Spotify for Podcasters (v.5.17.3) for Android

About Spotify in 2024
Spotify for Podcasters, previously recognized as Anchor, offers a seamless method to produce and distribute your podcast.

Craft your podcast using the recording tool, distribute it across your preferred listening platforms, expand your audience, and generate revenue from your episodes—all accessible from your phone or tablet, at no cost.

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Playstore reviews (4.1 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

The app shows promise with its tools for creating a personal podcast. However, it's plagued by issues; despite a stable internet connection, it consistently throws errors when I try to edit or update my podcast details or profile. These connection errors persist even after force-stopping the app.

Recording on this app is straightforward, and the integration with Spotify via Anchor adds value. The availability of background music for various podcast types enhances the recording experience. Overall, it's a great tool for launching your podcasting journey and reaching new heights.

Initially impressed, but constant "trouble connecting" messages halted my progress when setting up my podcast. Despite no issues with my internet, I'm at a loss for how to resolve this. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and restarting the wifi to no avail.

While free, Anchor isn't reliable for serious podcasters. I've lost entire podcasts with episodes and analytics disappearing without a trace. The lack of notifications or acknowledgment from Anchor about such critical issues is concerning, especially considering the impact on content visibility.

The app has potential, but its audio editing capabilities are severely lacking, feeling outdated and cumbersome. I've resorted to recording elsewhere and then editing separately due to the app's inefficiency. What should take minutes in another app ends up being a frustratingly long process here.

My experience with the app has been terrible. Nothing loads, recordings vanish, and there's a complete lack of functionality. Despite having recordings, episodes, and trailers online, the app claims they don't exist. The disconnect between the online platform and the mobile app exacerbates the multitude of bugs and issues.

Garyvee introduced me to Anchor, and I'm currently using it to share my journey into poetry. It's an amazing app! I have the freedom to craft my story exactly how I want, and the best part is, it's free. I highly recommend this simple yet powerful app to anyone in the content creation world. Trust me, you won't regret it! 😃🤣😄 This is my update for 2024! Although the app's name has changed to Spotify for Podcasters, it still delivers the same excellent results for me. I log in and continue with my podcasting journey, knowing that it continues to meet my needs excellently.

Setting up a podcast with Anchor has been incredibly easy. The sound quality is outstanding, and the range of background music options is impressive. Sharing the podcast is quick and seamless. I wish I had discovered this platform sooner. Thank you for providing such a fantastic platform. Wishing you continued success. Shalom!

I'm facing issues with forgotten passwords not being addressed via email. At times, it appears my email isn't even linked with Spotify for Podcasters. I've received no response from the team. Additionally, during editing, I find myself having to repeat each step multiple times, such as selecting background music, and encountering issues like overlapping music tracks. It's frustrating not receiving instant responses.

Anchor makes it incredibly easy to upload my podcasts from my phone. I appreciate the ability to organize my podcasts into sections. While the app offers recording and editing features, I prefer to use other tools for recording. Nonetheless, I'll continue using this app for my podcasting needs.

I downloaded this app solely to leave a comment. Currently, the regular Spotify app refuses to work on my phone, consistently claiming I have no internet connection, despite being connected to the same wifi I use for gaming on my Switch and Xbox. It's frustrating that the app developers seem unwilling to ensure their app works across all devices listed on the Play Store.

I'm encountering difficulties using the same account for all my Spotify apps, particularly with this one. It repeatedly tells me my password is incorrect, and when I try to reset it, I don't receive the email in my inbox. I even lost access to one of my accounts while trying to sign in to this app. This issue urgently needs fixing.

I appreciate that Anchor is free and allows direct recording within the app. The sound quality is excellent, and I find it convenient to use my phone for recordings. However, I've noticed inaccuracies in the analytics. For example, my year-end wrap-up showed "Hygiene" as my most-streamed episode, yet it doesn't even rank in the top four on the app. Additionally, despite receiving feedback and seeing increased listenership, the numbers in the analytics remain unchanged. At present, I'm hesitant to fully trust this app.

It's relatively easy to navigate and captures audio well, but I'm encountering issues where half of my episodes won't play or load without any explanation, which is quite frustrating.

There's an ongoing problem with the recording timer getting stuck, and despite reporting it previously, there hasn't been any resolution or response from your end. Additionally, many of my episodes are being deleted after publishing or republishing, without clear guidance on what violations occurred. It's important to understand that podcasters may not be professionals and require clear instructions.

I absolutely adore the Spotify for Podcasters app. It simplifies the process of podcasting audio content tremendously. Although I initially had some apprehension about starting this journey alone, it turned out to be much easier than expected. After completing nine weeks and over two months of podcasting, I can't help but wonder why I didn't begin sooner. It's been an incredible experience!

This app is terrible. It's incredibly difficult to use and riddled with glitches. Switching between different sections takes an eternity, and attempting to work on an episode requires multiple taps and still lags. The screen often turns completely white, forcing me to restart the app, which doesn't solve the issue. Adding audio to existing episodes or scrolling down the list of audios within an episode is painfully slow, making you want to give up.

I think this app is fantastic. Its user-friendly features, background music options, and seamless sharing capabilities across various platforms make podcasting a breeze!

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✌️✌️Spotify for Podcasters (v.5.17.3) for android and IOS in 2024.