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Touhou LostWord for Android (v.1.27.6) Apk

Embark on an adventure across a multiverse inhabited by Gods, Youkai, Vampires, and various other supernatural entities.

As you find yourself immersed in the fantastical realm of Gensokyo, your mission is to unravel the Lost Word Incident, a crisis that jeopardizes the entire multiverse and its inhabitants.

Encounter numerous distinctive characters as you journey through the Main Story and delve into the captivating narrative of Hifuu LostWord.

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This game offers a fantastic experience with its enjoyable gameplay, but unfortunately, I encountered a major setback as I lost all my progress due to a bug where the screen turns white upon opening Touhou Lost Word. Despite my efforts to resolve it by restarting and force stopping the app, the issue persists. I have invested considerable time and effort into building powerful characters, some of which are rare limited editions, so I'm deeply concerned about losing my progress. I kindly request the addition of a feature for progress retrieval or data transfer, preferably through email (such as transfer codes), as I'm unable to access...

I find the game visually appealing, with its captivating art style and excellent music. However, the process of Limit breaking characters feels sluggish, requiring duplicates or paper dolls, both of which are challenging to obtain. I hope paper dolls become more accessible, perhaps through purchase using in-game coins or as rewards during battles, to streamline the character enhancement process.

Hello developers, I appreciate the dedication you've put into the game, particularly the artwork and mechanics. However, I've encountered an issue where I'm unable to switch characters smoothly. While the initial switch works fine, attempting to switch during my turn freezes the game, leaving the characters suspended in place for the remainder of the turn.

I'm truly enamored with this app. As someone who recently became interested in Touhou but lacks the means to acquire the original games, this unofficial rendition provides a vivid portrayal of the characters and offers an enjoyable experience. However, the frequent large data downloads are a drawback, and I wish this aspect could be minimized.

I'm unsure whether the problem lies with the game or my device, but I consistently encounter an error message when attempting to update the game, stating "unable to connect to the server." While other games update smoothly, this issue persists with this particular game, leading me to discontinue playing despite my overall enjoyment.

As expected of a gacha game, it starts off generously with random gifts, but as you progress, obtaining currency for pulls becomes increasingly challenging. Recent updates have made the game less generous, with abysmally low pull rates compared to other gacha games I've played.

The revised luck system makes obtaining rare cards exceedingly difficult compared to the previous version. Despite numerous attempts, I haven't acquired a single 4-star card despite significant investment in specific stages. The game's mechanics, particularly the friend system and luck factor, unnecessarily prolong gameplay, overshadowing its standout features such as character designs and voice acting. Regrettably, I'm considering bidding farewell to this game soon.

The game excels in capturing the essence of the classic Touhou atmosphere through its dialogue and character portrayal, accompanied by delightful music and charming artwork. However, the gameplay experience is marred by excessively easy battles, overwhelming UI, and an excessive focus on gacha mechanics, reminiscent of a casino.

Certain story scenes become stuck, hindering progression despite attempts to restart the game. Skipping isn't an ideal solution as the primary allure lies in experiencing the storyline.

Since the last update, the game has become nearly unplayable, consistently freezing at the loading screen even after clearing the cache. Reinstalling exacerbated the issue, leading to a black screen. I'm using a Galaxy S21+, so hardware compatibility shouldn't be a concern.

Despite its initially daunting appearance, the game proves to be both captivating and addictive once understood. I particularly enjoy the engaging storylines, though as a newcomer to Touhou, I'm eager to access content from previous events. Nevertheless, obtaining a limited relic character feels like a significant achievement for a newcomer like myself.

For Touhou enthusiasts, this game offers an enjoyable experience, especially for free-to-play players. It's a worthwhile pastime when looking to fill idle moments.

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