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Litecoin Giveaway App (Bitcoin Aliens) for Android Modded Apk

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USER_8374728 ⟩ I've been a fan of this app for a while, and it's still functioning, but I've encountered a couple of issues recently. Firstly, at the beginning of the year, most of the ads stopped playing properly, forcing me to exit and restart the app, resulting in lost ads. Secondly, there seems to be a problem with the Play Store. Often, when I download a game, it disappears from the store and doesn't show up in my apps. Even when it does, I only receive payment for completing about 1 out of every 10 levels. It would be great if you could revert back to paying for time played rather than levels completed. I don't want to criticize, but you had a solid product. Please fix it.

USER_84621083 ⟩ I'm extremely disappointed with this game. After a few withdrawals, it has undergone changes that force you to claim after just 2 spins. This occurs consistently every hour, preventing you from going beyond 2 spins. Additionally, the bonus is disabled each time you start the game, and there's no way to rectify it. This renders the game useless to me, and I cannot recommend it.

USER_BDO9274 ⟩ This app isn't a "get rich quick" scheme. You're unlikely to earn a significant amount of litecoin. However, you can claim some Satoshis every hour with minimal effort—just a few clicks. Once you reach the payout threshold (default is 100,000 sat, but it can be changed), they do payout to the wallet address you've provided, as promised. I've received multiple payouts, all on time, with a couple even arriving slightly earlier than expected. The app delivers exactly what it promises.

USER_HR824H28 ⟩ They are legitimate and do pay out. I've received payment three times already. However, there are a few bugs that need to be addressed for smoother functioning. Nonetheless, it's enjoyable to use, and I appreciate the vibrant colors of the app.

USER_84J28D82 ⟩ While this app isn't known for offering big rewards, it used to function smoothly. However, recently, the ads have become problematic, refusing to close even after waiting for more than a minute or attempting to click on them. Relaunching the app only leads to facing the same issue of having to watch the ad to continue the game.

The app crashed 2 out of 3 times during the hourly spins. While the advertisement audio plays, the screen remains stuck on the spin graphics, with no option to cancel the ad. Once the ad audio stops, no free spins are awarded. Attempting to initiate a new ad results in the app getting indefinitely stuck on a loading screen labeled "waiting for advertisement to load." Restarting the app causes all winnings to be lost, resetting the counter to one hour. This experience left me extremely disappointed, hence the 1-star rating.

I can confirm that this is a legitimate paying app. I used it about three years ago but lost access to my device and account with the app. Recently, I started using it again and have successfully earned some cash. One suggestion for the developers: please allow users to claim both spins in the hourly claim instead of just one. The amount earned per hour is quite low, and being able to claim both spins would greatly improve the experience. Overall, it's a great app that actually pays out.

To my surprise, this app actually delivers on its promise. It claims to pay out every Tuesday, so I spent the last week playing the spins and watching video ads. At the end of the week, I had accumulated 235,000 litoshi, and true to its word, the money was directly deposited into my account, amounting to 15 cents. However, users should exercise caution with third-party clicks, although the app itself did pay out as expected. I'm grateful for the 15 cents.

It's odd that the app requires access to your gallery, especially since there's no feature to upload profile pictures or similar content. Some of the higher offers may take longer to pay out, or the amounts might be incorrect. However, the smaller offers and those involving app installations typically pay out within 5-10 minutes without any issues. Overall, the app serves its purpose well, although it would earn five stars if the higher offers functioned correctly.

This app has become increasingly frustrating and wasteful of my time and data. Despite watching over a hundred ads, I haven't received any rewards. After watching the ads to completion, there's no prompt to return to the game until I completely close the app, only to be greeted by another ad upon reopening. At times, three ads play simultaneously without any rewards. I've spent over two hours attempting to claim my hourly rewards to no avail. This issue urgently needs to be addressed.

I've been using this app for over a year now and have consistently received payments to my LTC address every week without fail. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate. While it's possible to earn more through Offerwalls and Surveys, I haven't had much luck in this regard. The app offers automatic withdrawal to your specified LTC address, but you must meet the minimum threshold of 20,000 litoshis before withdrawal. Overall, I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to earn without making investments. The ads are non-intrusive, if present at all. A solid 5-star experience!

It provides a reliable method to earn small amounts of Litecoin for free continuously. I also use the BCH app, and they share similar features, which isn't necessarily a drawback. However, one area for improvement is in the Playwall offers. Initially, they offer good payouts, but as you progress, the rewards diminish, leading to a situation where you may need to prioritize games solely for higher Litoshi rewards. Additionally, many of the surveys are often unavailable, and completing them is rare.

Starting from April 5th, the app stopped functioning properly. Despite uninstalling and reinstalling it, the issue persisted, suggesting a problem with the latest update released on April 5th. It's crucial for the developer to investigate this matter promptly. Apart from this recent setback, the app was user-friendly and reliable, with timely payments.

