⬇️ Tor Browser (v.13.0.14) for Android - The Tor Project Apk

⬇️ Tor Browser (v.13.0.14) for Android - The Tor Project

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It's a great browser, honestly. The only issue is that it requires me to verify the connection, which can become a nuisance when I need to access specific websites for work. Please remove the feature so it can load faster, it's time-consuming and just overall annoying, I would use the browser more if the feature was gone(Please Take My Review Into Consideration)

This app is the most truseted anonymity-focused app i have ever seen. I have an idea and it is to use some form of modified AI (open source ofc) to enhance privacy and anonymity( for example by giving real time suggestions or blocking connections that seem suspicious) and Also s.th i realized was that whenever you click on[new identity] button on tor browser it is completely fine but when you do the same thing using orbot app IP address won't change ( although it is Tor's IP). Wish you guys best

I had a bit of a learning curve, but it feels great not to be tracked by the tech titans who record and develop patterns of our behaviors. While we are seeking ways to live our best lives, they're obsessing over new and more oppressive ways to control how and if we are to live at all! Father God, our Creator of all we are, and will ever be, gave us our tickets to ride, and Jesus loves us so much that he endured the most tortuous death that we have the choice of everlasting life. Choose wisely!!

This app can work as a second VPN to hide your browsing IP while allowing you to use another VPN for a firewall. The safe browsing features are good. CONS: The app itself can be spotty. If you manage to get connected to the TOR network then you might randomly timeout and lose your connection. Now you will have to close the app and start over again. Browsing can be slow. Cloudflare verifications can be slow and a lot of sites use them. Wish: make it quicker to clear browser history.

This is my go to browser. I can get ALL the info I need in one search. I can customize my experience, and how safe I want to be. I can literally watch the trackers stack like bills on the add-ons. It's truly remarkable how many people are still running around naked on the web. If that's your thing? Get Tor.

Browser for logging in anywhere) Although everyone understands that most users do not use it for its intended purpose. I am no exception, we have been using this browser for several years now. The only thing we would like to add is the ability to take a screenshot of the screen: it made the process much easier"

This is a different experience compared to normal browsers. Tor browser is a variant of Firefox. The first difference is that you have to connect to the network before you can do anything, and depending on what Internet connection you are using, you may not be able to. The second difference is that not all websites will work because advertising is suppressed, and scripts are blocked to prevent your location from being found. The Decentraleysed addin helps with this.

Internet searching like people who've never used touchscreens or the Worldwide Web imagine its like or have been given the impression/sold the big shot type description Google supposedly is, when in reality Google is STRICTLY SURFACE SEARCH CAPABLE: it ice skates. Tor's capability is on a diff page in a totally diff book. Tor searches far, wide, thoroughly, and in every crevice, corner, bottomless pit & hidden pocket; Tor exists for deep search. Tor will find what you look for if it's there.A+

Very easy to use, requires no set-up under normal circumstances putting it a step above the alternatives.This app offers great value for free and they definitely deserve your donations! I do have some occasional bugs and a few ideas, like rearranging tabs in the tab menu, as well as tab grouping like Chrome has. Also in the bookmarks menu, it allows you to select multiple bookmarks and then "Open in new tab". On standard Firefox this works, but on Tor it works roughly half the time. Cheers!

Great App when it comes to Browsing Privately and Secured. Just that you lose data when you close it.. you can't even find a search history. Otherwise it's cool👍

Its good but slower than most. My biggest complaint is the refresh when you barely pull down and swipe anywhere near the top of the page. You can be typing and adjust the page down while zoomed in BAM! the page refreshes and you have to start all over again. Sometimes I swear I just looked at it wrong and it started to refresh the page.

Tor browser is an OK Browser. Good for privacy and security. I've had an issue trying to download video an with opening up links on websites. Hopefully the next update fixes that.

Privacy, addons. Good browser for those needing to prioritize privacy and security. Like a VPN you connect to an outsider server which then sends your requests out so the internet sees your vpns info like you ip, however tor takes it to a new level as it's making 3 hops or connecting to 3 servers before sending out your internet requests theoretically increasing your anonymity as one would need to trace back 3 steps just to find your real info. But.. It was made by US military so that's sketchy

This is an awesome app. The work and time that these volunteers put into this is phenomenal. They are my heroes. If you like the idea of true freedom of speech and doing an end around censorship and big tech then I would get t this as quickly as possible!

very excellent app to maintain privacy. Once I connect it to Ryford , it even shows Military Data networks and firms trying to gather info and can programme this to bypass those servers. Fun Fact: The Americans use more surveillance than Chinese. Even though it has us believe that Chinese do it more and they're the good guys trying to protect democracy 😜😜😜

This is the first time I've used the browser,seems very easy to use and it's fast enough for me,I'm not an instant type of person I don't expect instant results,if it takes a bit longer it's finding all the results not just what "it" wants to find...

tor is amazing for internet anonymity and privacy. only gripe I have against it is that connecting back to the tor network when changing LAN networks sometimes doesn't work properly and I just restart the browser to connect. would be cool if the devs could add a connect button somewhere even if tabs have already been opened, not just on the starting screen 

As an app user, I don't use artificial intelligence to make specific apps convenient. Due to the assurance of privacy, I opt to occasionally use the tor network.

I don't have the background to know what it's really doing for or against my privacy online. I hope it keeps me out of Googles web of misleading and unclear terms of service agreement. Nope it didn't it flagged me as a panapticonian and turned the ol' gas light on.

Good, some of the sites are closed, some say you need to use the tor browser... Ig it's about how well you can get technology to help you

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