Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT (v.66.2442.7) for Android

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Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT marks the inaugural integration of NFT elements into the beloved Ragnarok Online IP. Globally launched, it is managed by Gravity Game Link (GGL), an Indonesian subsidiary of Gravity.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT offers a unique twist on the MMORPG mobile game genre with its 'Time-Effective' gameplay concept. Players navigate maze dungeons filled with iconic stages and monsters from the Ragnarok Online universe. The game not only aims to deliver thrilling experiences but also rewards players with digital financial assets for every minute of gameplay.

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Rating & Reviews (3.5 ⭐)

The initial two days went smoothly without any installation or login issues. However, upon reaching level 60+, where watching ads is required to claim rewards, a persistent error message, "ads can't be loaded. Please try again in a few minutes," began appearing, even after a day had passed. Additionally, random crashes started occurring, sometimes preventing the game from loading properly and abruptly exiting. This experience is unacceptable.

The game was enjoyable at first, but since the update involving ads, it has been constantly crashing. No matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall the game, the issue persists. Even after formatting my phone, the crashes persist, indicating that the problem lies with the app itself. Previous versions of the labyrinth were much better. Please address this issue, and I will reconsider my rating.

It's been two months, and none of the issues have been resolved. Crashes occur frequently, updates download at a sluggish pace, and ads are dysfunctional. I'm fed up and quitting. This game doesn't deserve my time or money if it can't address an issue I've been reporting for two months and still tries to profit through cryptomining. This feels like an elaborate scam.

The game requires a significant amount of data to load, but halfway through, it stops loading, leaving me stuck on an ad showcasing the game's features. Despite restarting and reinstalling multiple times, the issue persists. I will update my rating once this problem is resolved. I understand that the game is in its early stages, but this report should provide insight into areas that require improvement in future updates.

I spent nearly three hours downloading the patch, but it abruptly stopped, and the app displayed "requesting authorization." Even after reinstalling the app, the issue persisted. Despite having a stable WiFi connection, I couldn't complete the download. Others are already playing, but I'm unable to proceed. Help!

The gameplay was initially user-friendly, earning a 5-star rating from me. However, after the update, entering different dungeons or the labyrinth causes frame lag or the app to stop suddenly. This results in wasted entries without receiving rewards. Additionally, purchasing privileges for additional rewards stopped functioning after a week, displaying an error message. I hope these issues will be addressed in an upcoming update.

While the game shows promise, there is excessive automation, and PvP mode lacks enjoyment. Introducing NFT characters for investment purposes could kickstart the ecosystem. Currently, tokens hold little value, and ads do not incentivize players to invest. I look forward to contributing to transforming this game into an enjoyable and profitable venture for investors, Gravity, and free-to-play users.

I'm enjoying the game so far, but there are several issues that need addressing. Firstly, the game crashes after a few hours in "save power mode," hindering farming and item selling. Secondly, rewards are not received after watching ads, leading to app crashes. Lastly, there is a noticeable delay between casting a skill and auto-attacking, affecting gameplay speed. Please address these issues promptly.

I've been playing since the game's launch, and everything was fine until a few days ago when the game started crashing. Despite trying various troubleshooting methods like reinstalling the game, clearing data, and even reformatting my phone, the crashes persist. Please address this issue, and I'll gladly update my rating for the game.

The inclusion of ads to collect rewards in the tree section is disappointing. I've been a loyal player since the original and NFT versions, but this addition is burdensome and causes increased lag. I hope this aspect is reconsidered, as it detracts from the overall experience and may lead to player attrition.

Overall, the game is enjoyable, but there are a few issues that need addressing. The trading system in RO limits player interaction, and the acquisition of Onbuff points feels disproportionate to the expenses involved. Additionally, implementing a vault for sharing items/materials between characters would significantly enhance gameplay.

The frequency of crashes has escalated, particularly on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra. Switching maps often leads to crashes, resulting in loss of progress in labyrinth entries and PvP encounters. While I appreciate the game and have invested in battle passes, these persistent crashes are becoming increasingly frustrating.

The game's activity has significantly declined, with no players online during peak times and no AFK team XP for two weeks. While the game offers entertainment for free, the grind is exhausting, and the persistent bugs are tiresome. The end game dungeon appears unattainable without investing an unreasonable amount of time.

A suggestion for improvement would be to disable auto-scrolling in chat boxes when new messages are sent. Instead, allow players to manually scroll and provide a notification icon for new messages. Auto-scrolling disrupts reading and navigation, especially during busy times. Additionally, addressing issues with moderator players would enhance the overall experience. Thank you for considering these suggestions.

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