After two weeks of usage, the app proved to be not worth the effort. Earning only $0.14 cents over that period, despite investing significant time and data consumption, renders the experience futile. Comparatively, an alternative app for drivers consumes less data and yields higher earnings, making it a more viable option for maximizing returns.

While the app functions smoothly without glitches and offers genuine payouts, the earnings are disproportionately small compared to the data consumption from watching numerous ads. The rewards do not justify the considerable time and data spent on playing the game.

The app operates sluggishly, leading to delays such that by the time one claim is made, it's time to start again. Frequent instances of "advert did not load" further compound the issue, along with the requirement to watch ads multiple times before receiving spins. The effort required to earn rewards outweighs the meager earnings, highlighting a fundamental imbalance.

Despite years of positive experience, recent issues have arisen, particularly regarding the failure to receive offer reward payouts, even across multiple games, including newly downloaded ones. If these problems persist, users may be compelled to abandon the app due to the influx of fake advertisers.

I urge the developers to address the existing bugs promptly. For the past week, the app has been malfunctioning, displaying connection issues despite other apps and devices functioning correctly on the same Wi-Fi network. Resolving these issues promptly would greatly improve the user experience.

This app is legitimate and adheres to its promise of weekly payouts, a commendable feat in today's landscape. However, the recent change in payout structure from minute-based to level-based has led to discrepancies in level counting, particularly impacting the hourly bonus. Rectifying this issue would garner a higher rating from users, potentially reaching a 5-star status.

The Playtime.Wall feature is currently non-functional despite still being advertised within the app. It ceased working abruptly, prompting me to contact Google for assistance. If the issue persists without resolution, I may consider withdrawing my involvement. Despite my attempts to seek help, both from the developers and Google, my inquiries have gone unanswered. According to two separate agents from Google, if the issue persists, there may be repercussions such as the rescinding of Adwords and potential scrutiny regarding the business's location being listed as a residential flat. It remains unclear whether the problem necessitates an update or if other factors are at play, but my efforts to troubleshoot have yielded no response or assistance.

While the app offers enjoyable content, I'd like to address some glitches experienced by myself and several close friends within the BitcoinAliens Apps. I urge the developers to prioritize updating the apps to rectify these issues, particularly the occurrences where the game erroneously displays as already played upon startup, despite not having been accessed previously. These glitches appear to be predominantly affecting Android users. Thank you, and I encourage you to continue your commendable work.

This app provides a genuine opportunity to earn free Latoshi through various options, including hourly random spins, ad payouts, and access to ad/task/survey walls. Despite occasional inaccuracies in survey time estimates, the overall experience is satisfactory. Additionally, the weekly payouts to my wallet, contingent upon accruing a minimum of 20,000 Latoshi, have consistently delivered on their promise. I've received payouts to my wallet four to five times, affirming the legitimacy of the app's payout system.

I can attest to the authenticity of this cashing app, as it fulfills its promises by automatically depositing the earned coins into your wallet every Tuesday, provided you reach the required threshold. However, I've encountered an issue where my accumulated coins are inexplicably wiped out after receiving the Tuesday rewards, without initiating a withdrawal. Despite this drawback, if rectified, I would gladly award the app a five-star rating.

Previously deserving of a five-star rating, recent changes to the Playtime section, transitioning from minutes played to levels completed, have detracted from the app's appeal. While this adjustment is manageable, the malfunction of ads for additional spins and bonus claims poses a significant inconvenience. Although a similar issue occurred several months ago and was resolved, I hope for a swift resolution once again.

I've noticed a concerning pattern where, in order to receive the full payment amount, users are required to create a new email and Google Play Store account. Moreover, the length of ads is excessive, and sometimes they redirect to the Google Play Store without crediting the user for the bonus, effectively nullifying the effort invested in watching the ad. Until these issues are addressed and resolved, it's advisable to refrain from engaging with the bonus features.

Despite being marketed as a rewarded ads app, I've encountered persistent issues with receiving rewards after watching ads. Frequently, I either don't receive the rewards or encounter error messages stating that the ad failed to load properly. This results in frustration and a sense of dishonesty on the part of the app developers, as users are deprived of their rightful rewards.

It appears that the minimum cashout amount has been altered. While initially stated as 20,000, it now requires 100,000 for withdrawal. Additionally, despite advertising offers where users are expected to install apps and reach certain levels for rewards, these offers often fail to deliver on their promises, leaving users feeling frustrated and misled.

The program seems to prioritize options with lower Litoshi amounts, consistently bypassing options with higher payouts. This recurrent issue leads to disappointment for users like myself, who invest considerable time and internet data without receiving adequate compensation. A recommendation for improvement would be to provide additional rewards for users who frequently engage with ads, such as those who watch 300 or more ads daily.

This app does deliver on its promise of payout, offering various opportunities to earn through playing games, completing surveys, and engaging with offers. Overall, it provides an enjoyable experience, especially for individuals with free time or children who enjoy mobile games. It's a win-win situation, as it allows users to earn Litoshi while keeping themselves entertained.

