Google Chrome (v.124.0.6367.113) for Android

Google Chrome (v.124.0.6367.113) for Android Modded Apk (2024)

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Anonymous says: a good app makes a good day! but not for me, I keep seeing the "Aw snap!" error and when I do everything that says it "fixes" the problem, but it just won't go away, I even did the "clear cookies" and it still won't work, I restarted my device, the problem is still there. I created an incognito tab, still nothing was changed. [replying to the developer's reply: I clicked on the links and it has the Aw, snap! error]

Anonymous says: The searching was hard , difficult and stressful *( there's some things you can't search properly when you encounter it ) , *( some questions lack answers like you have to click on something to only get nowhere to reaching the answer can't even be sure on some answer results, can't just say yes or no then the result ) , * ( can't identify what I'm searching about ) overall horrible in some fields at least that's it those are my encontered problems using goggle every single year I used it

Anonymous says: The translation still worked fine until last night. Suddenly pages that were translatable couldn't be translated anymore. I tried clearing cookies, cache, even resetting the app but it still won't work. I've only used Chrome for it's automatic translation feature so I guess that's also useless now. Edit: Google app dev is pretty fast on fixing this issue, I could now translate from the websites that has this issue this morning, thank you!

Anonymous says: I use Chrome on every device, and I honestly love it. But with the last update on my phone (Samsung Android), it tries to refresh the page every one or to seconds without touching anything. It's really annoying. Had to remove it and use an earlier version of it. Please try to fix it ASAP. It's unusable with this bug in it. Once fixed, it's a 5 Star product. Thanks

Anonymous says: Overall good, but very frustrating you cannot click into search toolbar & add/modify to your search phrase, as in the middle/ beginning of it. You can add to the end but adding anywhere else in the phrase is impossible unless you use arrow keys to get it to go back. And with Gboard that's labor intensive. Super frustrating that I am not able to able to click right where I want it to go. I end up most of the time just redoing the whole thing.

Anonymous says: Frustrating on mobile, it's more for collecting your personal info. Also makes you go to settings on every page you visit to check the box to see the mobile site instead of desktop, a major complaint from many, but doesn't seem to matter to devs, it's been that way a long time. Tired of Chrome, moving on to a more customer-friendly and private browser. The G-board keyboard has been giving my info out to advertisers. I changed that as well. My texts aren't for the world, just those I text.

Anonymous says: Glad to know that I am not the only person experiencing a problem -- i.e. missing text from many web sites/pages. This has been happening all weekend. I have tried everything, including uninstalling, re-installing, updates, and even getting Chrome beta, but within 24 hours the issue returns. From what I've found out, it seems to be especially problematic if you have a Motorola android phone, as I do. Whatever the reason, it's unacceptable that it is happening to so many of us. Please fix it!

Anonymous says: All of a sudden I can't see anything on my android phone. Every page rapidly flashes and I can't see any page elements. It's true when following links from elsewhere, or just trying to open a new webpage. I was using it fine, and then a few hours later it just stopped working. I thought my phone was dying, but it's only 2 months old, and every other app works fine. Very disappointed. I use my phone to send clients important links regarding their products and now I can't.

Anonymous says: Chrome used to be good. Ever since, Chrome can't even display images correctly because it'll glitch out and give it a sort of "cracked" or "shattered" image and looks very weird, and it's now IMPOSSIBLE to use. Text doesn't even show up properly either, which is yknow, the purpose of a browser? to read text? Not to mention but it's forcing desktop mode and I can't read anything because it's all so tiny.

Anonymous says: Since the last update chrome has become unusable. I can't view websites properly, half of the information doesn't load, and the parts that are visible flicker like mad. Sometimes it's just a blank screen that flickers on and off for a while. Done all the usual stuff: cache, cookies, restart etc but it hasn't fixed it. Moto G54 5G so it should work fine.

Anonymous says: I've been a Chrome user for years and never had an issue until now. I'm an android user and have always used chrome. The last update just will not work on my phone. It's a 2023 model so it's not that old. But, whenever I update and browse the Internet, nothing loads right. Icons will not show up correctly, does not load pages correctly and more. I tried restarting my phone, wifi and phone internet and couldn't figure it out. Uninstalled chrome update and now it's fine. So, no update for me.

