Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4 (v.28.2.420421007) for Android

Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4 (v.28.2.420421007) for Android

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This AI chat app has several issues. It struggles to comprehend search queries, becomes overwhelmed with multiple searches, and occasionally provides inaccurate information. Moreover, it tends to lecture and argue, causing frustration. The integration into Skype adds to the inconvenience, with a search limit imposed and image search crashing frequently, displaying incorrect images.

Since the recent update, accessing Copilot has been impossible due to an unexpected error, hindering research capabilities. While the app has potential for improvement, it needs rectification to become a dependable research tool, especially for students.

Although Bing's AI has aided learning and communication, Copilot glitches with corrupted images and occasional text disappearance persist. Fixing these issues is crucial for seamless usability.

Bing proves useful but struggles with information overload, irrelevant links, and inaccuracies, particularly regarding time zones and coin missions. Microsoft's efforts to reinvent Bing are commendable, yet resource-intensive browsing and occasional freezing hinder productivity.

Despite being a great design/creator app, it receives four stars due to minor glitches like insufficient daily coins and brand misspellings in images. Fixing these issues would make the app exceptional.

Awarding two stars is generous considering frequent crashes, random message limits, and image generator errors. The app's tendency to list innocent images as dangerous without deletion options is frustrating. It has potential, but resolving these issues is necessary for a higher rating.

I have a strong affinity for this app. The Copilot feature is particularly impressive, delivering precisely what I search for. The image creation using AI is another highlight, producing remarkably realistic results. However, the persistent startup hang-ups and prolonged loading times are quite vexing. Aside from this issue, everything else about the app is commendable. Addressing this problem promptly would earn it a well-deserved five-star rating from me.

The app fails to retain settings, with missing homepage cards and inaccessible rewards. This issue is unique to this app; accessing the same features via Edge is seamless. Despite temporary fixes with data deletion, the recurring problems persist. As with many Microsoft products, reliability is lacking due to insufficient beta testing and quality control.

While not always accurate, the app offers valuable insights and perspectives comparable to those of individuals with general knowledge. It's my preferred choice for scientific inquiries, thanks to its range of response options. However, it falls short in reverse phone number lookup, redirecting users to external services.

My experience with Bing for AI image creation has been marred by a horrendous user interface plagued with bugs and inconsistencies. The app's complexity and frequent changes make navigation challenging. From sporadic image upload options to missing functionalities like back buttons, the app's performance is unreliable and often frustrating.

The latest version of Bing, particularly with the introduction of Copilot, has exceeded expectations. Copilot stands out for its exceptional intuitiveness, marking a significant leap in AI technology. Despite disappointment with other AI platforms, Copilot has proven to be a game changer, setting a new standard for AI assistance.

Although significantly improved, AI Chat still struggles with intrusive push notifications, location requests, and slow startup times. Nonetheless, its ability to adapt its style based on web interactions enhances the overall experience, providing information seamlessly with an intuitive user interface.

Despite my appreciation for Bing's image creator, recent updates have introduced flaws such as images generated in landscape orientation and limited recognition of diverse ethnicities. These issues detract from the app's previous ability to create diverse and aesthetically pleasing images.

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