While I understand that this app operates on a game of chance and provides free money, recent prize amounts have been disappointingly low. There should be adjustments to ensure that bigger prizes offer more substantial rewards, or alternatively, users should have more opportunities to win silver and gold prizes.

Upon reviewing the payout process, it's perplexing why only a fraction of the accumulated coins are transferred to the wallet, despite meeting the threshold of 100,000 coins rolled over weekly. Despite the app offering various avenues to earn, such as playing games, watching ads, and returning hourly, the payout discrepancies raise concerns about the app's integrity and fairness.

I recently received 200,000 litoshi in my wallet, exceeding the minimum threshold of 20,000 litoshi. This demonstrates the ease of earning litecoin through the app, which offers engaging games and the option to watch ads for additional spins. I highly recommend this app to anyone interested in earning litecoin effortlessly and enjoyably.

As one of the few apps that actually fulfills its promises, this app reliably pays out litoshi to your designated litecoin address. By watching ads and playing games, I accumulated 1.5 million litoshi over a few days, which was promptly deposited into my wallet. While the payouts may not be substantial, it serves as an interesting experiment in earning cryptocurrency.

This spin game app pays out small amounts to your designated litecoin address, earned through spins and watching short commercials. While the payouts are modest, the app does deliver on its promise of providing advertising credits paid by advertisers. However, some survey options may be time-consuming with minimal payouts, and users should be cautious about providing their phone number due to potential solicitation calls.

This app is a genuine platform that delivers on its promise of providing cryptocurrency rewards. However, it's crucial to engage with games or additional activities to make the most of it. One drawback is that the app tends to prolong the time required to accumulate points while playing games, which diminishes its appeal. Currently, regardless of how many ads you watch or games you play, earning one litecoin in a year seems unattainable. Those with disposable income may find it more practical to purchase cryptocurrency directly from platforms like eToro. Enhancements to make the app more engaging, such as referral bonuses, would be welcomed by users.

Upon reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold, which is equivalent to ten cents worth of Litecoin, you can cash out your earnings. However, there are numerous deals that fail to pay out, leaving users disappointed even after completing the offer requirements. It appears that the owner does not verify the validity of offers before listing them or follow up to ensure they remain active.

This app consistently delivers on its promise of weekly payouts, with transfers processed instantly. While it functions as a reliable faucet, a minor issue arises when ads conclude, leading to an inadvertent switch to the play store and a loss of the bonus claim. Nonetheless, users appreciate the app's reliability and are eager to explore other Bitcoin Alien apps available for download.

While this app serves as a rolling faucet, its integration of a "watch ads for lives" mechanism akin to free-to-play games diminishes its appeal. The potential earnings from this faucet are meager, often amounting to less than a dollar after a month of use. Surveys also yield minimal rewards unless respondents provide falsified information to meet eligibility criteria. Consequently, the app may not be worth the time investment for users seeking substantial returns.

Following the recent update, I've encountered difficulties accessing the playtime offerwall. Clicking on the link yields no response, and despite reaching out to the developer, I have yet to receive a resolution. Reinstalling the app has not resolved the issue, indicating a problem introduced in the latest update.

With its diverse earning opportunities and straightforward cash-out process, the Free Litecoin app offers an enjoyable user experience. Users can explore new games and apps while accumulating coins effortlessly through hourly claims and other activities. Despite its merits, the app suffers from compatibility issues when transitioning to a new device, rendering the playtime feature inoperable.

While the app fulfills its basic function, its slow performance and excessive ads detract from the user experience. The chances of earning significant rewards are slim, and the withdrawal process yields meager returns after enduring long wait times. Consequently, for many users, the app may not be worth the effort.

I'm rating this app four stars because it delivers on its promises. However, I've noticed a recent change in the hourly claim amounts, making it significantly more challenging to reach the weekly payout threshold of 100,000 LTC. The hourly amounts have decreased by about half, which has impacted users' ability to accumulate earnings efficiently.

I'd rate it one star, but it functioned smoothly for about a month, during which I received multiple payments to my crypto wallet. However, abruptly, the app ceased working. Despite attempting various troubleshooting methods, including reaching out to customer service twice, I received no response. It's puzzling that all four Bitcoin Alien apps I had stopped working simultaneously.

This app stands out as one of the few legitimate ones. I've been using it for some time, and it's enjoyable to spin the wheel when boredom strikes. Although the earnings are minimal, typically amounting to just 2 or 3 cents worth of crypto per week, the fact that they pay out at all is commendable. Plus, you can conveniently transfer the earnings directly to your Coinbase account. Even when my phone cautioned me about potential data theft from the app, I found it amusing because, if true, at least I'm getting compensated for it. Overall, it's a cool app!

While this app won't make you wealthy, it does deliver on its promise of payouts. With minimal effort, I've consistently reached the 100k withdrawal threshold each week. The only requirements are occasional ads for extra spins, which is a small trade-off. Compared to similar apps I've tried, this one ranks among the best in terms of reliability and payout consistency.

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