FAB Adblocker Browser: Adblock (v.96.1.3743) for Android

FAB Adblocker Browser: Adblock (v.96.1.3743) for Android

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This app used to be reliable, but now it's inundated with annoying ads that pop up whenever you open the browser. Additionally, there's a persistent pro icon on the right side of the screen that refuses to disappear even after enduring a 5-minute ad. There's no option to hide or drag it, which severely impacts the readability of the browser. Disappointed with these changes, I've decided to uninstall it and seek out a better alternative elsewhere. It was enjoyable while it lasted, but now it's just like any other app browser with multiple irritating ads. 👎

The app has significantly improved compared to previous updates, although the addition of ads as an adblocker is disappointing. While I understand the need to monetize the app, adding more ads isn't the solution, as users expect an ad-free experience. Instead, I recommend focusing on enhancing the existing features and introducing a paywall to unlock additional functionalities such as icon skins, themes, customized buttons, antivirus browsing, website button effects, sound effects, and navigation animation.

This adblocking app is exceptional. I've been using it for six months without encountering major issues, aside from occasional ads that manage to bypass the adblocker. My only suggestion is to improve the speed of the free VPN feature, as it sometimes takes a while to connect or fails to connect multiple times. Overall, the app functions well, and I highly recommend it for an ad-free browsing experience.

The FAB (Floating Action Button) feature works flawlessly most of the time. Occasionally, when it blocks an ad, a popup appears notifying that it was blocked. Although this happens infrequently and resolves itself after a while, it doesn't detract significantly from the overall functionality. The app also offers excellent features like a VPN.

I'm delighted that the app has returned to its previous state! I previously disliked the updates, but now it's just as good as it once was. I appreciate being able to disable ad block on certain websites and position the toolbar at the top. However, I miss the option to connect to Google from the settings, which was available before.

The app performs adequately, but some ads manage to slip through occasionally. The main issue arises with videos, particularly on YouTube. Attempting to interact with comments results in the page reverting to the previous one, and videos on other websites often glitch, making them unwatchable, especially in full-screen mode. Additionally, the sides of videos are frequently cropped when enlarged to full-screen.

While it was once excellent, the app has started playing ads. Some ads start at the beginning of videos but get cut off, while others play the entire ad. After uninstalling and reinstalling, the ads have stopped, which is a relief. I appreciate the prompt fix, as I was on the verge of quitting YouTube altogether.

The recent changes to the toolbar have negatively impacted my experience. I preferred the previous layout with arrows for navigation, a home icon, and the smiley window positioned differently. Additionally, the download history button is redundant and could be consolidated with the browser history. Offering customizable toolbar options through appearance settings would be a welcome improvement.

I keep encountering ads despite using an adblocker, which defeats the purpose. However, my main issue is the app's behavior when maximizing YouTube videos—if the phone is rotated, the app minimizes, causing the video to restart. Although I hoped this issue would be resolved in the latest update, it persists. Overall, these issues prevent me from giving a higher rating.

Now, I'm bombarded with ads every time I switch videos, and sometimes even while watching a video. What's the point of having an ad blocker if I'm still getting ads? I'm forced to sit through two consecutive ads before I can watch the video, and they can't be skipped. I updated the app because I was behind on it, but even before the update, it was terrible. Unfortunately, the situation hasn't improved with the update. It's utterly useless.

My only issue with the app is the "pro" button that prompts you to watch an ad for a certain amount of time to access pro features. Unfortunately, this button can't be moved, hidden, or disabled. It's incredibly inconvenient, and I frequently tap on it accidentally, only to be forced to watch an ad. While I appreciate the software, this aspect is becoming increasingly annoying. I'd prefer not to have to switch browsers, after all.

I've been using this app for a long time, and for the most part, it's been great. However, recent updates have introduced awkward changes. For example, pulling from the top of the screen (which on Samsung devices shows the date/time/quick bar) takes a video out of fullscreen—a horrible decision. Moreover, while scrolling, the app will sometimes auto-scroll infinitely without any input from me.

This has been my go-to browser for quite a while, and I've valued its features immensely. However, I'm now facing a significant problem: with over 8000 bookmarks and no way to export them, I'm regretting not using something with a sync option. Other than that, it's very solid. Thankfully, the developers seem to be aware of the issue and working on a fix, so I'll update my rating from 2 to 4 stars while I wait for a solution.

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