Walk Online Mobile (v.1.6.7) for Android

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WALK ONLINE is a mobile MMORPG that immerses players in the dynamic settings of three distinct universities. Featuring immersive 3D gameplay, it offers a variety of engaging activities including PvP battles, group parties, Hackathons, MMR challenges, and more tailor-made events.

Players can swiftly customize their characters, interact with real-time peers, establish their organizations, progress through levels, and strive to become the most formidable force in the realm of Walk Online. Before venturing forth, which class will you choose: Brawler, Archer, Shaman, or Swordsman?

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Reviews (3.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

The game has a nostalgic RAN online v noibe, but I'm disappointed with the controls. The lack of an auto mode is a significant drawback, especially since the character automatically switches targets to the nearest enemy when mobs are killed. This can lead to luring multiple enemies, resulting in death and lost experience points. Additionally, the potion slot responsiveness is not up to par. Please consider adding an auto mode feature. Thank you!

While the game displays potential, it would greatly benefit from further updates and optimization. Currently, the servers experience lag, impacting the overall gameplay. Despite impressive effects, without server improvements, players may consider switching to alternative options. Addressing these issues is crucial to maintaining player engagement and investment. Nevertheless, the game has significant potential and can flourish with the right enhancements. Well done to the developers!

The game designs are decent, although male designs could use some improvement. However, there are issues such as damage not being displayed, slow combat pacing, and lack of guidance for players. Additionally, the game lacks a compelling storyline at the beginning, and navigation feels clunky. Despite these drawbacks, the soundtrack is impressive.

Playing the game can be exhausting due to the absence of auto-play, requiring manual skill usage. Progression is challenging, as grinding levels and acquiring stats takes considerable time. Even with initial skills, completing quests for lower-level content remains difficult. Melee auto-attacking is particularly problematic, often resulting in extended chases for enemies. 

While I would like to give the game a higher rating due to its resemblance to RAN Online, there are notable issues such as the lack of auto-attack, unresponsive potion use, and post-update connectivity problems. These issues need to be promptly addressed to retain players. Additionally, I hope to see worthwhile in-game items available for purchase.

As a longtime RAN Online player, I appreciate the nostalgia this game brings. However, certain aspects such as UI design and skill animations require improvement. Server lag in high population channels is also a concern. Nonetheless, I look forward to future updates and enhancements.

The game's usability is challenging, with poorly positioned buttons and unresponsive controls. The skill button design could be improved for better accessibility. Navigating through skills, quests, and inventory is cumbersome, requiring frequent menu access. Streamlining these processes would greatly enhance the user experience.

While the game has the potential to be a mobile version of RAN, leveling is slow, drop rates are low, and there are noticeable delays in skill and item activation. Melee combat also suffers from hit detection issues. Despite these drawbacks, the game is still in development.

This game evokes fond memories, and it's commendable that it was developed by Filipino creators. However, the early game difficulty, particularly the long wait between skill unlocks, poses a challenge for new players. It's crucial to address these issues to maintain player interest.

Playing the game has become frustrating. While enjoyable, certain aspects, such as the removal of the dip feature, detract from the overall experience. It feels like the developers prioritize monetization over player enjoyment. Until these issues are addressed, I can only give the game one star.

Improvements are needed in UI design choices, and network stability remains a concern with persistent lag. Animations also require further refinement for smoother rigging. While the game feels reminiscent of Ran Online, it's still in an alpha state, indicating ample room for enhancement. While die-hard fans may overlook these shortcomings, those seeking polished mechanics may want to wait until the game undergoes further development.

The game captures the essence of Ran Online, but I have a suggestion. Given its mobile platform, leveling up feels excessively grindy. Simplifying the leveling experience could cater better to mobile gamers, who typically have limited playtime.

The recent update didn't meet our expectations, particularly with significant changes like the nerfing of certain classes and the disappointing seven-day login reward system. As a result, I won't be returning to the game. Best of luck to new players, but I can't recommend it to my friends.

The game suffers from severe lag, frequent disconnections, and crashes, especially during Club wars. Despite updates focusing on visual enhancements, user experience continues to deteriorate due to unresolved bugs. The lack of progress in fixing issues like the trade and vending function is frustrating for players, making it difficult to enjoy the game.

Developers seem primarily focused on generating income rather than resolving game issues. Persistent problems such as disconnections during Club wars, PK bugs, and the absence of trade and vending systems remain unaddressed despite being ongoing for a year. The emphasis on updates like costumes, which generate revenue, is evident, but the neglect of fundamental gameplay issues is disheartening. It may be time to remove the game from the Google Play Store if these issues persist.

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