Island Questaway - Jungle Farm (v.0431.5) NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD for Android

Island Questaway - Jungle Farm (v.0431.5) for Android Modded Apk

Step into the enchanting paradise island! Embark on an exploration through the mysterious jungle and establish your very own farmtown.

Delve into the secrets of a lost island, unravel family drama, experience the intricacies of farm life, and behold breathtaking landscapes reminiscent of paradise bay in this captivating adventure game!

Emily sets sail to the family farm located on the undiscovered island in search of her brother, only to find herself caught in a thrilling whirlwind of jungle escapades.

In this farm adventure, lend your assistance to Emily as she nurtures her family estate on the island, forges connections with locals, and journeys through scenic ruins!

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The characters are both entertaining and adorable. However, an internet connection is required to play. Clearing the clutter on the farm requires a significant amount of energy, often leading to the need to exit the game and wait for the energy to replenish after clearing just a few obstacles. Despite this, my farm remains messy, perhaps due to my excitement over the storyline. On the bright side, there's no rush to complete quests, so taking it slow might be the best approach.

This game is quite enjoyable and progresses faster than others with similar maps. Energy is readily available, making tasks easier to complete. Although there's no background music, it's not a big issue. I hope the game maintains its current pace and doesn't become more challenging as I advance in levels.

While I can tolerate the resource requirements and limited energy, what frustrates me the most is the frequent screen movement when the energy runs out. Accidentally pressing the pop-up wastes precious energy, compounding the frustration. Additionally, while the optional ads are appreciated, the pricing seems arbitrary. It's disappointing to see a potentially perfect game marred by these issues.

Overall, it's a nice game with an engaging story and animation. However, progression to the next level can be slow, and the rewards sometimes don't align with expectations. The cost of building and other necessities feels steep compared to earnings, making advancement challenging.

There's plenty of variety in this game to keep me entertained, and new elements are introduced just when I start to get bored. It combines various gameplay elements seamlessly, allowing players to spend as little or as much time as they want without penalties.

Despite some glitches, this game has nice graphics and provides a good way to pass the time. It offers decent rewards for watching ads, but the match 3 events are glitchy and don't always deliver promised rewards. Additionally, the prices for energy, gems, and golden tickets are exorbitant.

This game is a disappointment. Despite spending money, the value received is minimal, and purchases feel like a bait-and-switch tactic. Progression is heavily reliant on purchasing items, and the recent update has made the glitches even worse.

I strongly advise against downloading this game. A recent update caused me to lose almost all progress, reverting my farm to its initial stages. It's incredibly frustrating, and I'm considering deleting the game entirely.

After a few years and some new updates, I'm delighted to be playing this game again. There's a variety of activities to keep me engaged, and the energy system seems balanced. Overall, it's an enjoyable experience.

Oh, man! At first, it's a blast—you're exploring different islands on the map and hunting for various things. But once you've finished, that's it. They make it seem like there's room for expansion and more exploration, but they leave you hanging. There are no plans to add different maps or expand the islands. I'm extremely disappointed, so it's a one-star rating from me.

I adore this game! It's a slow-paced gem, and it receives frequent updates! They've ironed out many of the glitches and bugs. However, if you're stuck on a puzzle, you have to crack it before you can progress, which can be challenging. Some hints for the extra tough puzzles would be appreciated. Nevertheless, this is hands down my favorite game! I just wish there was an option to skip the story intro and tutorials during special events.

While this game was initially great for passing the time, I have to dock some stars because of its predatory nature. I've lost several hundred hard-earned diamonds due to the game prompting you to buy energy refills with diamonds whenever you run out. This would be acceptable if it didn't pop up over whatever you're already trying to click on, essentially forcing you to spend your diamonds on something you didn't intend to.

The game frequently freezes and crashes during transitions, like when opening the map or entering the mine. Moreover, it has never once delivered the promised reward for watching an ad—it just shuts down every time instead of returning to the game. Despite promises with every update to fix these bugs, they persist.

I'm downgrading my rating from five stars to three, and that's being generous. I was thoroughly enjoying the game and satisfied with the quest rewards until I hit the bird puzzle. Now, I'm stuck, unable to progress. Even exiting the game and returning brings me right back to the frozen spot, and it's incredibly frustrating. I just spent all my in-game currency on the game, and now I'm left feeling disappointed.

The initial fun wears off quickly. As you get hooked, you realize you need more and more energy to advance through levels. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money, you can only play for 5-10 minutes at a time before having to wait for your energy to replenish. Even the small amount of free energy you find isn't enough to pass additional levels. Loyalty seems to come at a cost when it comes to games like these.

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