Mini Militia - (v.5.5.4) (Apk) for Android

Mini Militia - (v.5.5.4) for Android Modded Apk

Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 offers thrilling multiplayer combat!
Engage in battles with up to 6 players online in this lively 2D game, blending elements of Soldat and Halo with a charming cartoon theme. Inspired by the original stickman shooter Doodle Army, it promises endless excitement.

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I'm extremely disappointed with this update because now you have to upgrade weapons by obtaining chests or purchasing them. Where's the store from the old version where you could buy upgrades? I worked hard to earn BP points to get upgrades like 2X health regeneration. Now, it's gone. I prefer the old version, simple yet amazing. Playing online has become a hassle. No more watching ads to get the free pro pack. Advice: bring back all of the old features, especially LAN. Visuals can be changed, but not the features.

The game used to be nostalgic, playing with friends, it was simple. However, the newer updates are ruining the game. It's buggy, the internet connectivity is bad, and you can no longer play with friends in offline multiplayer as they removed it. The update has taken the fun out of it. Devs should bring the old version back, as the game has gone downhill since the new updates, and seeing these ratings proves it.

It's become pay-to-win. The older version was better, where you only had to buy the pro pack and remove ads, and could play both online and offline with players. But now it's totally different. The UI and graphics have improved, but the ability to play offline is lost. I'm not using mobile data just to play with my friends; I'll just install the older versions.

What happened?! We can't play offline LAN anymore with the update. First, all offline/LAN functionality is gone. My squad and I play offline EVERYDAY while traveling home. Now we can't even play. Second, I had purchases from the old version: pro pack and 4 additional purchases for points. All of that was lost in the update. Note: I think the update is good, but don't lose what was already working well. This version sucks real bad.

I'm starting to dislike this game more and more. Three or maybe four years ago, it was better. But now, this game has a very high level of unfairness that many new players would experience. There are too many weapons that are locked, and getting duals and coins is too hard. I mean, there's a HUGE gap when your opponent has those! Well, there was an easy way to unlock all: buy in-game items. Wow. Starting to be a Pay to Win game? Congrats, what a good start to destroy your beautiful game.

It's been many years since I've played this game. But now, offline multiplayer mode is removed, upgrading weapons takes too long, maps are locked until a certain level, and I can't even interact with other players. The store doesn't showcase anything worth spending for. If you're a newbie, it will be too hard fighting against players with fully upgraded weapons.

It seems I'm part of the laughing stock after all. The game features are kinda worse than the previous version, which we all got used to without experiencing difficulties such as lag and connection problems. But perhaps this new platform causes more issues than the previous one. Can't connect properly, loses connection after a couple of matches or minutes. And the whole pro pack is what I miss in this game. Hopefully, the devs would bring back the good old days.

It's not the same. This is unacceptable. I've lost my rank, my premium pass, and the store unlocks. It's just not the same. Just make this Doodle Army 3 and bring back the old one. This is too wack; this was one of my favorite games back then, but now, it has gone through a downward spiral. It's a lot worse. Please, just make this Doodle Army 3, and let Doodle Army 2 be. Or at least add an option to change it back to the version where it doesn't have all the crate/weapon collecting.

I enjoy playing the game; it's not overly addictive, but leveling up and upgrading your character is a lot of fun. However, I've encountered some glitches, which is disappointing. Sometimes you can get stuck on a wall just by running into it, or you might get pushed by someone unexpectedly. Additionally, there are still many hackers present in the game despite being there since I first installed it. Nothing seems to have changed except for the leveling up aspect. Overall, it's a nice game, but it would be great if all the glitches could be fixed, and hackers banned instantly. It's impossible to level up with those hackers around! Good game though.

This game used to be cool for the past two years. However, the latest update isn't enjoyable for me. We no longer have the option to play with LAN Wi-Fi, which means I can't play with my cousins like we used to. Everything used to be free back in 2018 - late 2019, but since the big update, I haven't been enjoying the game as much. Now I have to download an old APK from Google. I preferred the older Mini Militia to the new one. Is it possible to change it back? Overall, the game is still good.

Micro-transactions in the game aren't a big deal because you get a crate every time the round ends. However, one downside is that you can only hold four crates, and you have to wait three hours for the standard one to open. If you're lucky enough to get an elite crate but the slots are full, that elite crate is automatically discarded, which is frustrating. I would suggest adding a remove button for crates to make room for possible elite crates. Overall, the update is good, but the graphics could use a little upgrade.

THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE!!! IT KEEPS CRASHING WHEN I TRY TO OPEN IT after the new update. Every time I attempt to open the game, it briefly shows the home menu screen and then crashes. Additionally, there's no background music when I'm on the home menu screen. I also can't connect the game to my email, so I can't recover my Mini Militia account and items. PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS!!!!! It's incredibly annoying, and I have more to share, but the review box has its limits...

The game itself is very good, and the interface is awesome. However, I have a small suggestion: please allow all maps, outfits, and weapons (including the double gun) to be available in multiplayer with friends without considering the players' ranks. This change would definitely increase the fun and enjoyment of the game. Currently, if a friend with a lower rank plays against us, they might not stand a chance, which diminishes the enjoyment. So, please consider making this change only in multiplayer with friends. 🥲🥲🥲 Pleaseeeeeeee

THE GAME WON'T LOAD!!!! This game used to be simple and great. I re-installed it after many years, only to find out that the new update has completely ruined it. The game doesn't load at all, even with a 5G network. It simply says "NETWORK ISSUE," even when I have a high-speed internet connection. It's incredibly frustrating. I hope they fix this bug or issue ASAP; otherwise, there will be a huge number of uninstalls for sure. Please consider this review and fix the bug ASAP!!

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