Mint Browser - Video download (v.3.9.3) for Android

Mint Browser - Video download (v.3.9.3) for Android

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I'm rather disappointed with this app. Xiaomi apps are typically optimized, stable, and practical. However, this browser isn't reliable at all! 'Lite browsers' like this tend to be quite problematic and faulty when it comes to loading certain websites. If you're seeking a truly reliable and stable browser, opt for those with larger installation package sizes instead! It'll save you a lot of time compared to testing which of these lite browsers works fine because, from my experience, none of them do! 😤

It's a decent browser, lightweight and doesn't consume too much space. However, I discovered that I couldn't export my thousands of bookmarks from this browser on my old phone. Now that I've downloaded this browser on my new phone and signed in with my Google account, I've realized that it doesn't sync at all! It's infuriating! What's the point of signing in if NOTHING is being synced anyway?! A very useless feature in a browser!

What kind of dark mode is this? I can barely see anything. It seems like the developers don't want people to use dark mode. Do the developers and product managers even bother to use the app before deploying it? Moreover, it doesn't effectively block ads. The data saver feature makes everything look like HTML, which is understandable for data saving, but it's an unreasonable extent in 2024. Overall, it's slow and possibly the worst browser in the Play Store. I won't be using any Xiaomi software again.

It's a simplified version of the Mi Browser, which is great to see without ads. However, it still needs a lot of work. The speed isn't as good as expected. The desktop view should be easily accessible. Adding a search button at the bottom would be useful, as one can't always rely on voice commands alone. This browser needs to incorporate more features to stand out from the competition. As of now, it doesn't offer anything that makes it stand out.

The good: It's fast and responsive. I appreciate the ability to download videos, although it seems that videos can only be played within the app. The bad: The night mode isn't very appealing. Additionally, the app takes over the entire screen, not leaving space for the phone status bar that displays time, battery, and other info. It's annoying to have to manually swipe down from the top to see the time.

Great browser! It's speedy and responsive, with a clean and user-friendly interface. The only minor issue I've encountered is its limit of 16 open tabs at a time. While this might not be an issue for most users, I tend to open hundreds of tabs without realizing it. Still, I give it 5 stars because it's the fastest browser I've ever used and has few major issues. I love it!

You should check out to download the best browser app. It's arguably the top browser for Android because of its built-in blockers. Mobile browsing nowadays is bogged down by ads, images, and automatic videos, which slow down the browser and strain most smartphones. BrowserGood blocks most of that and presumably protects your privacy. Plus, it's based on Chrome, and you can easily disable ads and rewards within the browser.

This browser is fantastic, but a few small improvements would make it perfect in my opinion. Most browsers offer gesture-based browsing, such as swiping down while at the top of a page to refresh it. Additionally, a full-screen mode with the option to disable the bottom bar would be useful. I also appreciate the media downloading option on Facebook and other pages, but the download button can clutter the pages. Implementing a context menu for media downloads, such as holding down on media to download, would be a nice addition. Keep up the good work! PLEASE, ADD GESTURE BROWSING.

The best browser I've ever used. It's fast, simple, and allows for quick video downloads. The only downside is that when you close and reopen the app, you lose the page you were on. I couldn't find any settings to change this behavior, so I assume it's just how the app works.

It's an excellent browser, but the phrase "I shared blah blah using Mint Browser" is a bit silly. Who really cares what browser I'm using? And it's obvious that I shared the article/link; it doesn't need to be specifically mentioned. But aside from that, it's a great browser, one of the best! Especially the ease of switching between search engines and using incognito mode!

It's a fantastic browser, not as bloated as Opera Mini and others out there. I've been using it for the past two months and plan to stick with it for a while. It's quick to download and easy to use. The only drawback is the unlimited ads that keep popping up while browsing, which can be boring and sometimes inappropriate or embarrassing. If that issue is fixed, it would deserve a five-star rating.

Nice browser!! It's very lightweight compared to other more popular options, which is a huge advantage for me. It works exceptionally well on my Xiaomi devices. However, there are a couple of things I need to mention. Firstly, the ad blocker isn't very effective, but this isn't a major issue since it's common in other browser apps as well. Another issue is that I couldn't change the download directory of my files, although it was possible and worked well on my older device. Could this be due to my Android API being version 12? ☹️

Best browser. 👍 I especially like the video downloading function. However, there are a few suggestions for improvement: 1) Add a download button for YouTube, including the option to select the size/quality of the video download. This would eliminate the need for a separate downloader app. 2) Include a "copy link" button below the address bar, as it's very useful. 3) Improve YouTube video playback, especially when rotating the screen or switching between landscape and portrait modes.

