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The mechanics of the game surpass those of Blitz, but I would appreciate having the option to adjust the quality settings. Additionally, the controls could be more responsive to tapping, as there's currently a delay between tapping and shooting, making it challenging to play. Other than that, the game is incredibly enjoyable.

The recent update brings many quality-of-life changes and the addition of voiceovers, which is fantastic. However, I've rated it four stars because there are still some issues that need addressing or features missing. For example, there's no button for changing targets, melting down camos or making permanent camos, and editing the control panel or HUD. The audio seems to be very low, and it would be great to have more graphic options available. Playing at 60fps on mobile would be perfect.

I was eager to dive into the game, but I encountered some issues during several A.I. games. Firstly, there was no way to adjust the graphic settings despite experiencing significant lag in gameplay. Secondly, I couldn't change the aim sensitivity, which made it challenging to compete against opponents. Nevertheless, everything else about the game is great, and I've enjoyed it so far.

While I have a deep affection for the game, it's somewhat limiting the enjoyment. As a dedicated mobile gamer, I was thrilled to try out WoWs Legends. However, my excitement diminished when I realized the excessive data consumption this game requires. Despite its entertaining gameplay, the constant drain on my data plan compelled me to rate it 2 out of 5 stars. It's disappointing to see such a well-designed game consume data at such a high rate.

I really want to enjoy this game on mobile, but the controls and camera angle make even basic movements difficult. Combat feels satisfying, but the current control and camera setup makes me feel like I'm moving like a bot. Hopefully, the developers are working on improving these aspects. Additionally, an FoV slider and a slight distance increase from the ship would greatly enhance the experience.

I've had a positive experience with the game so far, but there's a glitch that allows you to join a battle as a carrier, even though the carrier mechanics haven't been set up. This glitch can be fairly annoying. Overall, the gameplay is enjoyable, but I wish there was an in-battle screen to view ship stats similar to the console version.

The tutorial is incredibly lacking! While playing, I often feel lost because I have no idea what I'm doing for a significant portion of the time. We aren't taught how to use torpedoes, switch ammo, or understand what the ship icons represent or what the classes specialize in. Additionally, there's a UI bug that requires a restart to fix if you tab out of the game for even a second.

The game has potential, but the controls need to be more responsive, and there's room for graphics optimization. It would be great to see these issues addressed soon, especially since I'm eagerly awaiting the addition of aircraft carriers. Fixing these issues would earn the game a 5-star rating. Best of luck!

The game is nearly unplayable for me. About half of my matches encounter loading issues with the screen, making it impossible to proceed. It's like a mishmash of the main menu, pause menu, and sometimes the ship stats overlay all at once. It feels as if they did zero testing, which honestly aligns with my expectations from a profit-driven developer group like WG. If I weren't in the middle of a move and reliant on the game for the calendar event, I would uninstall it completely.

The mobile app is fantastic for gaming on the go. However, I wish Wargaming had waited to release it until it reached parity with the console version. There are visual bugs that need addressing, such as the left screen flicker in Port. Additionally, essential features like obtaining carriers, upgrading camos (or making them permanent), acquiring boosters, and turning off AA are missing. Overall, it's a promising concept, but it feels half-baked upon release.

The game performs admirably compared to its console counterpart. The touch controls are adequate, striking a balance between complexity and simplicity. However, there are three areas for improvement: adding controller support, reflecting rudder shift time in the ship turning direction arrow, and implementing the ability to lock in a turn at either half or full rudder, similar to the console version.

Overall, the game is enjoyable, but there's a significant issue with the servers. They are overly sensitive, causing disconnections when switching networks and frequently overloaded, resulting in an inability to play. Nevertheless, the gameplay itself is entertaining and superior to regular WoWB.

The game is executed excellently. Despite slightly lower poly ships, the attention to detail is commendable. There are ample opportunities for newcomers to earn premium time, currency, and ships, thanks to the generous tutorials and rewards system. The UI and HUD are intuitive and well-designed. I have nothing but praise for this game and eagerly anticipate its future developments.

Compared to World of Warships Blitz, it's in a league of its own. The absence of micromanaging secondaries allows players to focus on more critical tasks. Although there are some issues, like secondaries not engaging at maximum range, overall, the game mechanics feel more balanced and rewarding. However, there is a word limit, so I'll stop here.

The game lacks audio and some essential features, such as the ability to combine boosters or paint into permanent options. It would also be beneficial to have a way to ping the map and include aircraft carriers, especially for CV mains like myself. Hopefully, these features will be added soon; otherwise, it's back to Blitz for me.

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