Stick War: Legacy (v.2023.5.256) Max Games Studios for Android

Stick War: Legacy (v.2023.5.256) for Android Modded Apk

Experience the transition of one of the most beloved and top-rated web games to mobile!

Engage in Stick War, a renowned and captivating stick figure game renowned for its immense scale, entertainment value, challenges, and addictive gameplay. Command your army in strategic formations or take control of individual units, exercising complete authority over each stickman. Build units, gather gold, master various combat disciplines such as Swordsmanship, Spear Mastery, Archery, Magic, and even command Giants. Obliterate the enemy's statue and conquer all territories in this epic adventure!

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This game brings back fond memories of the old days and is still quite enjoyable. I believe adding a second campaign with elements reminiscent of Stick War 2, such as elemental forces, flying archers, rock-throwing giants, juggernauts, crawlers, and generals, would greatly enhance the game. Additionally, more death animations, new attack animations, and challenging levels would add depth. Limited-time modes could also inject excitement. I know it's a lot to ask for, but it's worth considering.

Dear game developers, I appreciate the new statues, but how about introducing different upgrades for each statue (excluding the castle archer)? For instance, when using a spearton statue, I noticed that the crown protrudes outside the shield. It might be better if it's integrated as a design element on the shield itself. Overall, this game is fantastic, and I hope you continue to add more skins, troops, challenges, and perhaps even introduce another map and game mode.

Stick War Legacy recently brought back nostalgic vibes with its engaging gameplay and high-quality graphics. However, I suggest enhancing the experience by introducing a multiplayer feature, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends. This addition could elevate the overall enjoyment and make it even more appealing to a wider audience.

This game offers a solid and nostalgic stick figure experience. Suggestions for improvement include adding more units to align with the lore, increasing opponents in tournaments, introducing new game modes, and implementing features like daily quests and better progress saving. I encountered a problem where my progress was deleted upon downloading the game again after an update, which didn't occur before the latest update. Thank you for considering these suggestions.

This game is fantastic, but it could use some expansion. Completing all achievements and the relatively short campaign leave players wanting more. Adding another chapter with strict rules could provide a fresh challenge. While the gameplay is simple and enjoyable, controlling archidons could be improved. Additionally, introducing a harder difficulty level than Insane could keep players engaged. Thank you for your efforts, and we eagerly await updates!

I love this game, with its smooth gameplay, great graphics, and unique campaign levels. However, I have a small request: could you please add a multiplayer mode for fun and socializing? An Endless Ambush mode with various skins as rewards would also be a welcome addition. I hope you continue to support this amazing game. Also, please fix the issue with the Google Play button, as I'm unable to connect to it.

The game is generally smooth, but I've encountered a significant issue. In Hard Mode of the Tournament, the enemies seem to have a significant advantage in terms of resources, making it as challenging as Insane Mode. While the training system appears balanced, this discrepancy becomes apparent during gameplay. I hope this issue can be addressed soon. Despite this problem, the game remains highly enjoyable.

Stick War Legacy is even better than I remembered from playing it as a flash game. The ability to control one of the units adds a new layer of strategy, and the tournament and endless horde modes provide plenty of challenges. However, I do find that after a few days, the game can become a bit repetitive. I'm eagerly awaiting the possibility of a Stick War 2 implementation for Android. Overall, it's a great game.

This game is good, but it could use some additional content. After completing the campaign, there's not much left to do besides playing tournaments and endless combats, which can become monotonous. Adding new units, similar to those in Stick Empires, and introducing a new chapter would breathe new life into the game. Despite this, Stick War Legacy remains a solid choice for mobile gaming.

Stick War Legacy is one of the best mobile games out there, despite being a few years old. It's enjoyable, family-friendly, and offers incredible replay value. You can play it anywhere without needing a Wi-Fi connection. Whether you're at home or on break, this game provides entertainment without requiring any purchases. The missions are varied and engaging, and the graphics, while simple, have their charm.

Still the ultimate stick man strategy game on the app store! This game remains unmatched since 2016, offering an array of fun game modes, awesome gameplay, and the ability to command your own soldiers, which is simply remarkable. The captivating storyline adds intrigue, while the gameplay offers both enjoyment and challenge. Highly recommended for fans of simulation, strategy, or action games—it truly has everything you could ask for!

Stick War Legacy is enjoyable if you're familiar with defense strategies. However, some levels can be challenging, especially early on when planning for various situations is crucial. Gems are scarce in different levels, and starting with basic soldiers can be tough. Nevertheless, I appreciate the game's focus on defense strategy and the dynamic movement of stickmen.

Overall, a fantastic game that's both entertaining and family-friendly. Despite completing the game, I find myself reinstalling it repeatedly for more fun. My suggestion for improvement would be to expand the game further—introduce more units, new campaign levels (perhaps featuring different tribes like the undead), new game modes, and additional upgrade options. It can become repetitive over time, so these additions would keep it engaging.

Stick War Legacy is a delightful revival of the original Flash game I enjoyed in my youth. After a year of playing, I can attest that the new modes keep the game exciting. The graphics have significantly improved, and the animations are smoother. Combat remains satisfying, especially with the addition of unit-controlled perks. While the support powers are interesting, I appreciate the classic Stick War experience the most. Thank you, developers, for delivering exactly what I wanted—5/5 stars from me!

I adore this game, especially the progression system for units like swordwrath, spearton, archidon, giant, and magikill. However, the grind and repetition of replaying levels for unit upgrades can be a drawback. Additionally, I encountered a bug with the weekly missions while using the ice skin—enemies freeze, rendering them unable to attack. Please address this issue, but overall, it's still a fantastic game.

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