[Aurecas] Stick vs Zombies for Android (v.1.5.42)

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Anonymous says: I absolutely abhorre the controls. They are awkward and sluggish, movement should feel fluid but it feels difficult to move around and I often forget which button does what. There's better side-scrolling shooting games with better controls. I do like the stickman aesthetic and comic book style story but I can't get past those clunky controls, sorry. 2.5/5!!

Anonymous says: The game is great. I am playing this game at the age of 10 and it is still good. The game quality increase day by day. Keep your good work There is a request from my side Can you add more chapters in story mode because they are completed in a second I will be happy of you will add more chapters for more adventure in this game

Anonymous says: This game is enjoyable. Just try it and you are going to love it. It even has a book that has the stories about all what happened before the zombies became alive. Any time I'm about to start, they always tell me that mad scientists who created zombies. Take four stars. In fact, take five stars because this game is fantastic. Thank you.

Anonymous says: Hi Aurecas!!! I think i downloaded this game on September and now i have fully completed the whole game The highscore mode is pretty intense i should know because i am still in green hills lvl 78 Anyways i love the game highly recommended Anyways on my tablet i have almost completed the game in just the tiny span of a month so fun Especially the colour festival! So challenging and skins are awesome

Anonymous says: Fun game that is addictive. Love this game. I've been playing for a few years. 2 points - I have millions of coins but can't do anything with them as I have fully upgraded all my weapons. Would be nice if I could use them to buy diamonds 💎. I can't play the daily challenge at the moment as it just closes when I open it. Can this be fixed please. Keep up the good work guys thanks.

Anonymous says: What a wonderful game to play. I really enjoyed the levels and difficultys . Per level it gets harder and that's what I need harder levels if the good work. I'm really excited for season 2!!.

Anonymous says: my childhood is back I want A grenade factory For free even Event And my favourite Part is Unlimited Money And Diamond But Kinda cheating but my childhood Is Perfect But Weather is bad in my childhood It kept Raining It never stop

Anonymous says: The game seems ok though but the aspect of just having two weapons in the arsenal is so uncool,u really need to work on the weapons area cuz I can't be holding two weapons already nd I need to get another one instead it just get swapped with the one I pick up again. Increase the weapon in the arsenal, two isn't Cool

Anonymous says: Pls fix this problem first is please add more zombies and second problem is pls add more and more chapter pls l am Waiting for so many months pls fix it thank you

Anonymous says: Good game the animation are good and there are different zombie and challenge but there is a problem i have. of course the ads, I'm Pretty sure you guys have the money to remove the ads.The game also have a one bug when i was fighting zombie in story mode in suddenly i get stuck on the wall so i can not walk like that's annyoing you have start the level whole tire again. btw one level takes lot of time to complete.I hope you guys fix the bug and remove the studid ads bye

Anonymous says: A fun action platform game with a strong theme that brings some welcome racial diversity to its cast of cartoon stick figures. There are an astonishingly large and varied number of levels. Graphics & sound are good and most of the jokes are quite funny. Controls are slightly awkward and you are sometimes forced to downgrade a weapon. Minus 2 stars b/c even after paying $4 to remove 'optional' ads, I find I still have to 'volunteer' to watch an ad every time I die in order to make any progress.

Anonymous says: Hi team, I just want to know that I completed that (Hospital of cure) the 8th round in the story mode.. but the game is not proceeding further?? Is this the last round of the story mode? or are there more areas.. plz reply

Anonymous says: Yes this game is 100% cool, i havent beat the lab level yet, maybe bc its to hard since zombies will attack, maybe i'll do it again to beat it to the end soon. (also unused things were deleted from the game, bc the update is here & soonly added upcoming updates.) Thank you aurecas, thanks for make the game i'll be happy.

Anonymous says: The game is good and all but my data doesn't save on my new phone and my old phone is my brother's now, UPDATE I'm sorry for wasting your time, now I know why I didn't create a account.

Anonymous says: Its killing zombies over and over but it's cool I like it the ads a bit problematic, but it's okay cause you can watch an ad to get weapons. Besides if your bored you can play it offline and get whatever you want it gets a little difficult but what would life be without difficulty am I right, but they could add more interesting weapons too that would be absolutely cool thanks.

Anonymous says: I recommend everyone to try it once. Awesome! I deleted many games like this, coz they were so boring and repetitive. But this is what i was finding. Interesting, new things to discover, new weapons at each chapter, etc. And i love to fight that giant zombie at the end of each chapter. I hope you'll bring more things with upcoming updates. For me, it's a FIVE STAR GAME ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Anonymous says: It was a very fun game for it's controls upgrades I really liked it and if you release season 2 it will be more fun for me I also liked the music of all chapteres

Anonymous says: Pretty good game not gonna lie it's a pretty interesting storyline and the comic book thingy I actually just wish I could get weapons like flamethrower for free but YEAH! good game keep up the good work!

Anonymous says: Bro It is a good or I would like to say very very good game controls are good. Levels are awesome and there is a problem so bro it's of ads they came in between but beside that the game is best.

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