[Eldorado Global] Stickman Heroes: Battle of God for Android (v.0.2.5)

[Eldorado Global] Stickman Heroes: Battle of God for Android (v.0.2.5)

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Anonymous says: I am happy with this game fast download and it is very fun and the characters are very funny even the person that shows you the tutorial and she starts being funny at the story mode so this is pretty good I like the game I hope you find this helpful it's not a lot but it deserves a five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐✨

Anonymous says: This game is very nice I like to put stars why then I put 5 when will go to when we will go to game that game will not show how to done p we will fight in competition then then that's will go of characters then that's big bleach 😞 in games super 🤑🤑🤑

Anonymous says: Very. Super. Game. But. It. Needs. More. Feauters. Like. Two. Powers in one time and. More powers. And. We. Use all powers in one. Time. Thank You

Anonymous says: I don't know why the app keeps saying it has stopped, please fix it. It is still not working please do something about it.................. 3hrs later............ Please you guys should fix this app. It isn't still working.

Anonymous says: This game is clearly a stick man dragonball ripoff with superheroes but way better. But my consent is the transformation, since its not an anime game maybe they shouldnt transform to higher forms but just stay as different characters and also i suggest u add 3v3 combat and people from other teams not just avengers and villains too cause characters are just too limited. This is undoubtedly one of the best stickman games made.

Anonymous says: It is super game I played so much I play 25 times and I have to play again again I am thinking on thinking other games are superman like Iron man I like so many games but I like many many only fighting games I like so much that's why I love this game ever

Anonymous says: The game is good but I don't like how we have to fly and fight and game is a bit boring I hope they can approve it but I would recommend it to marvel fans

Anonymous says: This game is FANTASTIC!! Just one teeny tiny problem- This is a BIT too EASY. But overall all characters are very detailed.

Anonymous says: This is the best game I,er had. I like this game very much.In this game only one problem for me that is some characters we want to purchase in our real money

Anonymous says: so far so good, i think the gameplay need to be more unique like mana management and skills, skills are too simple and boring (in tactics) but still fun to play ofc, and the fight, esp the animation or posing etc need to be more serious, the animation quality is good, just the posing like how you move or fight seems like too simple, the art of posing need upgrades, but the skill of animation you made is good 👍, but all in all it is fun to play, just upgrading this will make the game moreboom!,

Anonymous says: Awesome, amazing OMG I gonna fall out of the internet world plus also epic graphics new combo modes New setups every thing is perfect . but I'm starting from Deadpool and still the same character so I just wish that the next time you update it with new characters and new levels so it go cool to cooler to coolest but I still love it and and keep it up.

Anonymous says: I like this game, there is only one that should be done correctly, the names of the characters should be real like Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman etc. The characters should also be modified and there can also be some more and better updates. Other than that I like it.

Anonymous says: It's very fun but some of the pictures are different with the game .Delete now! okay

Anonymous says: it is good but not so good I think I need updates like 3d fight extra combos more over the npcs have like 500 hp while we have 200hp

Anonymous says: It was very nice game and very nice graphics moves but it have any battle no not any battle in five battle 1 one ad comes

Anonymous says: I was looking for a fighting game and I finally found one, honestly I think this is the best figting game ever

Anonymous says: First thing I just waited for about 20 mins to install this game after that it just said "stickman heros can not be installed". I restarted the phone and again wait for about 20 mins the same screen opened. I just spent 40 mins for this game. I wish if I could give it 0 stars. It was not worth to install it again. Just a waste of time never install this game.e

Anonymous says: I will play the 30 minutes I think this is boring but after that 30 minutes I will become the fan of the game 😁 bye bye 😁

Anonymous says: This game is the best game ever played in the 2024 but it needs to be played in a way that the player can bring another player to the game

Anonymous says: This game is amazing . And one thing in this game a special characters is Im premium pardus and Assasin Eagel is best characters in this game

Anonymous says: I play it many times but I don't like 1 thing here not comes any updates And another thing is good Play it now who are watching this!!!!!

Anonymous says: It's the bestest game that I have played.but this bestest game has a worstest mistake,a less of character.if you put some more characters that I can buy and if you put the convenience that we can buy the character which need real money then I shall tell everyone to download this game.oh yes,I want a more convenience,which is a lot of upgrade.if I get the message to upgrade the game then it's a more goodness.good bye.pleasure to talk with you
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