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Playstore reviews (4.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

The app's performance is unreasonably slow, often stalling during transactions and failing to complete them. There are frequent timeouts between functions, and the fees are high, making for a disappointing experience thus far. Additionally, the default 24-hour account lock after adding a new transfer account in the settings doesn't make sense from a user's perspective. When adding a new linked account, users typically want to use it immediately, not wait for 24 hours.

While the app seems trustworthy, I'm disappointed that the account from the app version cannot be used for the desktop version, unlike other platforms like Binance. Moreover, the lack of a stop-loss option, a basic feature for trading, is frustrating. The spread is also concerning; executing a quick sell on a limit order could take several days, provided the market moves enough.

Withdrawing funds from the app is nearly impossible, despite implementing two-factor authentication (2FA), as users encounter error codes. The app runs sluggishly, even with a strong phone signal, and reaching out for assistance through the chat feature yields delayed responses, causing frustration among users.

While the app provides a great service for general trading, the fees for trading options are exorbitant and unreasonable. These "just because" fees add up substantially, making it challenging for users to engage in options trading without incurring significant costs.

Although the service provided by CDC is commendable, the app itself is subpar. It takes an eternity to navigate between pages, requires frequent updates, and often introduces new bugs with each update. Users encounter difficulties switching between different sections of the app, necessitating a complete app exit to do so. A complete rebuild of the app is necessary to address these issues effectively.

Despite using CDC for several years without any problems, the latest update has rendered the app unusable for some users. The app fails to load past the logo screen, and even accessing the account is only possible through a VPN. This sudden issue has left users frustrated, hoping for a quick resolution.

Users are advised to consider using a different exchange due to CDC's hidden charges, which amount to 10% per transaction. Despite claims of transparent fee disclosure and customer support assistance, users report difficulty in finding fee information and receiving help when needed. This discrepancy between live and sale values further adds to user frustration.

While the app itself appears decent, the lack of customer support renders it ineffective for addressing issues such as a defective fiat wallet. Users encounter challenges in withdrawing funds without a functioning fiat wallet, despite being able to purchase crypto with associated fees. Overall, the app's slow user interface, diminishing card rewards, high transfer fees, and intrusive pop-ups detract from its usability and make it less desirable for users.

The app's functionality is severely lacking, missing fundamental features expected of an investment platform. It fails to provide a comprehensive view of portfolio growth over time, only showing changes within a day. Additionally, it inundates users with spammy notifications and lacks support for many coins. Users are also inconvenienced by the frequent need to log in, even after brief periods of inactivity. There's ample room for improvement in all these areas.

Turning off notifications is cumbersome, requiring users to disable them at the phone level, which means sacrificing all notifications, including crucial account activity alerts. Moreover, the app imposes fees for not using physical cards and exhibits high token purchase costs. While it may suffice for beginners, it falls short for advanced users due to cumbersome navigation to access asset information.

This app is deceptive in its practices, often springing unexpected fees on users. While security measures are understandable, the excessive authentication requirements and frequent login prompts are frustrating. Most disappointing is the lack of prior notice about significant fees, such as those incurred during transfers to external wallets, which can amount to a substantial portion of the investment.

Regrettably, this platform is one of the worst I've encountered. The displayed prices are inaccurate, and the fees are exorbitantly high. Users consistently end up paying more than expected due to hidden costs, undermining their ability to profit from trades. Furthermore, the lack of responsive customer support exacerbates user frustration, leaving them feeling unheard and unsupported.

Despite its functionality, the app's utility is severely hampered by the absence of effective customer support. While depositing funds into crypto is straightforward, resolving issues is nearly impossible without human assistance. This lack of support contrasts sharply with the app's marketing promises, leaving users feeling misled and abandoned when problems arise.

The app's marketing is misleading, especially regarding its Visa card features and cashback claims, which are limited in scope and accessibility. Users encounter difficulty accessing their funds, with money effectively locked up in the card. Additionally, the app's quests are costly, and its interface is not beginner-friendly, leading users to seek better alternatives elsewhere.

While initially satisfied with the app's performance, recent issues have arisen, such as difficulty accessing trading functions due to authentication failures. While some users have found temporary solutions by reinstalling the app, ongoing technical glitches undermine the app's reliability for trading and investment tracking.

A recurring issue prevents users from purchasing crypto, with an error message persistently appearing, despite troubleshooting efforts. The lack of timely resolution and unresponsive customer support compound user frustration, highlighting significant shortcomings in the app's functionality and user experience.

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