Opera Mini: Fast Web Browser (v.80.0.2254.71402) for Android - Opera

Opera Mini: Fast Web Browser (v.80.0.2254.71402) for Android - Opera

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When you accidentally scroll past the top, the browser reloads the page, leading to unnecessary data usage and altering your social media feeds like Facebook, which is quite inconvenient. Unlike some other browsers, there doesn't seem to be a way to prevent this behavior. Additionally, despite claims of compression and up to 90% data savings, it doesn't appear to load pages faster than regular browsers.

The recent update has made things worse, as most news sites fail to open even in reader mode, resulting in endless loading of white screens. Interestingly, Google and Facebook function perfectly. Another issue is with downloading videos; previously, users had the option to either download immediately or play, but the recent update automatically redirects to playing the videos, delaying the appearance of the download button.

While the browser is generally great for data savings, it sometimes takes a long time to load pages. An annoying aspect of the app is the persistent "Opera Mini is ready to update" notification that keeps appearing, disrupting the user experience. It's frustrating as it forces updates, making the app more laggy.

Despite being my go-to browser for data saving, updates have failed to address numerous bugs. For instance, using Facebook within the app often results in the next button simply reloading the same page instead of progressing. Additionally, the performance of the Opera Mini player is inconsistent, further adding to the frustration.

Although the app is deserving of five stars, occasional crashes and page loading issues without clear reasons detract from the overall experience. Despite trying various troubleshooting steps, including closing and reopening the app, the problem persists, causing inconvenience.

Compared to Chrome and others, this browser stands out for its modern interface, ad-blocking capabilities, speed, and organization features. It also offers data saving options, tab management, password-protected downloads, and features tailored for soccer fans. It's highly recommended for its versatility and convenience.

However, the app suffers from significant sluggishness upon opening, with delays in typing due to intrusive ads. Furthermore, clicking on "people also ask" results doesn't always open the corresponding pages, adding to user frustration.

While the browser has been a reliable companion, adding a feature similar to Chrome's ability to rename files during or after download would greatly enhance its usability. Despite this suggestion, the overall browsing experience remains satisfactory.

Despite being a long-time user of this browser, the functionality of owning an account leaves much to be desired, as syncing tabs, layout, and history between devices doesn't work as expected. Despite this drawback, the browser's RAM-friendly nature keeps users like me coming back, hopeful that the team will address these issues.

Although the browser is great overall, connectivity issues and lack of support for certain websites prevent it from receiving a full five stars. However, for users seeking fast downloads, data savings, and excellent service, it remains a top choice.

This app has been fantastic for a long time, but recently, it's been crashing and refusing to open on my smartphone. Despite having a good data network and sufficient storage capacity, it fails to boot up after clicking to open. Even after uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, it reverts to its usual problematic behavior after a few days. Developers need to address this issue promptly.

I've been a long-time user of Opera, appreciating its great speed and overall performance, despite not always delivering on data saving promises. However, recently, upon logging into the app, I get immediately redirected to a website, which opens in Chrome instead of Opera. This recurring issue, if intended to establish Opera as the default app, is unlikely to succeed.

In my opinion, Opera Mini is a standard internet application with the convenience of multiple accessible windows. While it may not offer groundbreaking features, the ability to track my favorite soccer team's victories is a unique functionality that has kept me using Opera Mini frequently. I would rate it a solid four out of five.

Once my preferred browser app, Opera has become unreliable. Searches redirect to a Google page indicating unusual traffic from my IP address, with the added frustration of a malfunctioning recaptcha. It defeats the purpose of a browser if basic browsing is impossible.

I've always appreciated Opera's ad-blocking feature and seamless browsing experience. However, recent updates seem to add unnecessary features that clutter functionality. Nonetheless, being able to customize the app to my needs has improved the experience.

It's disappointing that Opera Mini now consumes data even when idle, possibly due to downloading ads. Despite this drawback, I haven't found a suitable alternative, leaving me stuck with this browser and longing for its older, lightweight version.

Initially rated two stars, my opinion of Opera has worsened to one star due to its performance issues. While not as bad as other browsers, its tendency to redirect all search result links is frustrating and renders it virtually worthless for certain tasks, such as reading news in Norge.

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