Microsoft Edge: AI browser (v.124.0.2478.63) for Android

Microsoft Edge: AI browser (v.124.0.2478.63) for Android

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The browser performs well, with effective sync capabilities. However, I'm rating it three stars due to its failure to maintain Desktop mode for sites, often switching to mobile mode when following links from Google search results. Additionally, the persistent placement of a Bing search bar widget on my wallpaper screen is disruptive, requiring repeated icon rearrangement with each update.

While this browser boasts numerous built-in features, including AI integration, its performance warrants a three-star rating due to optimization issues. Occasional stuttering during website scrolling and the frustrating tendency to delete downloaded files just before completion are major drawbacks that I've encountered multiple times.

Microsoft Edge stands out as my preferred browser, but I've encountered an issue with tab grouping on my Galaxy Z Fold 5. When the phone is open to the main screen, the tab grouping feature disappears, making it challenging to manage multiple tabs. Additionally, I'd appreciate the option to place the address bar and navigation buttons at the bottom for easier access.

The decision to position the address/search bar in the middle of the screen has greatly improved usability for users with large phones. However, persistent glitches with images and videos, experienced across multiple Android versions, diminish the browsing experience. Switching from dark to light mode may alleviate disappearing text on certain websites.

While my experience with Microsoft Edge has been positive overall, recent issues with image and page display glitches have made some pages unusable. Despite its benefits on both PC and mobile, these glitches significantly impact usability and need to be addressed promptly.

After upgrading to a phone running Android 14, I encountered a peculiar issue with Edge where all text on web pages became invisible after a few uses. While adjusting font settings temporarily resolves the issue, its cause remains unclear. This recurring problem detracts from the browser's functionality.

Despite being a reliable browser, Edge has recently become glitchy, with overlapping and jumping images that persist even after cache clearing. However, the addition of a search function to collections is a welcome improvement, earning it an extra star.

Edge functions well overall, but recent updates have introduced issues with adding URLs to the home screen, often redirecting to the "App Info" screen instead. The persistent failure to resolve this issue is disappointing and affects the browser's usability.

The concept of Microsoft Wallet is intriguing, especially if it were developed into a separate app merging with Authenticator for contactless payments. Incorporating Microsoft Rewards and account balances for in-store purchases would further enhance its appeal and usability.

The app holds its own as a strong contender against Chrome, but there are lingering issues that can be quite bothersome. Websites tend to load significantly slower on weaker Internet connections, which can be frustrating. Additionally, when accessing rewards, it opens multiple tabs and fails to maintain the rewards dashboard when accessed through the wallet feature. I hope these issues are addressed in future updates.

I've transitioned from being a staunch Chrome user to loving Edge for its user-friendly browsing experience. The built-in Copilot feature is particularly helpful for understanding complex concepts, and the reader mode provides a distraction-free learning environment. However, one minor gripe is that Copilot lacks a return key for jumping to a new line, often resulting in premature message sending. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with Edge, rating it a solid 4 out of 5.

Edge proves to be faster and lighter on resources compared to Chrome, and the AI feature is a standout. However, the small "X" button when closing tabs can be inconvenient, and enlarging it would improve usability. Additionally, implementing a feature like "workspaces" or group tabs would greatly enhance the browsing experience.

Navigating the Microsoft system can be complex initially, requiring a deep understanding of its intricacies. However, once mastered, it operates harmoniously, akin to the celestial bodies in astrology. Despite the initial learning curve, I appreciate the system's functionality and seek to further enhance it with technical guidance.

Initially skeptical of Edge, I now find myself gravitating towards it as my default browser. Its visually appealing interface, efficient tab organization, and time-saving AI features make browsing a pleasant experience. Despite minor issues such as cache storage consumption and occasional incorrect search results, Edge surpasses its competitors in many aspects.

While a great web browser overall, Edge could improve its browsing history management. The current manual deletion process is slow and cumbersome, with entries sometimes reappearing after deletion. Implementing features like selecting multiple entries at once or swipe gestures for deletion would greatly enhance usability.

There are instances where Edge falls short, such as video playback issues and display errors on certain websites. In contrast, Chrome handles these tasks seamlessly. Edge's inability to play videos from shared TikTok links is particularly frustrating. Such issues detract from the overall browsing experience.

Previously a fan of Edge for Android, I've become disillusioned with recent changes to its UI, which have made it less distinctive and more generic. The shift away from its unique features has led me to consider switching to Firefox on my phone, mirroring my usage on PC. It's disappointing to witness the decline of what was once a superior option for Android browsing.

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