[4XP Games] MergeUp: Makeover (v.0.1.206) for Android

[4XP Games] MergeUp: Makeover (v.0.1.206)

Playstore Reviews & Rating: com.fourxp.mergeup

Anonymous says: The game was fine until it broke. I got to 6/7 on the main building and the quest generator will not give me the components needed to finish the main building. Will be deleting.

Anonymous says: there's not many merge games that I enjoy playing... only a few that I can count on one hand and this happens to be one that I'm enjoying playing because there's a story behind it and you're building and it's not just oh let's merge merge merge and nothing come about from it so hands up so far loving the game

Anonymous says: This a fantastic merge story at the beach. only problems is noone can save game on Google play and Facebook. and you haven't updated game

Anonymous says: The merge game is fun. The makeover is only the perception that you choose anything... not fun. Please stop the claw mini game. Players do nothing.

Anonymous says: It was great to start with..I enjoy it. However, I've been stuck on level 23 for a really long time now (I mean, longer than usual for this level height)....I've noticed that I'm no longer getting any item boxes to progress forward with building. And even of I do get one, it's usually just one, and I have to wait a really long time before getting another. What's the point of having so many coins when I can hardly use them? Maybe something to look into on the next update?

Anonymous says: Five stars 🌟 🤩 ✨️ 💛 👌 Great game Just a small advice: please make the glasses and cups a little bigger and more clear. Thank you 😊 🙏

Anonymous says: Don't waste your money. You won't get passed level 27. After that u have no way of progressing

Anonymous says: It would be a good game, but very disappointed you can only get so far before it sticks & the jobs can't be done even though you have coins. Still the same will be unstalling as no point in playing & no feedback from you over a year later

Anonymous says: Fix the damn bugs... keeps saying error after all items collected and makes u reload... can't get past level 34... has error after u load all the orders

Anonymous says: It's a brilliant merge game but I'm stuck on level 33 and the game isn't giving me any more tasks that give items I need to get to the next level.

Anonymous says: Had to reinstall, now it simply won't connect very fustrating and also annoyed that the store was never available. Such a shame as i did enjoy playing. Have deleted the app now.

Anonymous says: Excellent game just needs more options for choosing items and adding friends for sending and receiving gifts
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