Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet (v.124.0.6327.3) for Android - Geometry OU

Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet (v.124.0.6327.3) for Android - Geometry OU

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This browser is excellent. I use it alongside the default Chrome, but I find myself using this one more often due to its compatibility with Chrome extensions. Any issues I encounter are promptly addressed through updates before I even have a chance to report them, which is fantastic. However, I've recently discovered a recurring problem—it crashes intermittently for unknown reasons. Please provide an update to address this issue. Thank you!

My initial impression is that this browser lives up to its claims of being light and fast, a refreshing change from Adblock Browser's resource-heavy nature. I appreciate the excellent performance. It would be beneficial to have additional options for tab view, such as a tiled view, as well as the ability to control how many tabs are kept loaded in memory. Additionally, a more customizable night mode feature would be welcome, as some sites experience issues with the current implementation. An option to opt-in for ad blocking would also be appreciated.

This browser impresses with its fast loading times compared to other popular browsing apps in the store. I particularly appreciate the option to move the entire address bar to the bottom. However, there are a few drawbacks. Firstly, the new tab page feels mediocre compared to others, lacking features like bookmarks or recently visited pages. Additionally, the built-in ad blocking feature can be unreliable and occasionally causes sites to display only a blank page.

While I find this browser to be excellent overall, there are a couple of improvements I'd like to see. When moving the address bar to the bottom and accessing the menu, the toolbar (back, forward, refresh buttons, etc.) remains at the top, requiring a stretch to reach them. It would be helpful if these menu toolbars were also located at the bottom when the bottom address bar and Chrome Duplex are enabled.

This browser is truly impressive, standing out among all other available options. I deleted my default browser in favor of this one, and I haven't looked back since. The ad-blocking feature is remarkably effective, and all pages load incredibly fast. However, I have a small request—a dark mode option and the ability to customize the news shown on the homepage would greatly enhance the browsing experience.

After searching for an alternative browser, I stumbled upon this great option. I hope to see a PC version soon, as well as options to temporarily select search engines while in the search bar and a separate search engine for incognito mode. Overall, it's a solid browser with room for improvement, particularly in the news feed layout.

Fast, secure, and customizable, this browser is a much better alternative to Google Chrome and other built-in browsers. While it shares similarities with UC Browser, it offers better security. However, the ad blocker occasionally allows some ads to slip through, and HTML editing is still not supported—an improvement I hope to see in the future.

This browser is absolutely phenomenal! It's my go-to for nearly everything, with its only drawback being the inability to play videos in full screen without unmuting them, particularly noticeable on YouTube Mobile. However, this seems to be a limitation of the built-in media player rather than the browser itself. Overall, it deserves five stars!

This browser is excellent, despite the removal of the background YouTube feature, which I miss. Nonetheless, it still offers fantastic features like night mode and ad blockers. I would love to see a version for Windows in the future, as I believe many users would appreciate it. Thank you for your continued efforts to improve accessibility across platforms.

This browser is amazing! It's incredibly flexible and visually appealing, especially with its support for extensions. However, there are a couple of minor issues I'd like to address. Firstly, the tab switcher has a large blank space at the top, which seems unnecessary. Secondly, creating a shortcut doesn't generate a web app, which would be a welcome addition. Other than these minor inconveniences, the browser is easy to use, fast, and highly customizable.

While this browser has seen significant improvements, there are still some issues that need addressing. The backward gestures are problematic, although less critical than forward gestures. Additionally, the implementation of dark mode leaves much to be desired, especially when viewing Wikipedia, where images and palettes become difficult to discern. Despite these drawbacks, the browser continues to deliver a solid experience.

Overall, this app is great, but there's a bug that needs fixing—when closing open tabs, the list scrolls to the top on its own. This makes it cumbersome to close recent tabs when there are many open, as it requires constant scrolling to the bottom of the list. Additionally, an option to customize names or labels on links in the new tab page would be a welcome addition. Thank you for your efforts, and please keep up the good work!

The app offers great functionality with its excellent extension support and impressive stability and speed. I highly recommend installing uBlockOrigin for an enhanced browsing experience. However, there are a couple of issues worth noting. Full-screen videos are not properly centered, leading to some parts of the video being cropped, which can be frustrating. Additionally, I have reservations about the browser's privacy policy, particularly regarding the collection of location data for advertising purposes. Despite these concerns, this may still be the top browser choice for Android users at the moment!

I appreciate the minimal status bar that can be positioned at the bottom, which is fantastic. It would be even better if the forced dark theme could automatically activate when the system-wide dark theme is enabled, especially for users who prefer the dark mode from sunset to sunrise. However, there are occasional glitches such as both bottom and top bars appearing when opening browser preview tabs, and difficulties in manually switching tabs about 50% of the time. These UI bugs could use some attention.

There's a minor issue with the browser—it fails to open pop-ups. To replicate this, I suggest trying the news feed eradicator extension, which should prompt a permission request. However, the pop-up does not appear. This issue doesn't seem to occur on desktop or with Yandex on Android, so it should be a relatively easy fix. It appears that something might be disabled within the browser's settings.

I'm a huge fan of this app! The ability to download extensions is definitely its standout feature. However, I can't help but notice that the interface seems a bit outdated. Are there any plans to update the look to match that of Chrome for Android? Additionally, I wish some of the functionality could be more user-friendly, similar to Samsung Internet. I'd be happy to provide specific suggestions for improvement. Keep up the awesome work!

I've been experiencing an issue with Kiwi browser on my Android phone (Redmi Note 12 4g). When I enter fullscreen mode for YouTube videos, the video doesn't properly fill the screen—it appears too high, low, or off to the side. Despite trying troubleshooting steps like adjusting the zoom level and clearing the browser cache, the problem persists. I've noticed other users reporting similar problems. Could you please investigate this issue and let me know if a fix is planned for a future update? Thanks for creating such an awesome app!

Kiwi is hands down the best browser compatible with ad-blocking extensions. However, it's not without its flaws. Occasionally, it enters a half-frozen state when it struggles to open websites, accepting only some commands from the UI. Neither closing all tabs nor killing the app seems to solve the issue, although it eventually resolves itself after a few hours.

One feature that would significantly enhance this browser is the ability to bookmark or export all opened tabs. Currently, the best workaround involves making all tabs active and using the Bookmark All Tabs extension, but this process is cumbersome. Additionally, shortcuts on the modern homepage are broken—if deleted, they reappear when opening a new tab.

Ever since I discovered this browser, I've abandoned Google Chrome. However, I've encountered a strange problem recently—anytime I download something from a website, the download speed is abysmal. Initially, I suspected it was an issue with my connection, but the problem persisted across multiple sites. Surprisingly, using a third-party downloader app yielded perfect speeds. I'm currently updating the browser in hopes of resolving this issue; otherwise, I may have to reconsider my rating.

I'm a frequent user of Kiwi browser and appreciate its features, but it's far from perfect. The inability to transfer navigation data and passwords when switching phones significantly impacts the user experience. Having to manually input login credentials for every website upon switching devices is tedious and frustrating, especially for those who upgrade their devices frequently. This oversight has been disappointing for a loyal user like myself.

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