Goddess Connect for Android (v.23.4) | Indofun Games

Goddess Connect for Android (v.23.4) | Indofun Games

Embark on an endless journey to forge the mightiest legacy imaginable. Gather legendary Heroes, vanquish sinister Devils, and ascend to legendary status! Your every decision shapes the destiny of the world.

With convenient features like lucrative offline rewards and automated map battles, even as the chosen savior, you'll bask in rewards around the clock. Join forces with these extraordinary heroes today!

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To be honest, it's pretty decent for a casual player. It's not a game I'd dive into competitively since it can drain your wallet quickly. A small top-up is usually all you need when you hit a snag, but the grind can be enjoyable too. I'd give it a 9 out of 10 for its art designs, though I wish there were more male characters. It'd be nice if they made summoning a bit easier too, especially outside of events or updates. Overall, it's a solid game.

I'm actually having fun with this game. I usually steer clear of these types of games because they often don't live up to their ads.

Overall, the game is good. For an idle genre game, there's plenty of content. However, there are some critical bugs. I topped up but didn't receive the items, and despite binding my account twice, it vanished when I tried to log in. I hope I can get a refund. On the bright side, I really enjoy the background music, reminiscent of an old game I used to play called Pocket House, which shut down years ago.

My account disappeared suddenly, and I'm at a loss. I've reached out to customer service and tried asking for solutions on Discord, but I haven't received any answers. I didn't engage in any illegal activities during the game, so it's frustrating to lose both money and time.

It seemed like a nice game at first, with a normal login experience. But as I progressed through the quests, I received numerous rewards.

The game feels too chaotic, with confusing gameplay that seems to play itself. Despite the appealing graphics and design, developers need to address these issues, especially the intrusive red packet feature.

After only a few seconds of playing, before even reaching the tutorial, I could tell that the low quality of the music and graphics would be an issue for me. Perhaps others will enjoy the game, but it's not for me.

The game is easy to pick up, offers many freebies, and boasts great character designs. However, the expiration time for codes is too short. If the developers address this issue, the game could become one of the best idle RPGs out there.

The falling envelopes are incredibly annoying, especially since they persist even after reaching the claimed limit. It feels like the tutorial never ends, with constant arrows pointing to the next action.

The intrusive red packet feature disrupts gameplay, making it difficult to continue levels or access buttons. With some major adjustments, the game could improve significantly.

The game is alright, but the constant pop-up texts and falling envelopes are unbearable. It's frustrating that there's no way to disable them, despite the developers claiming otherwise.

I've been attempting to play for an hour now, but all I get is a loading screen prompting me to log in with a Playnow Account, which turns out to be a gambling website. I've tried reinstalling multiple times to no avail. Until this issue is resolved, I can only give this game a 1-star rating.

This game is not good. The incessant pop-up texts and falling envelopes are incredibly irritating. There's no option to disable them, despite what the developers claim. The game could be enjoyable, but with these constant interruptions, it's hard to enjoy.

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