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Idle Cat Makeover: Hair Salon (v.1.5.8) for Android Modded Apk

Idle Cat Makeover is a captivating and irresistible mobile game crafted for cat-loving fashionistas. Assume the role of a salon manager for feline beauty and grooming, striving to elevate your establishment to the pinnacle of popularity and success within the community. Your responsibilities include resource management, staff recruitment, and salon enhancements to ensure customer satisfaction.

Delve into a myriad of quests encompassing floor upgrades, customer interactions, and competitive beauty pageants. Embellish your salon, partake in contests, and vie for coveted rewards. Staying attuned to the latest trends in cat couture and grooming is imperative for maintaining your salon's preeminence in the neighborhood.

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I enjoy playing this game, but I'm stuck at level 24. The fashion contest has become tedious and challenging; previously, it was much more enjoyable two updates ago.

I'm a huge fan of this game! Although I'm not usually into idle games, the combination of cats, fashion, and charming artwork has me hooked. Unfortunately, there's a significant bug causing annoying pop-up box closures, making gameplay frustrating. I encountered this issue a month ago and even restarted the game entirely to no avail. It's disheartening that there's no apparent support for resolving this problem.

Initially, I was really into this game, especially as a way to distract myself during anxiety spikes. Levelling up the adorable cats was a blast. However, I'm disappointed because my last two purchases didn't deliver the in-game items, and I never received assistance from support. Apart from this issue, the game is fantastic.

Honestly, the game is quite forgettable, except for the relentless ads. They pop up after every achievement and minor goal, offering options to double rewards or skip them entirely. It's not worth the hassle.

I really want to enjoy this game, but the constant freezing makes it nearly unplayable. Despite adjusting the resolution and restarting the game, the freezing persists, accompanied by delayed music cessation upon app closure. It's frustrating, even though the game looks adorable.

I was enjoying this game and even considered investing in premium passes and ad-free packs. However, recent issues, such as progress resets and unresponsive support, have soured my experience. It's disheartening to lose both in-game progress and real money without resolution.

This game seems cute and fun, but I couldn't even get past the initial ad that obstructed most of the screen. Despite attempting to close it, it persisted throughout the tutorial, greatly hindering gameplay. Additionally, clicking the "x2 ad bonus" yielded no results, as the loading screen remained stuck indefinitely.

I downloaded this game a few days ago, and it's incredibly cute and entertaining as an idle game (though there are lots of ads, which I don't mind much since I usually play while watching TV). However, recently, the game started flashing black intermittently and freezing when loading doubler bonuses, causing the app to eventually refuse to open. I tried uninstalling and redownloading, which temporarily fixed the issue, but now the black screen problem has resurfaced. I'll wait to see if the app becomes completely unresponsive again.

As an idle game, offline rewards are infrequent, slowing down progression without purchases. Although disabling ads was beneficial, I've noticed an issue with offline rewards not accumulating consistently. While it's supposed to happen occasionally, it's rare and doesn't occur if the game is left idle for a few hours.

This game is fantastic, but I've encountered some frustrating issues since the recent update. There's a persistent red dot at the wardrobe, indicating new items or a refreshed shop, yet despite checking multiple times, I can't get rid of it. It's a minor annoyance, not critical, but it's starting to bother me.

It's a very cute and enjoyable game to play, but the abundance of ads and lack of control over ad viewing (even declining ads sometimes triggers them anyway) are significant drawbacks. What pushed me over the edge was encountering glitches during ads, where they wouldn't end and remained stuck at 0 seconds, forcing me to restart the game multiple times.

I want to thank the development team for taking the time to read and consider my review. The new cover art is fantastic and accurately represents the game. I'm also a big fan of the new growth cabinet system. While I still have concerns about the excessive ads required for progression, I understand it takes time to address. Overall, I enjoy the game and its content, and I plan to continue playing. One suggestion: bathing should precede any makeup or clothing changes; it just makes more sense! Thank you once again!

I really wanted to enjoy this game. The outfits, cats, and mechanics are all fascinating. However, the need to watch 2-3 ads per minute to make any progress is excessive. While there's a premium option to remove ads, not everyone can afford it, making it difficult to enjoy as a free game. Progression feels gated behind constant ads or paywalls, which is standard for mobile games, but the frequency of ads here is unbearable. Additionally, the ads drain phone battery quickly.

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