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Anonymous says: The DuckDuckGo privacy concept is fantastic & is reflected in the features of their offerings, including the mobile browser. Overall, the browser is a great browser which functions well. However, it lacks an on-demand option to clear the browsing data necessary for it to function (e.g. downloads, history, etc.). Also, I like to have content warnings to inform me of concerns, yet still be allowed the option of self-assessment; I am not a fan of censorship. Ultimately, these were my deal breakers.

Anonymous says: Solid browser with some room for Improvement. The browser performs very well, delivering a seamless browsing experience, fullscreen videos work like they should and the system ui is hidden completely and consistently which is very important for a good user experience. However, there are key features that could enhance its functionality. Areas for Improvement: Lack of tab management options: Long-pressing a tab should offer the ability to group, close, or bookmark multiple tabs simultaneously.

Anonymous says: This app gets Extremely buggy with bookmarks. For some reason it allows you to bookmark a web page more than once. Seems to have severe caching issues. Might have to do with the lack of a limit on the number of favorites on the home screen or something. Other than that, it works ok. There's no adblock built in for some reason, just basic cookie blocking and such. Maybe the company gets paid for ads? Essentially making the app adware itself! Maybe they should stop calling it private 🤷

Anonymous says: Not as flashy as other browsers, but does the job. Can conflict with other apps if using the anti tracker option, but you can switch that off for individual apps. And I do like the idea of not constantly sending my information to companies without my knowledge. The ability to transfer passwords from Chrome was a pain but doable. I now have it on all my devices ie phone, tablet, laptop and base unit.

Anonymous says: I find this APP unstable. Yes, it may protect from third party data invasion but what good is the browser when you cannot load the contents from a search request? That's odd. DuckDuckGo need to come up with better search & retrieve block program. The one it has currently really isn't a reliable search engine block. I question this browser capabilities.

Anonymous says: DuckDuckGo is great for the most part, I prefer it over all the other major web browsers. However, I have to on occasion, switch to Brave or Firefox when I run into annoying web page display issues on my GalaxyTab S6. Working great on my phone though, so far. (1 Year Later) This browser is getting more unreliable, often have to use Firefox because my email and other sites don't display correctly.

Anonymous says: I love love love all the privacy options on this browser especially the app tracking protection. However, the read aloud feature is kinda lacking. I like using this feature to have the browser read articles and stories out loud while I'm doing other things. The options to do that on this browser is pretty basic. it would be great to be able to choose more voice and cadence options, similar to Edge. Add in an Ad blocking feature and this would be the perfect browser!

Anonymous says: Really thought it was a joke app, but it lets me do what I want. Minus on the app is that you can not hold and open separate tabs to be looked at later. I like to save videos and articles to absorb for later, but this app just jams you right to them. It's quite jarring when you are already engaged with your current video. It's close to being perfect but no cigar.

Anonymous says: Works and blocks good most of the time. But has over a few weeks gotten so bad, when trying to watch videos, that a 2 minute long video, takes 15 mimutes, and that is after I report the "Broken site, video will not, or does not load, 4 or 5 times. Getting progressively worse, to the point, of being useless! Now blocking sites, or can't find the server. Constantly having to report a broken site, especially for any and all video play! Seems like it doesn't like certain things, I want to check out!

Anonymous says: I downloaded DuckDuckGo from Google Play Store, over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The product is very user-friendly, making it easy to use on my mobile, whilst out & about. The App is exactly as described on their platform. It has never crashed or let me down. I’m thrilled with the quality and will definitely keep using it. Excellent, fast, efficient, including the tracker blocker, but most importantly, your stuff is Private. Thank you.👍

Anonymous says: It does a really great job at what it's designed for, to keep your info private. But hot dang does the search engine just SUCK. I'll search for reference images for a project, and a bunch of stuff that is RELATED to what I want will show up, but it will never show me exactly what I searched for. Move to Google, and DING. It gives me what I need, first time, everytime. It's mostly images I'm having a hard time with, searching for links works pretty well, but dang it gets annoying.