I love the layout and find it easy to navigate. The text extraction reader right in the search bar is a fantastic feature for me. However, I've experienced crashes with the Mint Browser. Every time it crashes, I receive a "sorry, your browser app has stopped working" message. Update: I reinstalled the app and was attacked by malware within 24 hours, receiving a "you've won" popup. I'm using the version I'm reviewing.

My main issue is accidentally closing the app and losing all my important tabs because there's no prompt asking if I'm sure I want to exit. Additionally, downloads don't run in the background when you leave the app, and tapping the function to resume downloads doesn't work. You have to start all over again, which is frustrating. These issues need to be addressed for me to give it a 5-star rating again!

There have been many improvements since the last update; however, the ad blocker is still hit or miss, especially when I visit 9anime. Whenever I try to watch a video, I get bombarded with ads, and tabs open up for ads from Natuku as well. I really like the design, and it's a good browser overall, but the ad blocker still leaves much to be desired.

Overall, it's a pretty good browser, easy to use and everything. However, there are a couple of issues: Firstly, it seems to take a bit longer to load. Secondly, when the dark mode is activated, the screen turns white as it loads a new web page. Additionally, it would be nice to have the option to disable the darkening filter that dims the screen, so it only turns the whites on web pages black. Despite these three flaws, it's still very good.

The page jumping when hiding the address bar feels clumsy compared to the smooth transition in the original Xiaomi browser. It should also be possible to add a page to the homescreen directly from the page itself, like in the original browser. Additionally, the long press functionality on toolbar buttons is missing, as well as the ability to swipe on the edges to change tabs, which are features present in the original browser. However, the original browser lacks an ad blocker, unlike this one.

I initially gave this app 3 stars, but now it's down to 1 star. The ad blocker claims to block 18 ads, but it doesn't seem to be effective at all. All ads are still being shown, making browsing very slow, with page loading times taking a minimum of 30 seconds. Compared to Firefox Lite, which has a powerful and reliable ad blocker, Mint Browser falls short in terms of both speed and ad blocking effectiveness.

Although I genuinely love this lightweight browser, there are a few improvements I'd like to see. It would be great if I could surf in incognito tabs and normal tabs separately at the same time. Additionally, implementing the pull-down-to-refresh function instead of having to scroll up to find the refresh button would enhance the browsing experience. Lastly, having a "scroll to the top" button for faster navigation to the top of the page would be appreciated. Thank you to the developers for considering these suggestions.

This browser has provided me with the most satisfactory experience on a mobile device. It's efficient, visually appealing, and packed with useful features like night mode, reading mode, ad blocker, photo & video downloader, and more. Unlike Chrome, which often slowed down my phone, Mint Browser runs smoothly and efficiently. Thank you, Mint, for such a great browsing experience!

While I initially thought this app was good, I've encountered several issues that make it seem very problematic now. Firstly, it's unable to save to SD or set the default download location there, which is inconvenient. Secondly, on the "all tabs overview," the first tab is sometimes viewed instead of the current tab, leading to unintentional closures. Thirdly, daily updates of "WebView" render the app unusable for a quarter of an hour. Finally, some sites emit multiple warnings, even though they're okay.

Mint Browser is a lovely app with a clean interface and minimal clutter, both on the page and in the settings. However, personally, I prefer browsers with more features. Regardless, this browser is well-made and is likely to become a favorite for many users.

There are too many problems with this browser for it to be considered ready for release. It struggles with logging in to Reddit on desktop mode, and it's not much smaller than full-size Android browsers while lacking useful features. Although it's ad-free, the decision to uninstall it after just 10 minutes of use was easy.

Typing anything in the address bar is a frustrating experience, as it often takes 10-15 seconds for the text to appear. This delay makes it very inconvenient to use. If you type before the waiting period, no text will appear at all.

Mint Browser is reminiscent of CM Browser, with many useful features like Speed Dial and easy video downloads. However, it lacks some features such as import bookmarks, dark/night mode, and remember password. Overall, it's a good alternative to CM Browser for those who miss its features.

Giving this browser a second chance has made me appreciate its clean interface and the ability to add favorite bookmarks to the home screen without any unnecessary bloatware. However, despite the updates, photo ads still manage to get through, so for now, Opera remains my preferred browser.

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