[Aloha Mobile] Aloha Browser Lite - Fast VPN for Android (v.1.7.4)

[Aloha Mobile] Aloha Browser Lite - Fast VPN for Android (v.1.7.4)

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Anonymous says: My original review had 5 stars, but since the recent june 2021 update, the overall look of this app has taken a huge step backwards. All the bookmarks I had saved on speed dial are now in another menu, speed dial only shows a few of them and you have to go into a second menu and scroll to find the one you want, there isn't even a search option and no way to undo this change either. There's also no ad blocker, which is crazy for a modern browser. I've switched to vivaldi.

Anonymous says: Needs work. 👍🏻 Its not as reliable as it used to be -- I use the VPN to watch European and American movies on my Netflix account (I'm from 🇦🇺), but lately the VPN will often stop if I click out of the app, and also the speed of the browser in general isn't as fast or smooth as it once was. 👍🏻 When it works, Aloha is an incredible free browser+VPN, and 5/5 but for now it's 3 stars, I would go 2 stars but it deserves an extra one because I know that it has big potential and was once great.

Anonymous says: Faster than the other full version; but it doesn't have the full features (I will come back and give it 5 stars if you can implement the video downloader into Lite). Thank you for the response. I use the full version and love the app. I wish the app startup was faster like the lite. I changed the rating, thank you again for reaching out to your users.

Anonymous says: ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE ! For monthes i was hoping you guys would fix it but its still the same, till this very day it doesn't work here in the UAE , it worked fine monthes ago, the app still keeps telling me that there is no connection while im 100% connected to the WiFi and most certainly open the VPN, same issues as always wether it's the Original or the Lite version , they both share the same issues that hasn't been fixed till now, it was so helpful and reliable for me to reach out other websites and help me with Skype calls , now it's useless ! Beyond dissaponting

Anonymous says: Really good browser, easy to work with. I'm loving it 💕. I've used Mozilla Firefox with Bing and since forever in it's first conception, I then changed to Duck Duck Go, then I was running out of space and decided to delete that App and do a lite browser and I have to say this is way better than the other and you can still go incognito, just tap the shield on the upper left and their you go!

Anonymous says: It was fine at first working well actually, but now, I can't go into sites I normally go to browse movies and to download, and is very slow, it tells me bad gateway where I used to download movies from,. For instance the flixer, and the flixer is a very good movie and tv site, because it tells you the rating of old and new movies, I make use of goojara aswell, but it doesn't shows you the ratings of the movies like the flixer does, don't see the aloha browser, only the aloha lite, aloha VPN.

Anonymous says: Under my testing but so far, trending search needs to be removed because its a cluttered option that few will use. Front page needs to be user configured for personal use. Options for News, etc. needs to be removed as its not needed in a browser. Just adds BLOAT. Enough news apps to cover that and bookmarks if you have a need. Dont know who though browsers needed this option built in. They dont. Testing paket & VPN security. More later. Ron@Memphis.

Anonymous says: Its ok. But a function missing I cannot get over is the fact there is no "desktop view" so the user always has to browse from a mobile view experience and a lot of the time it is a limiting factor. Not a deal breaker but there really neeeds to be an option to change the user agent at the absolute 

Anonymous says: I used the Aloha Browser with my IOS device and never had any problems with it. Not sure if i was or will be able to utilize the app to its fullest potential but looking forward to using the lite version of the product on this android device. The only reason i decided not to give it a 5 star is because I cant test it on my IOS device that was stolen then returned on to be found disabled.

Anonymous says: I am impressed! I have been using this browser for a while and I am really satisfied with the features and the performance. Its VPN has been working flawlessly and the interface is gorgeous. and it's Lite! Props to the developer. Keep up the good work :-)

Anonymous says: One of the best browser I have ever used...just requesting one feature..it would be great if you guys put your own video player in it.. just like uc/opera mini did.. to make the video playback smoother on low memory phones..otherwise I still love the browser and will keep using it..thanks 

Anonymous says: Two bad things about it that are quite irritating. The first it takea you to download the full 55 migabite vesion. The second when trying to capture a screenshot of a site page it says unable to capture screen shot drm protected .they made me think it is the android updated version. It was nothing but the aloha browser itself.

Anonymous says: No doubt..!!! This is an awesome lite browser. But one feature which i thought is missing is converting site from mobile mode desktop mode. Hope you soon add this feature 😁 edit : ya sure !! When you add this feature as well as some other feature. Let me know, i will again give it a try 😁

Anonymous says: If you are looking for a light and fast browser with a lots of features then you should choose this browser over any other because i went through every single lite browsers but none of them has features like this browser, this is the best lightweight browser currently in the market. Well done team Aloha! I love this browser. It would be great if you add a download manager option in this browser, this browser only lacks of download manager. I will add a star when you add a download manager.

