Crypto Miner Tycoon (v.0.6.6) for Android

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Step into the world of cryptocurrency mining with Crypto Miner Tycoon – an engaging idle clicker game that brings the excitement of mining to your mobile device!

Crypto Miner Tycoon combines the thrill of a tycoon simulator with the simplicity of a clicker game, offering an addictive gaming experience. Dive into the ups and downs of running a cryptocurrency mining empire and have a blast along the way.

As a crypto tycoon, your goal is to build a thriving mining empire from scratch. Start by tapping to mine and gradually automate your operations to become a magnate in the crypto industry.

Boost your profits by hiring skilled managers who can efficiently run your mining operations. Let them take the reins and witness your profits skyrocket as you focus on maximizing your earning potential!

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Reviews & Rating (4.5 ⭐)

The issue isn't the actual ads; I'm fine with watching optional ads if the rewards are worth it. The problem arises when ads suddenly pop up while I'm tapping to upgrade or navigating a tab, leading to "accidental" ad interaction and opening a new window.

As I progress in the game, I've noticed that the cryptocurrency becomes entirely useless in the late game. After purchasing all upgrades related to the cryptocurrency, I suggest introducing an upgrade such as a profit multiplier. For instance, implementing a formula like "profit*(1.01)^1, profit*(1.01)^2, profit*(1.01)^3" would allow players to purchase profit multipliers incrementally with a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

Initially, I started playing this game for award points on another app. Although it's not my usual type of game, I've found myself hooked already. I appreciate that ads are completely voluntary in this game. Despite seeing some low ratings because this isn't specifically a crypto mining app, I believe the developer clearly states that it's an idle tycoon simulation game. I have a couple more milestones to reach for the reward points, but I'll definitely continue playing afterward.

This game feels like a blatant copy and ripoff of Adventure Capitalist, simply rebranded for the crypto theme. What's worse, they've added forced ads, which really tarnishes my opinion of the developers.

I had this app before and did everything necessary to earn trillions. However, when I reached out to customer service to clarify whether the app provides rewards in cash or cryptocurrency, they informed me that it's just a simulation app with no rewards. So, I deleted it. However, I recently came across an ad claiming that tapping the wallet earns cash. I'm unsure if this is genuine or just a ploy to attract downloads.

This game appears to have potential for fun, but instead of offering rewards from optional ads, it bombards players with forced ads. This approach, coupled with the absence of a clear option to remove the ads, is disappointing.

I would have rated this game higher, but the frequent forced pop-up ads have become unbearable. I'm willing to watch ads voluntarily for multipliers, but being bombarded with forced ads every minute is intolerable. Therefore, I'm uninstalling the game.

There's currently an offer on Just Play that requires consumers to purchase a pile of gold for $99.99. However, Just Play caps their rewards at $30.00. It's perplexing why the game developers would expect someone to pay $70 out of pocket for no apparent reason.

While this game resembles AdVenture Capitalist, the increasing frequency of forced ads without an option to remove them is a major downside. If there was an option to pay a small fee to eliminate the ads permanently, that would be acceptable, but unfortunately, that's not available.

I would give this game a higher rating if it didn't have forced ads. While I don't mind optional ads for rewards, the forced ads that appear when navigating different tabs in the game are frustrating. It's similar to the adventure games, which I enjoy, but the ad issue needs addressing.

This game reminds me of my childhood, with constant calculations and number crunching. It's fast-paced and straightforward, mirroring the quick movements of the market. Great job on the game and the sleek graphics!

I really enjoy playing this game; there aren't too many ads or anything like that. I still genuinely love the game, but I was hoping that somehow you guys could make it profitable for the player as well as fun. Honestly, after reading that, it was a little disappointing. Mama always said if something looks too good to be true, most of the time, that's exactly what it is.

It's another game they've made where you have to be connected to the internet so they can force ads down your throat. I've barely had it downloaded for a minute, and already an ad. I don't mind ads, but that soon is just greedy. Don't download this game. These developers need to learn it's not okay to shove these ads down our throats.

Save your crypto and gold; don't use it to save your progress. You'll make up the loss in a couple of minutes. Use the crypto to buy new worlds ONLY, and use gold to buy the special tokens needed for upgrades only available with the tokens. Always invest every chance, every time, and upgrade often and as little as possible as soon as IS possible.

It's a nice casual wealth game that doesn't require too much time to play, which I like because I'm busy. You can spend USD if you're impatient, but my goodness, DONT! Tips: Check the game every 12 hours. Sell your portfolio after 1-2 days and do not spend your investors until you are late game because they are your multiplying %. Watch daily videos to accrue Gold and bitcoin and then spend on the 10 megatoken deal only, which are permanent. Kind of addicting! Enjoy!

It used to be a fun game, but now all that comes up is ads. Can't enjoy the game as much. I understand ads help you, but every 30 seconds is ridiculous.

Definitely would recommend this app to all, easy to use plus fun interface, once you learn to navigate it. Reminds me of Playing the Sims or Pikmin. Would like to have a Weed cryptocurrency exchange or something; suggestions for the developers 🤘

Forced ads every 5 minutes. Would have been fun. Just a cash grab. Update: I would like to note that I am talking about forced ads that pop up after about 5 minutes. Not ads that would give you a bonus.

A bit repetitive... Two questions I have: in the "Adventures" page under the Money > crypto, I have a yellow thin rectangle that looks like it's cut in half of the screen. Is it supposed to be clickable, or is there only one button below it >>> [exchange]? Can I get Gold without paying? If so, how do I get them? Thank you.

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