Anonymous says: The latest update introduced an annoying bug related to being able to swipe up to force close the app. As a supposed secure browser, it seems to stop most ads, but allows the ones that DuckDuckGo itself gets revenue from, ...so you still encounter the likes of annoying floating video ads while trying to peruse supposedly tracker free content. This latest bug is a show stopper for me, and until its resolved, I'll switch back to FFF for now.

Anonymous says: Useful browser. Functions as well as any other. I am very pleased with the tracking blocker. Shocked by the frequency and sheer volume of tracking attempts by some apps. Some of it is legitimate back-end process monitoring, but the vast majority is truly invasive and unnecessary. Even on services where you decline all permissions. Honestly, I'm disturbed how much.

Anonymous says: Protects my privacy while browsing, and now has an app privacy protection feature that stops apps from sharing my personal information. Well done! It's worked well for me for years. However, recently it's started taking longer to load pages and I'm at times getting messages that the browser can't open a webpage. It's not my wifi as Chrome does not have the same problems. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update soon.

Anonymous says: Fantastic browser that loads pages faster (assuming it's due to stopping all of the advertising being stopped from loading). Zero bugs that I've experienced. I have one request for a built in "video casting to TV " option. The built-in YouTube player is great, but if the "cast to TV" thing is not possible to implement due to security issues, performance impacts, etc I can live without it. Awesome browser!

Anonymous says: Great app, so far. Every issue seems to be corrected, best Browser app I have ever used, recommend every one to try it. The Key Pad Options are awesome. The Browser lets you feel more comfortable surfing the Web knowing it's keeping you safe. Thank You! 02-01-2024 after last update, notification bubble shows on duckduckgo app all the time, can not clear. Was fine before last update. There is another app that has the same issue, can't get that issue fixed unless I turn the notifications bubble of

Anonymous says: Sometimes it's too "secure" and prevents valid actions from occurring properly. The search engine isn't as robust with results, and if I really need to find something or want a larger number of seach results, I have to take my chances with Google instead. What the heck is fireproofing? What it does isn't well explained anywhere before the option pops up. There are also some settings I would like to change, but I can't seem to find out how to change them.

Anonymous says: Good but I'd like to block ads from search results. This is now my default browser. Love the "fire" button. I would like to see a separate search bar i.e. not having to type into what, traditionally, is the URL bar. it also needs an ad blocker for Facebook. EDIT: the app tracking blocker is a fantastic add on although quite disconcerting to see how many times apps attempt to track you.

Anonymous says: If data is indeed deleted & privacy is protected, then I am fully satsfied. This app functions well and properly, however recently when I logged into a safe site, got thru password/ security pass/etc, I wasn't able to view the account information and was lead back to the homepage/login page every time on my Samsung tablet. I had to switch to another browser. Also, wish I can set-up times when at home for time management in data being cleared. Thanks!

Anonymous says: Love its ability to block perpetrators using my installed apps to get in to my phone. There were 2x that tracking protection stopped, but regular search engine no problem. The 2 times it stopped I was alerted immediately so I could turn it back on with a simple slide button. Very happy with this software. It has blocked thousands of attempts and when you see how many and where they come from it's staggering. This rating is for my cell phone, although I do have DDG on my desktop as well. Thanks

Anonymous says: This is by far The Best Browser I have used on my Android device. I no longer get all of those irritating, unwanted ads that cover content and don't have a close button! I would like to be able to use voice searches on this browser that are not on my menu, like Google. I am researching how to resolve this not included feature. So, I must use the Google Voice Search that I Do Not like temporarily, unfortunately. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this browser. It gives me more freedom. No ad wars!

Anonymous says: This browser is unique in that it has effective tracking blockers for the websites you visit along with setting up a local VPN to block some android programs from communicating with each other. It also doesn't store your browsing history and gives you an easy option to reset your browsing session, saved credentials on non-whitelisted websites, and your site permissions. I was disappointed to find out that passkey authentication and my password autofill service from Bitwarden did not work.

Anonymous says: DuckDuckGo has been my longtime goto browser. Unfortunately, recent updates removed the option to automatically delete history upon exit. Losing that feature makes users less secure. WISHLIST: Bring back the automatic history delete. Fix the problem of disappearing and hard to move favorites. Create an always visible forward button. Give users an option of putting the search bar and other buttons at the bottom. Reaching to the top requires two hands on today's large phones.

