Spotify: Music and Podcasts (v. 2024 - Spotify AB Update 2024 for Android

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Whether on your mobile device or tablet, stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks effortlessly. Explore albums, playlists, and individual tracks without any charge. Upgrade to Spotify Premium to download and enjoy offline listening.

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I absolutely adore this app; it's a lifeline for me, providing company during moments of sadness and solitude. I do have a suggestion, though: when editing playlists and rearranging songs, how about incorporating a "cut & paste" style instead of requiring users to drag one song at a time on a small screen? Perhaps a long press could open an option to select multiple songs, then allowing users to scroll to the desired position and choose an option to move them there. That's all. Thank you!

I've been a Spotify user for several months now, and while the app is generally good, there are a few bugs that have started to bother me. For instance, when listening to certain songs like "Rush" by Troye Sivan, the lyrics sometimes fail to display, despite my connection being perfectly fine. It would be great if this could be addressed. Overall, though, the app is good; it just needs some minor improvements.

Returning to the app after three years, I must say it has improved significantly. Many changes have been made, including the removal of the shuffle button, among others. However, I was surprised to find that there's no skip button for the 30-second ads, and there's a daily song limit (although I'm unsure of the exact limit). Despite these areas for improvement, it's still a great app!

I'm disappointed with the app. I subscribed to listen to my favorite songs offline, but the offline feature isn't consistent. Whenever I turn on data, all the downloaded music needs to be refreshed, disrupting my listening experience. The overall performance of the app is good, but this issue with offline listening is frustrating.

I downloaded Spotify two years ago and had a good experience, including the quality of the service. However, after trying to purchase a subscription again in 2024, I encountered issues. Despite purchasing a subscription, I can no longer play my downloaded music offline. This is frustrating, and I'm not satisfied with Spotify at the moment.

Recently, I've been experiencing issues with the app. The music frequently cuts off, and the mini player disappears from my notification display, forcing me to constantly return to the app to replay songs. It's disruptive and incredibly frustrating, and I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

I strongly urge for advertisements to be banned. They are overly long and disruptive, lasting more than 1-2 minutes. This is particularly frustrating during gaming sessions, as ads often remove boosts, affecting the overall experience. Removing ads would greatly improve the app and enhance user satisfaction.

Spotify consistently claims there's no internet connection available, despite devices being connected. We've been using the premium plan for years, yet I can't use the app properly due to this persistent issue. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but the problem persists.

I've been a Spotify premium subscriber for several years without encountering any issues until the recent updates. It's frustrating that, despite downloading songs from my playlist, they sometimes fail to play unless I'm connected to the internet. I've tried various troubleshooting methods, but the problem persists. Please address this!

The app was great until a recent "feature" was added, involving an AI voice saying "resuming [Playlist]" when connecting to a car or Bluetooth source. This voice is louder than the music, cancels the queue, and disables shuffle. Moreover, there's no way to turn off this "feature," causing frustration among paying customers. This change was implemented without offering an opt-out option, which has led to numerous complaints online.

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