: tried reinstalling it and still the same problem. files that my instructor and i uploaded (i.e. file attached to a classwork post and a file i submitted in an assignment) were both inaccessible through this app. and the layout is still like a webapp. it used to look and work perfectly fine

Anonymous says: Unable to download files offline. Tried reporting the issue, nothing and no-one helped. Updated google drive to the latest version. Also tried reinstalling both google drive and classroom. But nothing works. It's been months since I've been able to download files offline. I am in dire need for this option but the app won't let me. It only kept suggesting to update to the latest version, when both apps are already in the latest version. Please fix this.

Anonymous says: This is app really did help me with my studies and understanding my lessons. one problem, it didn't. The teachers won't even use the features like deadlines and activities properly because of the unintuitive layout of the UI and difficult to grasp controls. you can't even teach here, it's just a site to remind you that you haven't done your responsibilities yet and have to do so, otherwise you'll fail and be a disappointment anyway thank you for reading this (too long) of a review.

Anonymous says: Thank you for listening to my comment on this app. You really brought back the notification button. I hope you also bring back the old to do list because the updated to do list now which has the weeks category, takes a very long time to load. I wish you could bring back the old "to do, missing, and done" structure as it was more convenient to see it all in just one screen.

Anonymous says: Such a terrible app, so slow to respond, so many bugs/crashes. It's so frustrating whenever I open a different app and went back to the classroom it exists the previous file that I opened, whenever I try to open a file or crashes and exits the app, you can't download the file directly or with the same time you'll have to- ITS JUST SO STUPID! You'll have to open drive just to download the file directly so if you have to download multiple files you'll have to do it one by one. I HAVE MORE TO SAY!!

Anonymous says: It has now a save offline option and it's a pretty good feature for those who want to do their assignments offline, however downloading seems to be hard because even with strong internet connection, and large storage space it still take a quite a lot of time to be downloaded. Also, I can't open my Google classroom rn because the app crashed and when I try to open it, it doesn't open. I tried opening it again but it still won't open.

Anonymous says: Hi! I've been Unable to download files offline. Tried reporting the issue and no-one helped. Updated google drive to the latest version. Also tried reinstalling both google drive and classroom. But nothing works. It's been months since I've been able to download files offline. I am in dire need for this option but the app won't let me. It only kept suggesting to update to the latest version, when both apps are already in the latest version. Please fix this.

Anonymous says: App is not working after update. It says something went wrong. But I have a fast internet. Tssssss. Fix this. The bug from being unable to save offline files is still not fixed, and now there's another one error? 😡😡 I have the updated/latest version of classroom. I tried installing an old version and it worked. But still can't save files offline. This is annoying.

Anonymous says: I've been using classroom for a while now, and recently the offline saving option doesn't work anymore even though I have the latest version installed, when I click save files offline line it pops up a note saying I need the latest version of Gdrive which I already have and updated to latest. Please let me know how I can fix this or resolve this issue. Thanks!

Anonymous says: The save file offline doesn't work whenever I tap the save offline it always say I need to update the latest version of Google drive which I already have, I checked many times and uninstall and reinstall it again but still no luck. I have saw a similar situations as mine and did what the replied said but still nothing. As someone who is always on the go and has limited internet connection that offline feature was really useful to me.

Anonymous says: It's nice to have an app like this. It helps online classes but the problem is that I can't upload many files/picture at once. I have to do it one by one. It's irritating if you have lots to upload. It's also not connected to my gallery. So please have some features like this in new update and release it quickly. Cellphone version. If you have a feature like this, I can change this into 5 stars.

Anonymous says: The audio keeps getting ups and down. Loud one moment and low the next. The instructor has a loud feedback but the students has low audio feedback. I can't hear my classmates speak while my instructor can hear them perfectly. The audio is breaking up. The 'To do List' in the desktop version is not loading. Full screen mode should be automatically landscape where you don't have to turn on the auto rotate in the phone itself.

Anonymous says: There was this time when I passed "LATE" ALMOST every tasks assigned because of the fact that the app itself didn't notify me on the first place. It neither tells me when did the teacher upload the assignments nor when was the deadline. Plus, the last time I checked the notifcations, it suddenly spammed past notifs that I have already seen few days ago. Additionally, reattaching files each second especially images is such an extremely huge struggle for us. Minimize the lags too, thank you.

Anonymous says: First of all , I really love the app because it really is helpful to us students! But I just noticed this error or bug where sometimes the announcements are notified but it's an hour late and it really annoys me because assignments are sometimes posted with specific deadlines , some deadlines are even given an hour and then when I got the notification I already missed the assignment and it causes point deduction to our scores which I find frustrating as a student... Please fix this !

