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Brave Nine - Tactical RPG (v.2.54.21) for Android Apk

Unveil the ancient beings who wielded corrupted magic, transcending into godlike beings. Meet the 'Liberators' Apollo and Neptune!

[Exclusive to Origin Server] Claim rewards from the revamped 'Jump-start Quest' and assemble the legendary GOAT formation!

Acquire four Legend Mercenaries at Skill Level +9 instantly, without delay! Obtain Legend Skill Books, Legend Companion Gifts, and a 5-Star Companion Selection Ticket! Delve into the quintessence of collector RPG with the rejuvenated Jump-Start Quest!

Unravel the mysteries surrounding The Day of the Eclipse. Brace yourself for 'The Battle,' where the stakes couldn't be higher!

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Controls are straightforward and come with thorough guidance. You have the option to play manually or automate grinding, which I find both enjoyable and convenient. The standout feature is undoubtedly the visually stunning character design, rated 10/10! It's genuinely challenging to pick a favorite among them all. With a plethora of mercenaries to bolster your army, each with unique skills and backstories, the gameplay becomes even more immersive. Plus, this game offers a fair chance to acquire some formidable characters. In my opinion, it's by far the best Android RPG I've ever played!

Hey there! I've been a player of this game since its days as Brown Dust, though I've recently returned this year, back into the game. As always, I appreciate the uniqueness in each character, from their stories to their designs. However, after updating the game, I'm encountering a black screen issue. I've tried opening it several times and even reinstalled it, but the same problem persists—it just crashes. I hope it's okay to reach out regarding this!

I've encountered an issue. Every five minutes or so, the game lags and then suddenly crashes. It's quite frustrating. Please fix it. On the bright side, it's not pay-to-win at all. The developers are incredibly generous with events, and I love how I can grind for free items from anywhere. The strategic combat system is a real highlight for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the game during the first few weeks of playing, and I intend to continue playing for a long time.

This game is simply amazing. It has everything I could want. The visuals are fantastic, and the battle system, which is partially idle and partially not, is awesome. Most idle games these days are purely idle, but this game lets you set your team's formation, making it more enjoyable and satisfying to watch knowing you contributed to the victory. The story is also captivating, and the game's money-earning system is generous yet challenging. Out of all the games I've played in this genre, this one is the best. I highly recommend it!

The game offers a refreshing experience. The developers are generous with gifts for new players, and the battle system is unique. The story is both interesting and humorous. I do wish that lower-star characters had stories to read to add more depth, but I understand it might be a lot for the creators. Overall, the game delivers beautiful artwork, a nice story, and easy mechanics.

I've been playing this game for a year now, and it's been great! However, there are two issues I face. Firstly, the opening screen is very slow to load. Is it just me, or is it a common issue? Secondly, whenever I have too many characters in my formation in story mode, the game crashes. Is this caused by a bug? If not, should I have more than 1 GB of RAM for smoother performance? I'm not sure what to do!

Overall, I enjoy everything about the game—the gameplay, characters, and more. However, there's one problem: every time there's an update, the game freezes, lags, and then forces to close due to high graphics. Could you add a feature in the settings to adjust the graphics from high to low for better performance and smoother gameplay? I'd gladly rate it 5 stars if this could be implemented.

I just downloaded the app on Wednesday, and after the patch was downloaded, I couldn't play it smoothly because it kept forcing me out of the app due to "security issues" on my account. I thought it might be a system issue since I'm new to the game, but it's happening repeatedly. What's going on? Overall, the game is great—the graphics are impressive, and the characters are adorable!

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