Bybit: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto (v.4.39.5) Bybit for Android


Bybit: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto (v.4.39.5) for Android Modded Apk Unlimited Crypto

Playstore reviews 4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The verification process is a real letdown. I've been attempting to verify my account for two weeks now, but every time I take a picture of my ID card, it jumps back to the main page. This issue really needs your attention. Despite this setback, Bybit is one of the best crypto exchanges I've ever used. Its easy navigation and demo trading options make it stand out.

Bybit is an exchange platform that's been thoroughly tested, trusted, and highly reliable. I've conducted transactions on this platform, and it has been an extremely positive experience. Using Bybit gives you peace of mind, as it's accurately programmed and provides users with high-quality services. I give them my full endorsement and urge them to keep up the excellent work.

ByBit is an outstanding cryptocurrency exchange app! It's intuitive, fast, and secure. I appreciate how easy it is to navigate and execute trades. The app offers real-time market data and a wide range of trading options. Additionally, the customer support is exceptional, always available to assist with any issues. Overall, I highly recommend the ByBit app for anyone interested in cryptocurrency trading.

Bybit is a user-friendly and dependable crypto exchange with a diverse range of features and minimal fees. The platform is easy to use and offers various trading options, including spot trading and derivatives trading. Their customer support is excellent, always ready to address any concerns. Overall, Bybit is an excellent choice for those entering the world of crypto trading. 

I've been experiencing issues with Face Verification on this app for over three weeks now. Despite providing all the necessary information, I keep getting the message "We couldn't process your face scan." It's frustrating, and I urge the team to resolve this problem promptly.

Today, I had a frustrating experience trading on the Bybit app. Despite setting a limit price of $0.70 for mojo, the app executed the trade at the market price of $1.80, resulting in a loss of about $100. This automatic adjustment of the price to the market rate occurred multiple times, even though I attempted to set a limit order each time. 

Overall, the app is functional, but it suffers from long loading times, occasional slow keyboard input, and unexpected crashes. I hope these issues are addressed soon for a better user experience.

I'm disappointed with Bybit's customer service. Despite my initial positive experience with the platform, I encountered difficulties when attempting to deposit money using P2P. They suspended my account for a period, and despite my efforts to provide all required documents, they kept rejecting them. It's been a frustrating month trying to resolve this issue, and the lack of satisfactory customer service has been disheartening.

After the last update, I encountered an irreversible language change from English to Dutch while using the app from the Netherlands. Apart from this significant issue, the app's appearance is impressive, and I eagerly anticipate updating my review once the language problem is resolved.

My overall experience with Bybit has been positive, as the platform is quite good. However, I encountered an issue with a transaction where I did not receive funds from the seller despite making payments within the specified timeframe. The page disappeared after the transaction, leaving me unable to track the seller. Despite my attempts to contact BYBIT support, I received no response, and I was informed that I would have to wait for 7 working days. I reported the issue immediately and have proof of the transaction.

Among several exchanges I've tried, Bybit stands out for its smooth, quick, and clutter-free interface. Overall, my experience has been highly positive. As a new member, I have no complaints about the variety of tokens available.

This app can be frustrating due to its lack of multitasking features on my phone. Whenever I switch to another app and return, I find that everything is wiped out, and I have to start from scratch. Despite this issue, the app is satisfactory. Improvements to the software to enable multitasking would be appreciated.

I find the app inundates me with notifications, and I'm unsure how to disable them while keeping update notifications about my coins. Additionally, the order book colors frequently change significantly over minor adjustments in orders, leading to inaccuracies. The rewards often feel like clickbait, and I'm disappointed by the lack of transparency regarding fees for transfers and trading, especially with the existence of VIP subscriptions for better trading fees.

Bybit suddenly restricted my P2P and withdrawal capabilities, citing a "verification required" error, despite my account being KYC'd and well below the withdrawal limit. Although it claimed to have sent an email, I received no such communication. This issue seems widespread based on internet searches, indicating a lack of communication from Bybit.

The app's usability is poor, especially when trying to locate open orders or held options, which often takes several minutes. Multiple orders are easy to lose within the app, and frequent pop-ups and notifications make it feel like a scammy shopping app. However, the platform offers many features, excellent security, and responsiveness, making it worthwhile to continue using.

I selected Bybit for its unmatched security with hot and cold wallets, innovative trading options such as bots, and diverse trading pairs with good liquidity. Despite its flaws, Bybit is a great platform for crypto trading, catering to both beginners and advanced users alike.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Download "Bybit: Buy Bitcoin & Crypto (v.4.39.5) Bybit" only on trusted site like playstore to avoid account hacked...