OpenSea: NFT marketplace (v.2.29.6) for Android

Download OpenSea: NFT marketplace (v.2.29.6) for Android Mod Apk

The OpenSea mobile application offers the simplest method to manage your NFT collection and explore fresh items from the world's leading digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Through OpenSea's mobile app, you can:

ACCESS YOUR PROFILE: Easily view items you've previously collected by linking your profile to the app.

EXPLORE NEW ARTWORK: Discover the latest NFT releases from a diverse range of digital artists and creators, spanning from established artists to up-and-coming indie creators gearing up for their inaugural sale.

SAVE YOUR PREFERENCES: Encounter something intriguing? Adding an item to your favorites will store it in a dedicated section on your profile page alongside other favorited items.

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Reviews & Rating (3.9 ⭐)

It's quite disappointing. There are no auction search settings, such as sorting by ending soon or distinguishing between sell now and auction, not even on the website. The main pages mainly showcase already popular items, making it challenging to discover new creators and collections. It feels like if you're not already part of the club, no one really cares. It's a missed opportunity for such a promising idea, that's how I'd sum up

My experience has been awful from the beginning. I can view NFTs, but I can't create or add my own. It redirects me to its .io version where I'm supposed to create NFT listings. It asks me to connect my wallet, but then it gets stuck in a loop without actually connecting. It's frustrating and, so far, completely useless.

The problem with this app is that it hasn't improved with updates. I really miss the original setup of the app/website. Previously, you could "view all" and see a gallery of NFTs right in front of you. They removed that feature, and I'm not sure why. It was much better before; now, you don't even have the same options. There used to be a feature where you could view all NFTs within your price range and filter the types of NFTs you wanted to see.

It's a great app, but it's too glitchy for the amount of money flowing through this platform. Wallet connect often takes multiple attempts to connect, even after it supposedly connects. On the browser, I have to refresh every time because it doesn't connect to my wallet initially, even when it's linked. Please fix this issue, or else a competitor will take over during the next bull run.

Absolutely terrible! Why? Despite being highly rated in other places, this app is awful for both artists and buyers. It doesn't let you do what you need to do. For example, I'm trying to create collections, but it won't let me add a profile or banner, nor complete the collection uploads. Why even have an app if it's unusable? Please fix this ASAP; we're missing out on the hot market, and so are you as a company, I would assume.

This app is useless, stripped of all features. All you can do is view NFTs on the market and nothing else. There's no option to log in via email, and you can't edit or view your profile. It's baffling why this app even exists. Are the developers confused or lost?

Yes, you can look at NFTs, but you can't actually buy them. You have to download stuff that doesn't work, and it constantly redirects you. Then, when you hit "buy now" and sign it, you go back to the Opensea app, and the whole process restarts, forcing you to reconnect your wallet multiple times. How do people tolerate this?

It's bizarre. The app simply redirects you to the website if you want to do anything beyond looking at JPEGs. You can't view traits, and some NFTs aren't updated. It's just strange and definitely not useful.

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