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Kritika: The White Knights (v.5.3.5) for Android Apk

Experience the THRILL! KRITIKA: The White Knights

Get ready for an adrenaline rush!
- Immerse yourself in the most thrilling action RPG that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
- Unleash intense EX skills that burst off the screen! Call upon a friend's Striker to help you conquer your foes!

Encounter the champions!
- Rang: Unleash torrents of dual wielding attacks!
- Wandering Master: Harnesses beasts and talismans to shift the balance in his favor!
- Elemental Fairy: A mystical enchantress merging spirits and the four elements of magic for devastating assaults!
- Flame Striker: Engulfs adversaries with fiery onslaughts using her explosive gauntlet!
- Blade Dancer: Dominates enemies with swift and precise slashes from her Phantom Sword!

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Credit to the developers for providing free Karats during events or when launching new characters. The only downside is a bug that sometimes fails to recognize progress in PvP missions from the Awaken mission. For example, if I fight an Eclair three times when I only need to do it twice (the requirement is 6/6), it doesn't register that I've completed it. This led me to believe I still needed to fight Eclair until I realized I had completed it when I collected and noticed it showed 12/6. It's a waste of Brawler Badge.

The game continues to improve, although the quality of event and login rewards has decreased. However, updates are becoming faster, and the game size has been reduced, which is positive. Additionally, they've stopped adding unnecessary features. I hope advertisements become more useful, such as using 100 stamina to clear a stage instead of just 60, allowing for fewer stages to be cleared per ad.

As for an actual review, I would say it does have some flaws, although not many. There are a few minor glitches, and the initial load time is a bit slow. Overall, it's a great game and one of the best for grinding.

I encountered login issues because my Facebook login was linked to another SNS account. When I tried to send a ticket via the forgotten login option, I received an error message stating that my screenshot couldn't be attached. Additionally, it seems my username was stolen and reassigned to another user, as the email associated with the account was not mine when I attempted to recover it under that username.

It's a very enjoyable game; it's satisfying to set up and watch your character compete in arenas. The gameplay is engaging, especially if you prefer controlling it yourself. However, much of the extra content and PvP are automated, but it's still entertaining to watch. There's a decent variety of characters, but I particularly like the berserker.

After encountering issues with launching the game, I contacted customer service for assistance. However, they only provided single-email replies, and their solution was something I had already tried. If I could give this game a 0-star review, I would. It's disappointing because if the game ran smoothly, it would deserve a 5-star rating.

Still the best game and highly recommended for those who enjoy grinding. It's free-to-play friendly, with frequent events and updates. The developer is very active, but the only drawback is the time-consuming nature of grinding multiple characters for daily quests. More skip features and increased drop rates would be appreciated in the future.

An incredible game that allows you to continue playing and exploring without the need for VIP purchases, which makes the investment worthwhile.

When I open the game, I have to download additional resources, and even after it's finished, I'm still stuck on the loading screen, even after restarting the game. (I'm still unsure what the problem is.)

It needs more creativity, less fan service, better graphics, controllable camera angles, improved facial expressions, better voice acting, and reduced sound during attacks. Other than that, it's good.

It's been 24 days since I last played, and I have to say it's really great. The gameplay and mechanics are simple and good, and the rewards are okay, although it depends on luck. However, I have encountered a problem with the matchup in the tournament, as I immediately fought against a level 70 player with a million CP, which seems unfair.

There seems to be a serious issue with the game right now; Facebook login isn't working anymore. My main account is linked there, but whenever I try logging in with Facebook, the "logging in" disappears, and then nothing happens. I've waited for a few minutes and tried again, but still can't log in. I can log in with any other account except Facebook. Please let me know if it's my phone or if Facebook isn't working anymore.

I really miss this game! Edit: The nostalgia I feel is so unreal; I miss it so much. The game is awesome, and I would highly recommend it!

I installed this game for the first time on the Google Pixel 7 Pro. It takes forever to load up. When I try to log in, the next login screen flashes and immediately puts me back at the title screen. So, I cannot log in or create an account in this case. And who in their right mind would log in as a guest on any game? I'm so disappointed. I quickly uninstalled it. Thanks for nothing.

Experiencing lots of server connection failures while other online games are working fine. There are even more failures when trying to watch refresh or reward videos. It seems like support doesn't care, as the video failures have been an issue since around 2014 or so.

I like this game because the weapon color shines, but there are too many color shine effects that my eyes can't handle. It's similar to a PC game.

There are bad design flaws, like losing all my pet food because the game thinks it's equipable gear and "combines" it with other gear. All Com2us games are pay-to-play, and after wasting money on other Com2us Holdings games that they bought and killed, like Elune, I'm not wasting a dime on this one.

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