Sonic Runners Adventure game (v.1.0.7b) Gameloft SE for Android

Sonic Runners Adventure game (v.1.0.7b) for Android Modded Apk

Sonic the Hedgehog and his pals return in an adrenaline-fueled running game.

Experience the thrill of speed as you revisit the Sonic saga. Race, leap, sprint, or soar through streets and thrilling platforming stages.

Discover new characters such as Tails, Knuckles, and others, each with their own special abilities that you can enhance.

Race to defend Sonic's world by confronting Dr. Eggman across four iconic settings.

All of this is packed into a compact download size, making it accessible to just about anyone looking for some fast-paced arcade fun.

Zoom through four iconic locales with stunning graphics. CAUTION: May induce a surge of excitement.

Unlock a plethora of characters like Tails, Knuckles, Shadow the Hedgehog, and other high-speed legends, each equipped with their own extraordinary abilities.

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I decided to try out this game primarily because of its fantastic soundtrack, which alone makes it worth the $3 price tag. However, I found one major flaw: when using Power characters, their jumping ability is severely lacking, leading to frustrating deaths due to their inability to reach higher areas of the levels without sacrificing a life. It's disappointing to have to resort to such tactics just to progress.

Overall, my experience with the game was decent; it's enjoyable for what it offers. However, its lack of replay value is a significant drawback, leading me to give it an average score. Adding an endless run mode or similar features could greatly enhance its longevity. I'm surprised such modes aren't included, as they were present in the original Sonic Runners. Despite being better optimized than its predecessor, this version lacks the arcade-like modes and leaderboard features that made the original more engaging. I hope to see an improved edition in the future, but I'm not optimistic.

This game falls short as a successor to the original Sonic Runners, mainly due to its lack of content. With only nine characters and about five worlds, it can be completed within a few days, making it feel like a disappointing purchase, especially considering its price. Updates adding new characters, stages, and incentives for continuous play are sorely needed to prevent it from being seen as a mere cash grab.

While the game is excellent and offers a challenging yet enjoyable Sonic experience with plenty of levels and characters to unlock, there's one major flaw. Despite claiming that an internet connection is only required for the initial launch, periodic license verification interrupts gameplay unexpectedly, which can be inconvenient.

Overall, the game provides an enjoyable experience with responsive controls and simple gameplay, making it a go-to option for killing time. However, occasional stability issues and the lack of new content leave me wondering if and when future updates will arrive, hopefully without resorting to the controversial roulette system used in the original Runners game.

The game features straightforward levels with multiple paths, maintaining simplicity while offering variety. Despite some minor glitches, the smooth controls and minimal storage space required make it a worthwhile purchase. It surpasses other auto-runners like Super Mario Run in quality and enjoyment.

Despite its decent controls, the game falls short in world 3 due to unavoidable hits from bouncing spiked balls and occasional crashes when restarting a stage. It's a good game overall but could benefit from some improvements.

While the game runs smoothly and is easy to learn, its short length is disappointing. Despite minor glitches, the main issue is the lack of replay value once all stages are completed, which could easily be remedied with an endless mode.

Though lacking in replay value, the game offers a good time with its quick-paced gameplay and varied missions. Despite its simplicity, completing all missions and achievements was surprisingly enjoyable.

It's a fun game, but I regret paying for something I could complete in just two days. Maybe it's just me, but while it's overall good, finishing the story leaves you with little else to do besides replaying the same levels. Adding more content like online races or additional collectibles would greatly improve its value. It feels a bit disappointing realizing I nearly finished the game just hours after purchasing it.

As a long-time Sonic fan, I have to admit that while the concept of this mobile game is promising, the execution falls short. The audio feels off, the animations are not smooth, and it lacks the essence of Sonic. If these issues were addressed, I might reconsider my rating, but for now, it feels like a waste of two bucks. It's a disappointment, and frankly, it shouldn't even cost that much. Gameloft, please fix these issues!

I enjoy this game, but my main gripe is its lack of an infinite mode. The so-called "infinite" levels still have objectives and eventually end, leaving me wanting more. An arcade mode without objectives where you can just run endlessly would greatly enhance the experience. While it's an okay game, I believe the original Sonic Runners offered more depth and the joy of endless running.

I used to enjoy the earlier versions of this game, but the latest iteration lacks the engaging quality of its predecessors. It feels too streamlined and easy, lacking the depth that made the original Sonic Runners enjoyable. If possible, I recommend playing the original version instead for a more engaging experience.

This rendition of the original Sonic Runners is well executed, but it has a few drawbacks. The slight pause when hitting springs disrupts the flow, and I miss the original art style. Despite these issues, it captures the essence of Sonic gameplay reasonably well.

A poor imitation of the original Sonic Runners, this game fails to capture the charm and variety of its predecessor. The lack of seasonal events, characters, and the option for endless running make it a disappointing experience. I would advise downloading the free Sonic Runners Revival instead for a more fulfilling gaming experience.

I've reached level 2-1, and so far, it's decent. However, two improvements could make it better. First, adding facial animations during victory poses would enhance expression. Secondly, implementing additional features, while optional, would further enhance the gameplay experience.

While this game was passable on my previous device, it's now unplayable on my new, more powerful device due to frequent crashes. It's disappointing that the developers seem to have neglected this issue, as it detracts from the overall experience.

It's not bad overall, though the menu screens seem to run at a lower frame rate than the gameplay, which is a bit odd. Despite not being like the original Sonic Runners, it's still an entertaining spinoff if you approach it as its own standalone title.

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