Video Downloader (v.2.2.4) InShot Inc 2024 Latest for Android

Effortlessly fetch videos and music directly from the web onto your device with full format compatibility. It's completely free!

The video downloader automatically identifies videos, enabling you to download them in a single click. Utilize the robust download manager to pause and resume downloads, carry out background downloads, and download multiple files concurrently. Preview videos swiftly, download them rapidly, and enjoy offline playback.

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Helpful, but it operates slowly and often experiences connection failures. It typically takes about 2 1/2 hours to download a movie. The app offers the option to download videos from websites that lack a built-in download button. However, some videos may experience a decrease in quality after being downloaded.

It successfully downloads videos from the stated sources and even from additional websites. The advertisements are tolerable. Furthermore, the app performs exceptionally well in the Philippines, despite the country's notoriously slow internet speeds, with videos downloading quickly. However, recently, there seems to be a bug where downloaded videos fail to play, showing a length of 0, despite this not being the case. I hope this issue gets resolved soon. Thank you! 💗

This app is undeniably good, but it has some issues. One problem is with the audio, which occasionally cuts off in the middle. Additionally, when using mobile data (which is typically slow), the app fails to display the size of the video being downloaded after pressing the download button. So far, these are the only issues I've encountered.

Initially, this app works well, but in my experience, it deteriorates with prolonged use. I've encountered bugs where videos continue downloading despite exceeding their allocated size, although this was somewhat resolved after a few hours. However, I then faced another issue where I couldn't download a movie for the third time, as it kept saying the link was expired for no apparent reason.

It's a good app, but sometimes when attempting to download videos, only the audio is downloaded even after selecting a video quality option. It can be frustrating to refresh repeatedly until it returns to normal. Additionally, there are times when you have to wait a long time before downloading in the correct format without it being mistaken as an audio file.

The app performs well in downloading videos quickly. However, sometimes the downloaded videos display odd behavior, such as subtitles appearing before the audio. Initially, I thought the issue was with the source of the video, but upon checking, the subtitles align with the dialogue, indicating an issue with the app.

I like this app; it's simple and easy to use for downloading videos. However, my main concern is that all the videos I download, which are stored by default in the internal storage, cannot be found anywhere, even with different gallery apps or file explorers. The videos only exist within the app and can only be played there. What's the point of displaying the downloaded files' location if they can't be accessed, even when showing hidden files? Developers, please fix this as soon as possible!

Initially, everything worked well with this app, but after a recent update, I've encountered a few problems that I hope the creator will address, as I find this app essential. Firstly, I can no longer download videos from Facebook, despite being able to do so initially. Secondly, when I attempt to access the "save videos" feature in Facebook, it fails to load. Apart from these issues, everything else works smoothly, and advertisements are minimal. Keep up the good work!

Hello, I just wanted to express my gratitude for creating this APK; it's incredibly helpful for downloading movies. However, I have encountered a problem. When I try to download movies from specific websites, the app only detects videos from the "streamtape" server, which is inundated with distracting ads. Clicking the video often leads to multiple redirects to ad websites, making it challenging to access the video. I hope this issue with detecting videos from other servers gets resolved soon.

Throughout my years of usage, I can't pinpoint the exact year I started, but this app has been consistently excellent for me. You can effortlessly download videos without any major issues (aside from ads), although they don't bother me much. Moreover, the download speed is impressively fast and efficient, allowing you to save time and download more videos. That's all for my review! 😁☺️ I hope to see improvements in future updates.

I initially loved the app, but I've been encountering some issues lately. Whenever I download, the download bar fills up, but instead of stopping, it continues to add more MB, forcing me to restart the download process. It's quite frustrating and feels like a waste of time. Another issue is that sometimes when I pause a download, it restarts when I unpause it. Please address these issues. Thank you.

Living in a country with the slowest internet speed, it's incredibly frustrating that this app seems to prioritize ads over actual downloads. I've experienced this numerous times, and it seems like almost half of my internet speed is consumed by ads. It's annoying and mildly inconvenient, but the app itself is still useful, so I continue to use it. Nonetheless, I needed to vent out my frustration through this review because what I'm currently downloading is moving at a snail's pace. 😂

This app appears to be functioning perfectly fine. When combined with the Samsung Sound Assistant program, you can listen to streaming or saved music while playing video files of any type. I used to use a PC program called Beatarness, which had trippy transition templates for blending and beatmapping photo and video files in creative ways, especially useful with a projector for creating wild visuals. Although I haven't found anything similar for Android yet, it seems like things are improving.

I'm unable to find a way to respond to the developer regarding my earlier review. Even though the "Download via Wi-Fi" option was enabled, the app drained cellular data at full speed. Despite the recent update, the exit button seems deliberately hidden, and Android gestures and buttons can't fully close the app. I even suspect the app may be running activities and resources not in the user's interest for hidden monetization purposes. I've decided to remove the once useful and functional app. It's a shame.

Since yesterday, I haven't been able to download anything. I've tried multiple items and sites, but it keeps saying "connection failed." My internet connection is strong and stable. I updated the app this morning, hoping it would fix the issue, but it's still not working. Additionally, the ads are incredibly intrusive, popping up every time I press play, download, or search. I'm concerned I may have gotten a virus from these ads. Please reduce the number of ads as it's becoming a major problem. This app used to be my favorite downloader until yesterday.

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