MU Origin 2: 5th Anniversary (v.13.8) GAMENOW TECHNOLOGY for Android

MU Origin 2: 5th Anniversary (v.13.8) for Android Modded Apk

The collaboration between the MU Origin development team and Webzen has once again pushed the boundaries of possibility. Welcome to the era of MMORPG 2.0! Download now and immerse yourself in the next generation of MU.


MU ORIGIN 2 revives the legendary MU kingdom, preserving the beloved elements and stories cherished by players for over 16 years while enhancing the quality and gameplay experience. Return to the classic fantasy MMORPG world of MU online, wield your weapon, and reclaim the kingdom.

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The gaming experience itself is not inherently flawed, but the client's instability and inconsistency pose significant issues. After downloading the game and playing for four hours, I encountered difficulties when attempting to log in again. The client consistently remained stuck on buffering and initialization. Additionally, my friends experienced recurring problems such as repeated downloads of resources, character rollbacks, and loss of items and currencies. These issues are quite disappointing.

Finally, after updating the app, I was able to play properly. The loading issue has been resolved, although there are occasional lags. Despite this, the smooth gameplay makes it worth playing, and I find myself spending a lot of time enjoying the game. I particularly appreciate the cool features like swords, armor, spirits, and more. Thank you for addressing the issue!

While PvP is manageable manually, there could be better controls for skill sequencing. Despite impressive gameplay and graphics, there is room for improvement in event fairness. Despite these concerns, this remains my favorite MMO since the classic PC version of MU. I hope the connectivity issues can be resolved soon, as they present a significant disadvantage.

The game boasts impressive graphics and offers many freebies. However, I encountered frequent crashes after finishing arena battles and other quests requiring loading screens. This inconvenience prompted me to close and reopen the game repeatedly. I hope this issue can be resolved, as I would gladly update my rating to five stars. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

While the game excels in item collection and character progression, the character voices leave much to be desired. Immersive visuals are essential for a great game, but immersive auditory effects are equally important. I truly enjoy playing this game and hope that improvements can be made in this aspect.

Optimization is sorely needed across the entire game. Despite owning a high-end phone, I experience lengthy loading times and occasional lag. Additionally, the game locks the screen during quests, which is counterintuitive. Significant improvements, patches, and optimizations are necessary to enhance the user experience.

The frequent crashes and the requirement to subscribe to a costly data package are major drawbacks. Despite having WiFi, the game takes longer to open compared to other games, and crashes occur frequently during map navigation and character selection. These issues need urgent attention to prevent significant financial losses.

The drop rates for valuable items are disappointingly low, making it challenging to progress without significant investment. The abundance of in-game purchases further exacerbates this issue. The gameplay itself feels lacking, with little player agency beyond clicking through dialogues. The cluttered display adds to the frustration, primarily due to constant notifications urging players to make purchases.

Despite improved graphics, the latest update introduced interface freezes and lag issues. Despite anticipating a follow-up update to address these problems, no resolution was provided. Reinstalling the game only exacerbated the issue, with constant network error prompts despite stable connectivity. These issues need prompt resolution to maintain player satisfaction.

While the game offers impressive visuals and minimal lag, controller customization options are lacking. Adjustments to controller size or layout could greatly enhance the overall experience. Despite these concerns, the game remains enjoyable, earning a three-star rating from me.

My character is stuck loading, continuously resetting back to 0% progress. Despite waiting for an hour and attempting to relaunch the game multiple times using both mobile data and WiFi to refresh the IP address, the issue persists. Internet speed is not a factor, and reinstalling the game is not a viable solution due to the time-consuming process and the game's large size. Please address this issue promptly, especially considering my recent premium purchase.

Finally, I've discovered a game with impressive graphics and the ability to progress without spending money. By dedicating time to grinding and gameplay, one can become stronger. The availability of helpful guides further enhances the experience. This game deserves a five-star rating. Thank you for providing such an enjoyable experience.

While the game initially seemed promising, I encountered a significant obstacle when I ran out of EXP, preventing me from advancing in the main quest despite completing all side quests, daily tasks, dungeons, and alliance missions. This discrepancy is unexpected and discouraging. If this issue persists, I fear the game's future challenges will only become more frustrating. This development is disheartening.

After a recent update, the game fails to load, remaining stuck on the "initializing, please wait..." screen for extended periods. Despite attempting to redownload the game, the problem persists. I implore you to resolve this issue promptly, as I greatly enjoy playing this game and would gladly revise my rating to five stars once the issue is resolved.

The game inexplicably logs me out, disrupting my progress and delaying my main tasks. While the graphics are impressive, the gameplay experience is lacking, particularly due to these unexpected logouts. I hope these issues, along with any bugs, are addressed swiftly. For now, I can only give the game three stars. I may consider making in-game purchases once these issues are resolved.

The game's performance, compatibility, and stability need significant improvement. Many players are experiencing severe lag or unresponsiveness, particularly with Glorious Titles, following the latest update. I hope these issues are addressed promptly, as better stability would warrant a higher rating from me. For now, I can only give the game three stars, despite its overall quality.

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