Hero Wars: Alliance (v.1.199.046) - NEXTERS GLOBAL LTD for Android

Hero Wars: Alliance (v.1.199.046) for Android Modded Apk

Hero Wars is an online fantasy RPG that operates on idle mechanics. Engage in epic battles against the Archdemon and his malevolent forces, shaping the course of epochs as you gather legendary heroes throughout your journey. Prepare for an exhilarating adventure!

Enhance your heroes' abilities, acquire new skills, strengthen your army, and establish a guild. Engage in thrilling multiplayer conflicts in this online AFK RPG fantasy realm. Demonstrate your prowess as a formidable warrior and establish a lasting legacy of tranquility within the Dominion!

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I invested significant time in leveling up my heroes, only to wake up the next day and find my progress lost. I won't update this review until I regain my previous level. (Edit 1) Despite reaching out to support, the issue remains unresolved, and my progress hasn't been restored. I'm uninstalling the game. It's not worth spending money on a game where support can't assist with issues.

The drop rate for items is too low, especially considering the energy mechanic in this game. Spending time trying to obtain specific upgrade items often results in running out of energy without success. Additionally, missions that offer hero tokens for unlocking heroes are limited to three per day, creating a frustrating cycle. While you can purchase extra attempts, it's tied to being a VIP.

The game has great mechanics, but the energy system and item acquisition are overly expensive. Increasing the drop rate by at least 10% for low-level items would alleviate the monotony. The city gate rewards feel inadequate for more experienced players. I hope these issues are addressed soon.

I enjoy playing the game, but the advertisements are unbearable. They consistently cause crashes and freezes, regardless of the device being used. While the game itself runs smoothly on one device, the ad interruptions are a significant drawback.

The game is well-designed, and one of the advertised game modes aligns with the actual gameplay. However, progressing without purchasing premium items for better heroes and upgrades becomes challenging early on. Having achievements to strive for would enhance the experience.

As expected from a free semi-automated combat team builder, the game offers optional ad engagement for bonuses without being intrusive. However, the ads for the game can be misleading regarding the frequency of engaging in depicted mini-games. Overall, it's a solid four-star experience due to its non-invasive ad dynamics.

Recent changes have introduced numerous loading issues, such as enemy heroes failing to load and shop items not appearing. The game often hangs on loading screens, even after restarting, displaying a continuously running animation. While the UI improvements are appreciated, the game has become unplayable due to crashing.

I'm lowering my rating to a 2. Initially, the game was enjoyable, but over time, it increasingly rewards players who spend real money, putting those who can't afford it at a disadvantage. Grinding for gold artifact pieces is tedious, and there should be a system for trading items to alleviate this issue. It's time for me to delete the game and move on.

It's an enjoyable game, typically hovering around 4 stars, possibly even 5. However, when I watch ads to initiate an expedition or similar tasks, I keep getting bombarded with the annoying Caplyta ad. Not only do I fail to receive rewards from that ad, but I also can't exit back to the game; I have to close the entire app and restart it. While there are other ads available, I keep encountering the same one repeatedly, which is frustrating and makes me consider uninstalling if it persists.

The game suffers from false advertising as I didn't encounter a single screen from the advertised ad. Continuing to play requires a significant investment as there are tens of thousands of upgrade items needed. Acquiring these items either entails purchasing them or winning them in battle, with an abysmally low drop rate. For instance, I needed over 200 items for a single upgrade, with a drop rate of 1 per 10 battles, each battle consuming 8 energy. Progressing becomes an arduous and costly endeavor due to the myriad types of upgrades available.

Initially, the game seemed promising, but there were numerous occasions when I didn't receive rewards for watching ads. However, after playing for a while, I found it to be a fun time-killer. Nevertheless, the length of ads has increased, and in some instances, I'm forced to watch two ads before receiving a ticket. Additionally, recent changes to rune stones have simplified things for players, but the value for upgrading heroes has diminished compared to before, making it increasingly challenging for free-to-win players.

I downloaded and installed the game, played it for about an hour, and found it reasonably enjoyable, resembling the ads to a large extent. However, upon reopening it a few days later, I discovered that it hadn't saved any progress. Assuming it was a glitch, I played it again, only to find myself back at the beginning when I reopened it a couple of days later. Needless to say, I'm not pleased with this experience.

Initially, the game was fun, but as I progressed to higher levels (reaching level 72), the costs in terms of both money and time required for upgrades became exorbitant, causing me to lose interest. Additionally, while I would consider purchasing skins for $2, I'm deterred by the $15 price tag. Despite these issues, I continued playing, but the latest update forces players to watch an ad upon opening the game. Since I regularly contribute money to avoid ads, this change is disappointing, and I hope it's reverted back soon.

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