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Tower of God: Great Journey (v.2.1.40) for Android Apk

Experience the excitement of the Firework Festival at Wolhaiksong's Private Resort!
Embark on an adventure with the new Ancient Character, Wings of Freedom Urek Mazino!

Tower of God: Great Journey brings to life the captivating story and rich world of the popular Webtoon, 'Tower of God', through stunning animations.

Assemble your dream team featuring beloved characters from the original webtoon.
Discover compelling characters, each with their own unique stories, and wield Ignition Weapons showcasing breathtaking action skills!

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I'm a huge fan of TOG, but there are areas where this game could really shine with some improvements. Firstly, the chat box moves way too quickly, causing my screen to feel like it's experiencing an earthquake whenever I try to skip to the next text. Additionally, I think it would add a lot of fun if the fighting feature was more controllable. Overall, I see a ton of potential in this game, especially with its fantastic art style and storyline.

While the webtoon is fantastic, the game itself has its share of issues. The UI feels a bit lacking, and the downloadable content interrupts the flow of the game, especially during cutscenes. It would be much smoother if all the necessary game data were downloaded together with the initial content. This would greatly improve the gameplay experience by eliminating interruptions.

The gameplay mechanics are solid, but the UI and other elements leave much to be desired. For instance, I often encounter issues in the characters menu where I can't upgrade or equip gear or ignition weapons. Moreover, the loading screen seems to take forever, and the game freezes during the Revolution Road segment. These issues need to be addressed promptly for the game to be worth playing.

I appreciate that the game closely follows the storyline of the manhwa, and the art is absolutely stunning. However, there are some usability issues, such as the small UI, which could use some improvement. Despite these drawbacks, I'm excited to see how the game evolves and hope that it continues to improve over time.

I'm experiencing significant issues with the game, including constant download prompts despite having already downloaded all the content. Additionally, I frequently face disconnections even with a fast and reliable data connection. It's frustrating to have to restart the game repeatedly after being disconnected. I also find it puzzling that I can't choose the latest server, which affects the overall gameplay experience negatively.

The game boasts amazing graphics and style, but it tends to lag, especially on high graphics settings. While I don't believe it's an issue with my phone, as I can run other similar games smoothly, I hope the developers address this in future updates. Despite the lag, I still recommend giving it a try due to its impressive visuals.

The graphics are undeniably stunning, but the game's optimization has been lacking for months. It's difficult to get back into the game after an extended break, as the balance of power among factions seems to shift arbitrarily. Furthermore, the constant introduction of new characters makes it challenging to stick to one's favorites. Despite these issues, the supportive player base and stunning visuals keep me coming back.

The game has been having issues with the logging-in screen lately. Despite trying to open the app multiple times, I keep encountering errors such as "Connection error" and "Cannot resolve destination host." This is frustrating, but aside from these technical hiccups, the game serves as a great time-killer.

While the graphics and cutscenes are visually stunning, the game development falls short in several areas. The constant addition of bikini and lolita versions of female characters feels unnecessary, especially when there are plenty of characters from the manhwa to include. Moreover, the game's performance suffers, with frequent frame drops and freezes even on low settings. It's disappointing, considering the potential of the game.

I'm not sure what's causing it, but the game refuses to load past the loading screen, even after reinstalling it. It's a shame because I enjoyed playing it, but being unable to access it is frustrating.

This game is severely lacking in optimization. Despite running it on high-spec emulators and mobile devices, the performance is subpar. The absence of a PC version only exacerbates the problem, making it difficult to enjoy the game on any platform.

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