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Dragon Blaze (v.8.8.8) for Android Modded Apk

Within the enchanting realm of Dragon Blaze, players are thrust into an epic narrative where ancient prophecies, renowned knights, and latent powers converge.

Assuming the role of valiant warriors known as Knights, players embark on a perilous odyssey across the mystical land of ASTRA, teeming with magnificent dragons, formidable monsters, and enigmatic enigmas.

Guided by the profound teachings of the Veda, a revered tome holding the universe's mysteries, players must assemble a formidable cadre of heroes to confront the encroaching darkness threatening to consume the world.

Featuring strategic gameplay and breathtaking visuals, Dragon Blaze delivers an immersive RPG adventure where players can unleash formidable abilities, form alliances with fellow knights, and unravel ASTRA's secrets to restore tranquility to the realm.

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I used to admire what this game was like in the past, where everything felt earned. What captivated me the most was the rewarding feeling of obtaining a new unit and witnessing its incredible skills with stunning effects. However, nowadays, everything is handed to us on a silver platter, and that sense of achievement from acquiring a new unit has vanished. I would fully support the developers if they opted to create another game resembling the original experience.

The game inundates players with an abundance of "rare" heroes to the point where playing feels pointless. Previously, you could recruit common enemies, but now they've been removed. After playing, I realized the situation is even worse than anticipated; they practically give you ALL CHARACTERS FOR FREE, with some remaining to unlock later, nullifying any challenge. Dragon Blaze should have been retired long ago.

My rating would have been five stars if the developers hadn't removed the ability to acquire characters like kobolds and other enemies. Please reintroduce them, as I dislike starting with first impacts. Stop making the game overly easy by immediately providing us with first impacts. Bring back the other recruitable enemies, and I'll be heavily invested in playing this game again.

I used to adore this game passionately, but with the recent changes to the story and gameplay, combined with frequent crashes, it's become nearly unplayable. It's disheartening to realize I've invested so much time and money into this game, only to uninstall it due to the incessant crashes.

Dragon Blaze used to be fantastic, but now I can't progress past certain stages. It's baffling how the supposedly powerful god characters I own are easily bested by characters from the early chapters of the game. Low-tier characters seem to effortlessly overpower the gods, which makes no sense to me. It's no wonder why those who once loved this game have moved on to other titles.

To whom it may concern, I'm reaching out for assistance regarding some recent issues or potential glitches with this game app. After taking a short break from playing for about a week, I've noticed some minor problems. My game is supposed to reset daily at 12:01 am (PST), but for some reason, it's no longer adhering to this schedule. Is there a known issue causing this? Any assistance would be appreciated.

GREAT, with room for improvement. I initially played this game about three years ago, and while it was a bit dull, it still provided some entertainment. Returning now, I've noticed the game has made numerous enhancements, and I'm impressed. It strikes a balance where it's not overly easy to play and win; strategy and improvement are essential, which adds to its appeal. However, I do wish the in-game packages were more affordable. Having all five packages priced at $99.99 each is excessively expensive and frustrating. I don't mind paying, but the cost should be more reasonable.

I've been playing this game since its release, and it was my favorite mobile game for many years. However, with the introduction of busters, I began to lose interest as the game underwent significant changes. Despite this, I continued playing for another year. After taking a long break and returning, I was disappointed to find that this once-great game had become more automated and convoluted. While automation eased the grind for materials, the game has changed too much for my liking.

Overall, it's a fun game, although the numbers are so large that it's challenging to calculate the damage dealt by characters and opponents. Simplifying these numbers to more manageable levels, instead of dealing with figures in the hundreds of trillions, would be beneficial. Additionally, the animations are quite chaotic, especially with numerous attacks occurring simultaneously. However, my main gripe, earning it a four-star rating, is the lack of a bulk sell button. It's tedious to have to sell each individual character hundreds of times. In summary, it's a solid game but could use some minor quality-of-life improvements.

While freebies are always appreciated, the abundance in this game is excessive. Starting with some of the best allies in the game eliminates the excitement of leveling up and progressing naturally. Initially, the free items were enticing, but the lack of substantial achievements or goals quickly dampened the excitement. Despite this, the animations and character designs are impressive.

For new players, the game can be overwhelming. After the opening cutscene, I was bombarded with a barrage of confusing information. The game inundated me with top-level characters, but I felt no sense of accomplishment as I had no understanding of how I acquired them. These characters effortlessly overpower enemies, and battles play out without any input from me. As someone who has been gaming for years, I find it difficult to enjoy games that hand everything to me and play themselves. It's simply not fun. ☹️

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