Anonymous says: Fast and fuss-free browser. Customizable start page means I have a clean, blank start page with absolutely none of the news, ads and other junk I am forced to endure on other free browsers. Well done to the creators! Thank you so 

Anonymous says: Not compatible with LastPass or BitWarden. Developer says it's because it's a simplified browser. Nope. Via browser is more simplified with only 1.5 MB download size yet it supports password managers, as well as Opera Mini and Firefox Lite. Don't use simplicity as an excuse for limited functionality.

Anonymous says: no option for downloading in free version also not able to download torrents . Otherwise it's one of the best vpn browsers. Lacks some features for free version..Need to have more features in lite version. they made the paid version free,😁...

Anonymous says: The browsing speed performance pretty good. But the problem is there is no download manager. I know its a lite version. But what a browser without a download manager. The orginal android stock download manager is worst. Thats why people install other browser. I hope you guys don't ignore the comment and add a self download manager.

Anonymous says: Aloha is an Amazing Browser app That Can 1 day make it as a Top browser I highly think/believe it will become basically a Number 1 browsing app of Many and a break out Web Browsing app of this new decade Now saying it has a off screen playback to save battery power is a false advertisement cuz it does nothing resembling That no pop up playing no basic background playback nothing but says it has it what's up with That fix it you don't need to take advertise

Anonymous says: I am satisfied with Aloha browser cum vpn. It's fast snd safe. A really helpful app to have in ones Android phone. Just a minor problem. It stops working for a minute or so occasionally which may be due to internet error, I am 

Anonymous says: This browser is fast and is small. But, for example, with a browser developed for people who mainly use English. Still missing Thai character display I understand that it's difficult I encourage the development team.

Anonymous says: Packs a mighty punch for its small size: free fast VPN, do not track, HTTPS Everywhere, plus the usual frills like news feed and speed dial. Makes my low-end phone seem a whole lot better than it really is.

Anonymous says: When I jump on other app and come to aloha back. I have to turn on vpn again and it's not starting. So, I have to close the app permanently and need to open it again to use vpn. It should on always until I close it fully.

Anonymous says: It is an excellent browser as well as a nice VPN. Its settings are wonderful. It has excellent features for faster accessing. Its icons are also near. One thing I want to say is that everyone should install this app.

Anonymous says: This might be one od the most decent browser apps here on playstore. Integrated with fast browsing + excellent proxy + awesome UI, this app might be the best browser (only if it did not collect data).

Anonymous says: The only concern is that I can't view my downloads and downloadings within the app. It would be better, cause my system app doesn't show the downloading data finished or left neither the time.

Anonymous says: The lite version of the app is great but it would be reall helpful if you could add a video assistant in this as well as the bigger version of this browser i.e the Aloha private and turbo version keep crashing on my phone.

Anonymous says: This browser is superb, speed, flexibility, user friendly interface, the fact that it let's you work on a new tab after you leave it on a webpage is amazing. Thanks Aloha 

Anonymous says: This app is good but the VPN is only tied to a particular country and ip address. This is not too good. Let the developer work on this aspect to give more options in countries and ip address locations. I will change my review to 5 star if this is achieved.

Anonymous says: we dont even get to know which tab we are using, when multiple tabs are opened and i closed the required tabs multiple times than closing unwated. highlight the current using tab when multiple tabs are opened! this is basic required feature in a browser.

Anonymous says: App is greaat, problem is theres a bug when I use it after every like 4 hours or so it deletes the app. So I need to download it again. I remembered I was doing a project in a website and it deleted instantly. Problem for sure so I hope the devs fix this bug ty

Anonymous says: After update, the vpn connection loads very slow compared to the previous vrrsion. Other than that, this browser is the Best one in lightweight mode I ever came across.

Anonymous says: It's a good browser to be honest, keep improving and thanks for making the app being free and without ads. Sometimes it freezes but it's pretty rare.

Anonymous says: Aloha VPN is a really nice browser, would recommend it for People that has high internet speed,Websites load in just a snap.But the problem and the saddest thing is that I am not one of those People anymore, and everytime.I downloaded Another Aloha VPN And I cannot even press anything.It only loads "Webpage not available"everytime I search.But I can't say it's a terrible app,it still got its own advantages.after all it helped me a little,just frustated a bit.wanted to give it 3 stars but it help

Anonymous says: Ther is no option to download photos in websites. Thats 1 of d biggest problems in this wonderful browser. Hope it gets corrected. No sir long tap does not work. I have used it. Photos are just not downloadable

Anonymous says: Leaving 5 stars since I like the app and know how even a 4-star brings down the average. Right now: a recent (as of 19SEP2022) update broke all Profile options and the app crashes when trying to sign into or use profile functions 😔 Not a great experience until this gets fixed. Love your browser; please fix soon! 🙏✌️

Anonymous says: Awesome browser it has an intelligent VPN that closes when you exit the app, and opens when you enter! It has an amazing passcode design. And also is extremely fast!

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