Anonymous says: I really like the vpn and the app track protection with this browser! I give 4 stars , cause it's not noticeable how you actualy save bookmarks. If the interface was frendlier towards most users, and had the option for enabling history and easily saving bookmarks, that browser would be golden! Up.4.12.2024: the browser is better with the bookmarks at this point. It's also faster now. I hope it progresses and become more stable!

Anonymous says: Love duck, duck go. So easy and convenient to use. Love the fact that you can use it as a browser and bookmark sites on it. Very private site to use. I would highly recommend it. Also, can use as a private search engine which is very private and safe to do searches on. Will not track you at all, which is great. * I would also like to add that I use this search engine & browser on my phone & laptop currently & have used it on other devices in the past quite sucessfully, I trust duck,duck go.

Anonymous says: VPN was easily turned off when I set the option for never disconnect, but this is about the fourth or fifth time, I guess if you don't buy the VPN what can you expect, just a heads up people. And when I sent a message I had to send another before I got a call back at which time some new disclaimer stated that was possible if I was utilizing certain applications , the funny part I was looking at the phone that Was about 2' away and watched it happen, it didn't have anything to do with me!!!

Anonymous says: Don't trust any other app to block any trackers. Most of them are viruses that lock to your phone and steal information. I REALLY want to see more come out of top security from duck duck go and new features, even if paid features because I want to be able to have no pop up ads , and literally a 1% chance or less of getting a virus when I misclick a bad link. Blocking over 5,000 trackers per day!!!! edit: I AM AMAZED AT THE PRO VERSION AS ITS EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED FOR! Love the identity protection

Anonymous says: Great simple browser that does a good job of stopping tracker's and data storage while browsing. You need to accept that it's not as convenient as using a browser that allows the storage of data and tracking but a small price to pay for better privacy.

Anonymous says: The DuckDuckGo app is: mostly improved lately. [My Favorites bookmarks suddenly disappeared. Multiple detailed reports submitted and AFTER MONTHS, no response. Many web pages just won't work; FEEDBACK REPORTS IGNORED (The app crashes multiple times per day; Audio streams repeatedly stop only seconds after initiating the play/'playback'; It's useless for things such as audio, and others; I've had to return to using other browsers for certain things.)] Beta App Tracker Protection is a big plus.

Anonymous says: Great privacy protection that goes well beyond web browsing, as it prevents all of your phone's apps from daring to invade your privacy. After you exit these nosy apps, instead of terminating, they sneakily continue to use your phone for their own agenda, without your knowledge and permission, to spy on you and send data about you to others elsewhere on the Internet. Thank you DuckDuckGo!

Anonymous says: I really like using it. Love the burn feature. Easy to set up preferences also on the widget. It took a while to get used to as I live in Denmark. Normally, my searches are generated locally, but with this app, they're not, inless I'm writing in Danish and type exactly what I'm after, like a restaurant for example, which actually shows its non biased to me.

Anonymous says: I love it, no virus, no crashes, and love the privacy it provides. Since I am using Duck my computer never crashed or my cell. I do not have to restart it or set it up over and over. Google is not good, crashes and wants to control my cell, my Ipod, and my life. Show me how to add the Search bar and remove the assistant that shows when I open DuckDuck 🤷🏻‍♀️

Anonymous says: Overall the app works as well or better than any browser I have used in the past. Since the 11/13/23 update I have been getting pop up sticky videos on some of the web sites I visit. I have used these sites for many years without stickies so what has changed. DDG has always stopped all pop up and unwanted adds from interfering with my browsing, something has changed. The sticky adds have stopped and everything has been back to great the past 2 months. Thank you DDG.

Anonymous says: Very little to complain about. It does the basics as well as any other browser, in fact I've left Firefox mobile behind since using DuckDuckGo for the past 6 months and I appreciate that nearly all privacy settings are on by default. One feature I do miss however from Brave, Firefox and Vivaldi and that's background video play. If this could be implemented it'd be almost perfect.

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