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Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY (v.2.2.9) for Android Apk

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY, also known as sin 七つの大罪 in Japanese, is a cross-media project initiated by publisher Hobby Japan in 2012. The project includes manga and animation, offering a Japanese RPG experience that maintains its animation and original voice actors. The battle scenes and narratives take an unconventional approach, blending seriousness with humor.

The narrative revolves around Lucifer, the fallen angel condemned to hell for her transgressions against the gods. In the depths of hell, the demon lords who govern the realm have stripped Lucifer of her powers. Despite losing everything, Lucifer, now known as the "Arrogant Demon Lord," rallies alongside the demon lord Leviathan and a high school human girl named Totsuka Maria. Together, they embark on a quest to confront the seven mortal sins and reclaim what was lost. Thus unfolds the tale of the "Seven Mortal Sins."

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I admire the game design and its combat sequences. However, my main issue lies with the difficulty spike after completing the initial modes and the exorbitant amount of gems required for a roll. It would be beneficial to decrease the difficulty slightly across all modes, as grinding for duplicates or books can become excessively tedious, especially for free-to-play players like myself. Additionally, reducing the gem requirement for rolls and implementing a pity system, without the need to roll 200 times to obtain a 5-star, would greatly improve the player experience.

This game boasts the worst UI/UX I've encountered in any mobile game. Each action is accompanied by one or multiple animations, causing significant delays as you wait for these animations to conclude. Furthermore, the stylized colors and text, while aesthetically pleasing, hinder comprehension of the game, leading to confusion and frustration.

Initially, I was somewhat tolerant of this game's greediness. However, upon closer inspection, I find some of its practices to be egregiously predatory, worse than gambling. The recent update even removed certain rewards, such as the signup bonus with Belial, and a virtue selector box meant for free-to-play or new players. These changes have been major setbacks and incredibly frustrating.

Overall, this is a good game with plenty of entertainment value and an engaging storyline. However, it would greatly benefit from implementing a feature that allows players to transfer levels from one hero to another, as obtaining trainers is difficult and their impact on levels is minimal. Additionally, making necessary items easier to obtain and ensuring that enemy levels match or are lower than the characters' levels would enhance the gameplay experience.

While the game has an excellent story with humor and intrigue, battles can feel lackluster at times and could benefit from a skip battle button and VIP levels for additional perks. Despite this, the game offers a sexy, well-written experience with plenty of content to explore without overwhelming players. It's currently one of my favorite games due to its compelling narrative and overall polish. Kudos to the developers for a job well done.

I genuinely enjoy playing this game, from its art style to its animations. However, I've encountered a significant bug where the game continuously consumes my coins without allowing me to progress in the campaign or other game modes. Despite waiting for two months, the problem persists, preventing me from advancing in the game. Until this issue is resolved, I'll continue to lower my rating.

While I initially wanted to give this game a try, I found the interface to be cluttered, with banners and numerous elements scattered across the screen. Additionally, while the game looks visually stunning and offers a wide variety of characters, it lacks uniqueness compared to other gacha games. The interface needs improvement for a more enjoyable experience.

This game offers a fun experience with impressive character customization options and decent animation. However, I've encountered some issues, such as nonsensical turn orders and minimal experience gain during battles. Moreover, the training feature yields insufficient resources, and certain customization options seem redundant.

Although this game is enjoyable, its predatory nature detracts from the experience. While the art and gameplay are engaging, the constant barrage of ads and numerous tabs to check can be overwhelming. Additionally, some core features, such as certain skill effects, are not fully functional. Despite its potential, the game is hindered by aggressive monetization tactics and difficulty spikes in later stages.

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