Anonymous says: Hi Developers ‼️⚠️‼️ First of all, great to use chrome. Keep up the good work. So for all these many years, Chrom was completely awesome. But from last week, the text is not being displayed. Only I can see the images & ads. Already tried by clearing the app data including cache. Pls fix this bug ASAP. I cannot always use the chrome beta version

Anonymous says: I cherish this browser as my best browser, even on my PC and Mac I uninstall all other browsers and use chrome, I love it so much for different purposes but it has a lot of issues: 1. Once you leave the browser for a minute, when you come back, the webpage will refresh. 2. There are times webpages shows no text at all but only images. The not 2 annoys me so much and if upgrade is not made, I think edge is an alternative. Please do something, chrome was my best, I don't wanna leave it. Thanks

Anonymous says: Chrome not working. I've had to remove the recent updates or I cannot use chrome, it just loads a few images with no text on several websites making it unusable and very slow to even load the pics. Same as another review I have a Motorola phone (always have and it's never been a problem before!). I used to live the chrome browser but seems like I need to find another 😔

Anonymous says: I got a problem, after 3 different help reports it still has not been solved. When I open the app and search something, Chrome will just continuously reload over and over again making it impossible to search the internet. it does not happen when I delete the current updates but when I am using a fully up-to-date Chrome I cannot stop this issue from happening.

Anonymous says: Had Moto G54 phone about a month now. Can't use crome. Chrome stopped working properly last night. Unable to search and when could, no text just some random images. Turned phone off all night. Still the same in the morning. Cleared cashe. Can't uninstall to re install as doesn't allow. Checked app in Play and noticed it needed an update. Still the same after update. Unable to search for anything. When I can, I either get a blank page or just some images, no text. Not sure what to do next. Help!

Anonymous says: I have the same issue as Caroline below in the recent reviews. I got a MotoG phone about a month ago, and Chrome was fine until a few days ago when some text stated to disappear. Now I can only see a few images, the odd advert video, and no text at all, so it's not usable. As she also said, I've restarted, cleared cache, disabled and re-enabled (phone won't allow uninstall). I've switch to Opera for now but years worth of passwords are saved in Chrome so would rather be able to use that again!

Anonymous says: After update, Chrome isn't showing text on websites. I've tried restarting my phone, clearing my cache, all the things. This temporarily fixes it for one website, but if I try going to another, I don't see the text, just the pictures. This makes it difficult to complete online forms or search for certain words if you can see the text!

Anonymous says: New update is catastrophic! Nothing is working right now. Text, and images are invisible, icons are distorted, there are issues with almost everything. I've troubleshooted ad nauseum and reported the issues with screenshots to Google but nothing has resolved the problems. I just installed Microsoft Edge for now. No issues there. Hopefully Google will fix whatever they broke asap.

Anonymous says: chrome used to be great, but after a recent update I haven't been able to use the app. chrome has always been a good, reliable browser with an awesome design, lots of nice features, and it's really fast. after the most recent update, the app has become unusable. if I open any website, or just do a Google search, the page keeps refreshing itself, and I can't make it stop no matter what I do 23 people found this helpful

Anonymous says: The new update appears to have corrected my issue. Thanks for reaching out, guys. Since the latest update I am totally unable to use the Password Manager Auto fill feature. The pop-up appears to ask me if I'd like to use it, but none of the buttons work, and the extra top row that always on Gboard also doesn't work. Tried reinstalling Gboard but that didn't fix the problem, so I uninstalled all the updates to Chrome and that did it. Fix this bug and I'll upgrade my rating.

Anonymous says: Unfortunately, there's no 0 star option. The last 2 updates destroyed the password manager and passkey. Had to uninstall this trash and back to "previous version" so I could access both. Yet from over 250 saved passwords, I just can see 130 directly on the phone and need to open a browser if I want to check any other. Firefox, Brave, Duck, and Opera never gave me any issue. Unfortunately, as an Android phone user, I need to have this trash on it to open system services, even not working properly

Anonymous says: Recent update makes the app unusable. I just get a blank page with lines going across like a sheet of notebook paper. It breaks my Outlook email as well! All the buttons become invisible! I tried clearing the cache, makes no difference. The only thing that helps is to uninstall the update. I don't want to, but if y'all can't get Chrome straightened out, I'm going to have to switch browsers.
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