Anonymous says: Since the update, I guess, app crashes when I try to play video attached for the lessons. And 30 seconds of skipping backward and forward is too long. Take it back to just 5-10 seconds please. UPDATE: Recommendations did not solve the problem. Opening a file, especially a video, is slow to respond and sometimes the app freezes and I'm forced to close and reopen it. Still, I don't like the 30-second skip, too long.

Anonymous says: The "Save file offline" feature sucks. It's just the same with the download button from the previous version BUT saving file offline takes soooo long. I updated it, also turned off the "transfer files only over Wi-Fi" but it is still so slow even if most of the files are only 3-7 MB. My connection isn't always stable so I opt to save files when the signal is strong, but yeah it still takes so long.

Anonymous says: No update on the "save all files offline" issue after numerous months of complain from other users. I've tried every method possible as replied by google in all of the reviews. Upon clicking "save all files offline," it still requires me to download the latest verion of drive even though it is in fact in the latest version. I know that you will still reply the same thing like the other reviews. Please fix this. Thank you.

Anonymous says: You'd think an app by google would be atleast good, seeing teachers post a new assignment already makes me feeling dismayed, but using this app to edit on mobile is mildly infuriating. Can't even add text without screen zooming, making the text larger than the page, and when you do pinch to make the text box smaller it becomes so small you cannot select it, to make it worse, it appears after you saved fully large. There's not even an option to just move across the page while zooming.

Anonymous says: The old version of this app is better, because now, it's very difficult to insert pictures, videos or files and endless loading, there are times when I'm late in passing tasks even though I did my assignment early. It's just sad that the effort I put in just to do it early seems worthless, because the app didn’t work well even though the internet connection was strong.

Anonymous says: Unable to preview file. I don't know if it's a feature that forces us to open/download the file in another app or its just a bug. But it is really annoying because i can't see what is inside the file if i don't have an app to open it. It kinda fixed it when i reinstalled it but I have to click the edit button to be able to see the contents in Google Drive. So It still says "Unable to preview file.

Anonymous says: I have used this app for 9 months and have no problems with it, but the other day I can't seem to open files and it always said "Unable to preview file" I am always frustrated because I can't open the files attached to that one folder. The file could always be previewed through Google drive but now I can't, I really don't know what happened but this has happened just now.

Anonymous says: The previous update was better, without the "Earlier, Later, etc" categories. I could actually see all my missing work in one screen without having to press extra buttons in the previous version. Also, the new notifications are annoying. There's also a bug where I can't remove an attachment after I add it, it always says "Sorry, something went wrong." Please bring back the older version.

Anonymous says: I can only write from a student perspective. The app is great and very helpful. It's a must have app for online classes. There's still few bugs, for example, if the teacher gave me a document template, the changes I made in that document sometimes does not show. I had to download the template instead, edit the contents outside of the app and re-upload it to submit. But still, the app has been very useful and generous for its services. Thank you!

Anonymous says: It's always say couldn't attach the drive files. The same thing happens when I upload a photo in google form it says server rejected! What a coincidence. I've spent hours trying to find solutions. I already restarted my phone, reinstall the app, clear data and cache, but still doesn't works! I believe this is a bug. Uploaded files are blanks. Please fix this!

Anonymous says: The notifications are improving, but I want to add that it needs a refresh button because no matter how many times I mark the notification as read, I would still see that I have new notification even when I already checked it out. Also, the website version of Google Classroom would always crash when I try to upload using Google Drive. I have to upload it manually by searching through my files, I prefer going to Google Drive because it saves my files and documents just in case I delete them.

Anonymous says: Okay, here's an idea: if a bunch of people are reporting that the save offline function isn't working even after updating google drive, reinstalling both classroom and drive many times, clearing cache and whatever else you're about to suggest we do, then maybe, JUST maybe it's a problem with your app. I've done all of the suggested fixes found both online and in the replies on reviews listing problems similar to mine and it still doesNt work. Please, for the love of god, fix it

Anonymous says: After the update, I cannot nk longer download files(save files offline). It always says "Requires Google drive in latest version". My drive and classroom is already at the latest version. Even though I enable/disable "transfer files via wifi" , nothing happens. Again, Drive and Classroom are in latest version. If I press the 'save offline' button, it says that " Requires Google drive in latest version". I think that this issue is already posted in the comments but still no updates or fixes.

Anonymous says: Iam actually using this app and it's good! I can even have meetings through it, organize class material and add tests. There's no limit to how many test or quizz can have active. I'm still experiencing this app but, today I can say for sure that this app has helped me and it's a free. I find this very useful. I think it still need some updates to configure somethings up, but once you start to get used to it, you will not have any problems with it.
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